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Help the Bridge Theatre Company bring Nicolas Billon's award-winning play GREENLAND to the New York International Fringe Festival.

In September 2005, the receding ice sheet revealed an island off the east coast of Greenland. Two years later a New York Times article about the discovery inspired Canadian playwright Nicolas Billon to write a play that re-imagines the story within the framework of the discoverer's family, themselves set adrift after a devastating loss. Two years after that, Greenland premieres at the 2009 Toronto SummerWorks festival and wins both the Outstanding Production and the Audience Choice awards. Dustin Olson, Co-Artistic Producer of The Bridge Theatre Company in New York, caught one of Greenland's final SummerWorks performances and snuck back in to the small space at Theatre Passe-Muraille, post-show, in the hopes of meeting Mr. Billon. It was then and there that Greenland's journey to New York began.

The Bridge presented a New York workshop of Greenland in 2010 that featured Broadway veterans Eryn Murman and Susan Louise O'Connor. The play continued its development with a workshop at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre in January of this year. Three months later, Greenland was accepted to the 15th Annual New York International Fringe festival (FringeNYC), which runs August 12-29. Hopefully, this is where you come in.

Greenland's FringeNYC run, directed by Ravi Jain, will mark the Bridge Theatre Company's second consecutive entry into the continent's biggest theatre festival, following last year's critically-acclaimed run of Kate Hewlett's The Swearing Jar. As with last year's run, the Bridge hopes to again import an all-Canadian creative team to build on our success from last year. 

In order to do so, we need your support to subsidize the cost of travel, marketing, and rehearsals in both Canada and the US. Our overall Fringe budget sits at $10,110. Half of that has been covered through in-kind donations and box-office revenue from our 2010 Fringe production, which sets our Kickstarter fundraising goal at $5,055.

The Bridge is a not-for-profit organization and the only performing arts organization in New York City dedicated exclusively to Canadian playwrights. To help us premiere this wonderful new Canadian play on the New york stage, we humbly ask for your help. 

Our rewards for this project showcase the amazing work of our artist-in-residence Jonathan Bartlett (featured below), who has created the art for all of our major initiatives this year, including our workshops of Matthew MacKenzie's SIA as well as Daniel Karasik's The Innocents, in addition to our FringeNYC premiere of Greenland. 

Donors north of the border have a chance to stop in on one of Greenland's Toronto rehearsals, as well as a dinner with the playwright and director. Locally, our Kickstarter supporters have the opportunity to see their generosity fulfilled in person, with tickets and reserved seats to Greenland, as well as invitations to our FringeNYC opening party, available by pledging today! 

For more information on the Bridge and its FringeNYC run of Nicolas Billon's Greenland, please visit


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    Karma: the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Not bad for five bucks.

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    Immortalized on the world wide web and in print (a shout-out on our site and in our FringeNYC program).

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    All of the above and your very own copy of GREENLAND's program mailed to your door.

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    All of the above and a thank you from one of GREENLAND's producers using an old-fashioned method of communication known as a "phone-call".

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    All of the above, plus an autographed copy of the official FringeNYC GREENLAND poster.

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    NEW YORK DONORS: all of the above, one ticket to the GREENLAND FringeNYC premiere, and a beer with the team after the show!

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    NEW YORK DONORS: shout-outs via web, program, and telephone, and two tickets to the Greenland Fringe performance of your choice.

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    TORONTO DONORS: A special invitation to one of GREENLAND's Toronto rehearsals that will feature a full performance of the play and a discussion with the team afterwards. NOTE: this is an early-bird special! Donors must sign-up for this reward by Sunday, July 10th to qualify.

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    The bARTlett: Jonathan Bartlett's artwork has graced the pages of the New York Times, The Atlantic, and Playboy. The work he's done for the Bridge (at left) speaks for itself and this reward gets you a limited edition, high-quality print of the Bartlett/Bridge illustration of your choice. Your options include artwork from our workshops of Matthew MacKenzie's SIA and Daniel Karasik's THE INNOCENTS, as well as the art for our upcoming production of GREENLAND. You will also receive the web, program, and telephone shout-outs mentioned above.

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    THE BIG NIGHT: Four reserved seats to the GREENLAND FringeNYC premiere, drinks with the creative team after the show, a limited edition print of the GREENLAND artwork and web, program, and telephone shout-outs.

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    THE LEO BLOOM: In addition to an invitation to a special rehearsal in either New York or Toronto, you will be credited on the web and in the program as a producer, earning you all the bragging rights that come with it (you at a party: "So yeah, I'm gettin' in to the entertainment biz. Got an award-winning new Canadian play goin' up at the New York International Fringe Festival. What's that? Oh sure, I'll read your script."). You also get four tickets and reserved seats to the GREENLAND FringeNYC performance of your choice, as well as a limited edition, high-quality print of Jonathan Bartlett's artwork for GREENLAND. NOTE: to attend the Toronto rehearsal, you must donate by Sunday, July 10th.

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    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: You are the Executive Producer of GREENLAND throughout its upcoming FringeNYC run. Period. While you won't have creative input or ownership of the project, you'll be credited in ALL press materials as an Executive Producer (must pledge by July 5th to receive mention on the postcard). A New York donor will receive up to eight tickets to the performance of your choice and two invitations to a New York rehearsal. A Toronto area donor will get dinner with playwright Nicolas Billon and director Ravi Jain and an invitation to the special Toronto rehearsal mentioned above. CIGAR NOT INCLUDED.

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