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Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
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Backer Update #11: Challenge Coins are in, Developer Preview Update, and I've Been Sick!

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

Hello Squares!

Hope all is well. In this update I am excited to share with you the Hamm Camera Company Challenge coins- they just came in and are awesome! You will also get a nice look at the HCC patch which arrived last week.  

I also go over what's been happening over the past month, the developer preview timeline, and my health. For those that can't watch the video right now, here's the TLDR: Funding came in a little later than expected. Then it took some time to get all the printer's in (the final printer just arrived yesterday). I've got to troubleshoot and tune each printer. Some required upgraded parts, others required different print materials than anticipated. It;s all been going well, but I have been sick for two separate weeks during march, and for 10 days in February. 

This has delayed the dev preview, but it should not impact the shipping forecast for end of July. The reality is that we just keep moving forward. I've got to build an enclosure to make sure I don't let toxic fumes into the home (which is something I had not anticipated), but once that is done, It should be smooth sailing from there on out. 

In the end, this is just the things that happen with production, and I am happy to share with you the status of the project and keep you informed. Besides, it cant be perfect all the time, right? 

Improvise, adapt, and overcome! That's what I'm doing here. Hope you enjoy the update. Thanks for watching and bringing the box back! 



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    1. Liz Koppert on

      As Graham Johnstone said, look after yourself. Last year, I didn't, and I got sick - and that's no fun. I also know things happen, so if (shock, horror) the ship dates get pushed back, I'm okay with that. As long as we all know; and you're pretty good at keeping us all in the loop. Cheers for that. Keep up the great work. :)

    2. Robert Hamm 2-time creator on

      Hey Graham, Rob here-

      Yeah, right, lol. Thanks for your concern for my health. It was just a mistake, but it was a big one. The only toxic materials that were supposed to be involved with the process were the resins for the DLP/SLA printing. However, I found out the hard way, that PETG will also cause problems- especially when 5 machines are going full blast. Anyway, it's just another thing to complete. It is using up some time, but it shouldn't impact the backer ship dates. In any event, I wanted to let everyone know what was going on. I generally try to update once a week or ten days. Keep people informed, you know. Thanks again for your support and the comment. I appreciate it.



    3. Missing avatar

      Graham Johnstone on

      Look after yourself Rob. Your health comes first. Besides if something happens to you there will be no Box right. All the best and by the way, keep the update videos coming when you are able, any info is better than nothing.👍
      Regards Graham.

    4. Robert Hamm 2-time creator on

      Hi Kathleen, Rob here-

      Thanks for your support. Although I don't see this as a delay that will impact the backer shipments in late July, I do feel it's important to keep backers up to date. This means reporting the good and the bad equally. I will continue to keep you (and everyone else) updated to the best of my ability. Thanks for reaching out!



    5. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Johnson on

      I want to complement you on providing timely and detailed updates. Delays are not a problem as long as we are well informed in regards to why. You are doing a great job communicating!