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Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
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Backer Update #14: Printing, Assembling, and Lenses.

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (for some reason I can't attach the video).

Hey Squares,

This is more of an update as told by Rob. Consider it story time!

Let's talk about production!

It's been very busy over the past two months. Bad news is that I have encountered some issues with lenses. My first shipment wasn't up to snuff. This is a problem because lenses are custom optics... that means that if there is an issue with them then there isn't much that can be done. Well, I fell into that category. Good news is that there is always a plan B. Plan B just costs more money. SO... instead of sending out crap lenses, or changing to a plastic lens. I ordered the more expensive lenses.

Then there was "the great printer configuration wars" of May-June 2018. I suspect my kids will look back at this time and remark that their father, me, had become a recluse; a hermit of a man stuck in the bowls of his office. A man that wouldn't emerge for days.... 

Not really, but you get the point. There was a big storm that blew through which zapped lightning next to my home (in the lake across the street). That pop took out my surge protector and battery back-up. The thing is that although the printers appeared unharmed they were acting crazy. The lightning fried MOSFETs in two of the machines! I had to replace them (the MOSFET's). 

However, that didn't stop the train, just slowed it down. I am working very hard to begin shipping at the end of July. July 28, 2018 is when I projected that I would begin shipping, and I feel like we are on target for that window. 

There are lot's of little things that happen during production that are unpredictable, and they all seem to add up. Some of this has made me feel down over the past few months: when I poisoned myself from the liquid resin, but also when I would hit roadblock after roadblock. Yet, I was always driven to continue. 

I share this with you so that you can get a feeling for my experience. Making ten cameras is completely different than making 300! It's been a funny, humoring, exhausting ride. It is a ride with a destination, and we are getting close to the final stop. It's always furthest in the final miles. Wouldn't you like to know that I've still got to order the boxes. I mean, come on. The design team designed them but never ordered them! No one's fault, but Just one of those little things that makes you laugh in the end.

Let's jump forward one small step. Let's talk about PinBox. PinBox was a prototype platform (in a more loose way than its current form) that I was using to help me with a pinhole cartridge. I actually made a lot of headway and have something really exciting as a result of the project. We will save that for another time, though. But, yeah. That happened. I needed something easy to build which would help bring some more capital into the company. PinBox has done a good job of this and I hope to get some educational contracts with schools and community colleges. That would be great. 

Finally, I will be a guest speaker at The Walking Workshop Hosted by the Film Photography Project. This takes place in Ohio on August 4th. If you are in the area, please stop by and see me. If you do PLEASE email me that you will be attending. I would like to know so I can be on the look out for you.

Ok. I'm done... for now ;)

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    1. Robert Hamm 2-time creator on

      Hi Manuel, Rob here-

      Thanks for your question. NuBox 35 is about 1/3 smaller than NuBox 1 and uses the 35mm film format. The focal length is shorter meaning that the standard cartridge is a little wider than NuBox 1. Everything is smaller, and therefore a little more difficult to design for. However, I have been experimenting with a direct drive shutter system. That seems to be very promising. It's very different, from a traditional spring system.

      I have not considered 110. That format may be too small for a "box camera" format.



    2. Manuel Bianchi on

      Finally watched the Video. I have to say I'm really curious About the NuBox 1. And also About The mentioned NuBox 35 (I have enough Instant cameras (I guess)).
      Which makes me wonder. What About a NuBox 110???

    3. Joe on

      Rob, I'm not sure why you would start another project until the NuBox 1 is successfully out the door. It seems to me that doing so only further delays the NuBox 1 (and as a result, increases the frustration level of your NuBox 1 backers). I truly hope that you can solve your production and sourcing issues so that the NuBox 1 will actually ship soon.

    4. Robert Hamm 2-time creator on

      Hey Graham and Jason- Rob here-

      Thanks for your support and comment. They are appreciated. I'll just keep moving forward and keep on giving you guys updates. You can reach me anytime by email or over on Instagram/Facebook @ TheBoxIsBack. I'm usually up pretty late, about 2-3am my time. If I see an email or message, I'll respond.


    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Champney on

      Oh no!
      It’s always darkest before dawn.... The good thing is that it sounds like you have kept your spirits high and sailed through the storm....
      I haven’t any more cliches so, thanks for the update and all your hard work... looking forward to shooting with the new box..

    6. Missing avatar

      Graham Johnstone on

      Rob, just watched your update and being a regular occurrence is terrific, which is more than I can say about some other projects on Kickstarter. You have a lot going on and you have to make sure you take care of your health. Even though you feel that you can still meet your deadline, I’m sure your backers wouldn’t mind if you were just a week or two late in shipping, I don’t. I don’t know how you do it, and starting Pinbox in the middle of an existing project, you are a better man than I. Anyway, take care, your family NEEDS you.
      Regards Graham