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Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
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Backer Update #17: The delay Summarized and Progress ahead

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

Hello Squares!

It's been a while since the last backer update, and between the hurricanes, packaging arrival, and production schedule, there is a lot to talk about. Let's get to it!

I have had a lot of communication from backers during this time and it has been much appreciated. Most of the communication has been about shipping updates and checking in on me to make sure my house didn't blow down during Hurricane Florence. 

The Delay, Summarized

Let's talk about reward fulfillment. We are currently delayed. This is a frustrating time for both you and I. I do not have a definite shipping date at the moment because of two things- lenses and budget. Lenses are expensive, I have encountered issues with the lenses I have received, and the budget is limited. I need to continue the project carefully to insure that, although delayed, the project will be fulfilled. 

A look at the space where NuBox is made
A look at the space where NuBox is made

Hurricane Florence:

Many backers may not be aware that the scheduled backer update for September was canceled because Hurricane Florence. From the 11th to 18th of September Florence was bearing down on my area hard. The city ordered a mandatory evacuation and I packed up my family AND the machines/supplies/inventory for NuBox and left. Fortunately, the hurricane took a hard turn at the last minute and spared my home from damage. However, it took the next couple of weeks to get everything set back up and the printers properly calibrated again. 

Check out some images of the process:

Machine still needs Calibration
Machine still needs Calibration
Several adjustments later and calibration is coming along
Several adjustments later and calibration is coming along
Calibration better, but not quite there
Calibration better, but not quite there
Calibration complete- This is a cross section of NuBox Main Body.
Calibration complete- This is a cross section of NuBox Main Body.

The above represent the time it takes to calibrate a machine once it is moved. It takes a while to get it to print properly so that finishing look good. This process has to be done for all parts, or when a part has an issue. I'm constantly looking at the finished item and evaluating for any maintenance on the machine that needs to be done. 

Progress Ahead:

Shipping boxes arrived at the end of September in a six and eight inch sizes. I think they look great and will be perfect for shipping NuBox. NuBox is complex, and as we keep moving forward, I continue to look for new ways to improve the product. 

Side 1, shipping box
Side 1, shipping box

One of the improvements made is in the production of ground glass viewfinders. Originally I was going to grind the ground glass from a very fine silica compound. This is a labor intensive process and requires cutting the small windows out of a letter sized piece of glass. Instead, I discovered that some microscope slide producers make frosted microscope slides that will work perfect for NuBox. The frosted area is just the right size for the viewfinder window and makes for a better viewing surface. 

I hope that this update answers some of your questions. If not, just drop me an email and I'll be happy to chat with you. There is a lot going on with NuBox. The biggest take away I want you to get from this update is that although slow, the project is continuing forward.




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    1. Joe 2 days ago

      I would definitely not look to the Jollylook project for advice or use them as a role model. The comments on that project indicate they have not delivered either, and have also not provided cogent updates to their backers. Seems the lack of integrity is pervasive in retro camera projects.

    2. Kami Malestein on

      Any updates on the box?

    3. Missing avatar

      mel bouse on

      wondering what's up? any chance we'll get the box sometime this year?

    4. Liz Koppert on

      How's it all going (in Nubox-land)?

    5. Missing avatar

      Valentin Sama Lopez Aranda on

      Hi, I would like an update. IMHO it is a bit overdue

    6. Staffan Fagerberg on

      I hope everyone is safe and feeling well. Would also love an update.

    7. Dave Wolanski on

      It's now 3 months since the last update. Any progress?

    8. Douglas King on

      Hi , Just thought I would check in and see if there are any updates on KickStarter project?

    9. Missing avatar

      John Furlong on

      Thanks for this Rob, much appreciated.
      The microscope slide for the viewfinders is a great idea. It might be that if you hadn't experienced the other setbacks, the opportunity to discover the slides might never have occurred - so we might have ended up with a less-than-good viewfinder !
      Keep up the good work - we're all rooting for you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Margaret Geatches on

      Thanks for the update Rob, I hadn’t realised that you were affected by the hurricane and had such a dramatic delay to your work. So glad that you, your family and your equipment and home came through unscathed. I am looking forward to receiving my Nubox in due course and getting a film through. It will be an exciting time. Meanwhile take care of yourself, and be assured that I understand that new things take time to design.

    11. Missing avatar

      Graham Johnstone on

      I am glad to hear that you and your family got through the Hurricane ok and that you are starting to get back on track. Thank you for the update, really appreciated it and I am looking forward to the finished product. Take your time and get it right, take care.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sylvia-Yvette Rosa on

      I’m glad to hear that you and your family are safe and that your house was spared by Florence’s wrath. Thank you for the updates. Take care!

    13. Manuel Bianchi on

      Hey Rob,
      I'm really glad the hurricane spared you and your Family. This all Looks very promising. Can't wait for the real Thing! No, actually I can, just kidding. ;-)
      I think it's more important to do it Right than to do it quick and dirty just because of some stupid schedule. This is Kickstarter, it's to promote new ideas and opportunities. I believe in the NuBox. Will be awesome.

    14. Liz Koppert on

      Thanks for the update :)