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Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
Enjoy street & portrait photography like never before with the NuBox 1. Our interchangeable lens, wide aperture, 120 film box camera!
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Backer Update #18

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

Hello Squares!

It’s time for another backer update. This update will focus on the current delay, progress made since the October update, and communication between you and me.


I have received threatening and disruptive emails/communications meant to demoralize and harass me ever since the project became delayed. Some communications have insinuated harm to me with the intent intimidate.

People have said things to me that no one would say in person. None of it has been necessary, but it has happened none-the-less. I have been affected by it, yet, I have kept working (more on that in a moment).

I completely understand the frustration you rightfully have. I feel frustrated too. I share your desire for the project to be completed and for NuBox to ship. However, trying to shame me, call me names, make veiled threats against me … none of these things are ok, nor do they help NuBox. Please think before you post something demeaning. Remember all comments are public and could become actionable.

I posted an update in the comments section during November/December (about 5 months ago today) stating that because of the types of communications above, I would not be responding or communicating with Backers making that kind of post.

I read all comments and posts to the project and have notifications turned on. Although I may not have responded directly to every comment, I appreciate those who have been polite and supportive. Thank you. 

The Project is Ongoing:

Let’s get up to date with the project: NuBox is still delayed as explained in Backer Update #17, the October Update. The main issues are still: lenses, shutters, and the budget. Backer update #14 posted on July 12 talks about an issue with lenses. That update also discusses how producing cameras on scale is much more difficult than I expected, or experienced, producing the first few prototypes. Updates 15 and 16 discuss the shipping delays and goes into a little more detail about the production issues. Each of the updates brought you the news and maintained a positive outlook for the project. Check the individual updates for more information.

As outlined in the original campaign, I expected to use a specific kind of 3D printing called DLP or SLA printing. These methods are similar with DLP allowing for multiple units being produced at one time. Both methods use liquid resin which is cured by a laser or UV light to create a solid part from the liquid. This process was necessary to produce the tiny parts for the shutter mechanism. I discussed all the printers in Update 13, Office Tour and Print Assemblies. 

Update 13 was important because it showcased the area where NuBox was being produced and showed off some of the designs and their physical counterparts. I also briefly talk about the DLP resin printer giving me troubles. This became more important over time and is one of the reasons I discussed the shutter assemblies in update 14- I was experiencing issues that would impact the timeline even further. 

Let’s put this part together- budget: 

Everything costs money. From running the machines to the individual parts; the budget for the project is used at every turn. Every piece that is printed costs money. No matter if it prints properly or turns into waste, it all eats away at the budget. Some costs are fixed, such as the equipment and some supplies. Some costs are variable, such as print filament and resin. The more issues I encountered printing the more it cost to continue. SO, I became more conservative with my printing iterations as the budget was used making NuBox. 

Where we are now:

I have continued to work on NuBox since the October Update and am almost ready to show an updated NuBox which better addresses the production difficulties I have encountered during the project. 

One change I have been working on has been to switch the shutter from a lever mechanism to a trigger mechanism. In this configuration I eliminated the small pieces required for the current shutter design (which stem from the issues with the DLP printing I was reporting) and use a “cock-to-fire” style of shutter. 

I have also considered replacing the lens in the lens-cartridge with a pinhole. This has to do with the issues with the lenses I have been using, and directly relates to the budget because the lenses are generally the most expensive part of the camera.

The exterior design of the camera is changing slightly as well to accommodate the updated shutter design. The camera will become slightly shorter overall but not effect the operation or loading of film.

These are just a couple of the changes I’ve been working on based on the issues I have encountered. More information will follow in the next update. 

A word from the heart:

Guys, I’m just one person. I have a family and a job. I have poured my heart into this project. There are some people out there that make out like I hit the jackpot and stole your money. That’s just not true. I’ve worked on NuBox and worked my regular profession and raised a family just like most of you do. It’s been a difficult road, but I believe in NuBox enough to put my name on it. That’s how important this project is to me. I haven’t made millions of dollars. I didn’t get a big pile of cash and run off into the sunset. Instead, you helped me launch a product from scratch. Please remember that as much as I was creating something new, you were backing a new creation made by one person- me.

After a year of planning and prototyping I introduced NuBox to KickStarter. Once funded, I bought the materials and equipment, and began production. Unfortunately, everything hasn’t gone as smoothly as I planned. It would have been one thing if the only problems I encountered were with production. However, that’s not only the case. Along with dealing with the dissatisfaction of a delayed project, I’ve had several people constantly hounding me, personally and publicly, and that has affected me. For those of you that felt like I left you and abandoned the project, I’m sorry. I haven’t, and I continue. 



Backer Update #17: The delay Summarized and Progress ahead

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

Hello Squares!

It's been a while since the last backer update, and between the hurricanes, packaging arrival, and production schedule, there is a lot to talk about. Let's get to it!

I have had a lot of communication from backers during this time and it has been much appreciated. Most of the communication has been about shipping updates and checking in on me to make sure my house didn't blow down during Hurricane Florence. 

The Delay, Summarized

Let's talk about reward fulfillment. We are currently delayed. This is a frustrating time for both you and I. I do not have a definite shipping date at the moment because of two things- lenses and budget. Lenses are expensive, I have encountered issues with the lenses I have received, and the budget is limited. I need to continue the project carefully to insure that, although delayed, the project will be fulfilled. 

A look at the space where NuBox is made
A look at the space where NuBox is made

Hurricane Florence:

Many backers may not be aware that the scheduled backer update for September was canceled because Hurricane Florence. From the 11th to 18th of September Florence was bearing down on my area hard. The city ordered a mandatory evacuation and I packed up my family AND the machines/supplies/inventory for NuBox and left. Fortunately, the hurricane took a hard turn at the last minute and spared my home from damage. However, it took the next couple of weeks to get everything set back up and the printers properly calibrated again. 

Check out some images of the process:

Machine still needs Calibration
Machine still needs Calibration
Several adjustments later and calibration is coming along
Several adjustments later and calibration is coming along
Calibration better, but not quite there
Calibration better, but not quite there
Calibration complete- This is a cross section of NuBox Main Body.
Calibration complete- This is a cross section of NuBox Main Body.

The above represent the time it takes to calibrate a machine once it is moved. It takes a while to get it to print properly so that finishing look good. This process has to be done for all parts, or when a part has an issue. I'm constantly looking at the finished item and evaluating for any maintenance on the machine that needs to be done. 

Progress Ahead:

Shipping boxes arrived at the end of September in a six and eight inch sizes. I think they look great and will be perfect for shipping NuBox. NuBox is complex, and as we keep moving forward, I continue to look for new ways to improve the product. 

Side 1, shipping box
Side 1, shipping box

One of the improvements made is in the production of ground glass viewfinders. Originally I was going to grind the ground glass from a very fine silica compound. This is a labor intensive process and requires cutting the small windows out of a letter sized piece of glass. Instead, I discovered that some microscope slide producers make frosted microscope slides that will work perfect for NuBox. The frosted area is just the right size for the viewfinder window and makes for a better viewing surface. 

I hope that this update answers some of your questions. If not, just drop me an email and I'll be happy to chat with you. There is a lot going on with NuBox. The biggest take away I want you to get from this update is that although slow, the project is continuing forward.



Backer Update #16: Production Update

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

Hello Squares,

NuBox is moving forward, albeit at a slower pace than I anticipated during the campaign. SO, I wanted to check in and let you know what's been going on over the last few weeks.

Packaging has been confirmed and is on the way. This is pretty exciting. I expect It here by the middle of September. 

New lens are in production and should be here around the middle to end of September. I've noticed that lenses take a long time.

I've been using this time to continue work on the shutter mechanism and produce the main bodies and lens cartridges. I've switched to using metal screws and fasteners for joining the smaller pieces instead of using 3D printed fasteners. Originally I had hoped to use DLP printing, but that didn't work out.

I appreciate all the patience, understanding, and support I have received. I know that the shipping timeline estimate didn't work out as planned, and I feel bad about that. However, I haven't stopped working on the project and am excited to get NuBox to you.

Want to chat? Just reach out to my email or on the social networks. I generally respond right away except for Friday through Monday- those are my busiest days for wedding photography (which is what I do when I'm not working on Hamm Camera stuff).



Backer Update #15: Shipping Timeline

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Backer Update #14: Printing, Assembling, and Lenses.

Posted by Robert Hamm (Creator)

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (for some reason I can't attach the video).

Hey Squares,

This is more of an update as told by Rob. Consider it story time!

Let's talk about production!

It's been very busy over the past two months. Bad news is that I have encountered some issues with lenses. My first shipment wasn't up to snuff. This is a problem because lenses are custom optics... that means that if there is an issue with them then there isn't much that can be done. Well, I fell into that category. Good news is that there is always a plan B. Plan B just costs more money. SO... instead of sending out crap lenses, or changing to a plastic lens. I ordered the more expensive lenses.

Then there was "the great printer configuration wars" of May-June 2018. I suspect my kids will look back at this time and remark that their father, me, had become a recluse; a hermit of a man stuck in the bowls of his office. A man that wouldn't emerge for days.... 

Not really, but you get the point. There was a big storm that blew through which zapped lightning next to my home (in the lake across the street). That pop took out my surge protector and battery back-up. The thing is that although the printers appeared unharmed they were acting crazy. The lightning fried MOSFETs in two of the machines! I had to replace them (the MOSFET's). 

However, that didn't stop the train, just slowed it down. I am working very hard to begin shipping at the end of July. July 28, 2018 is when I projected that I would begin shipping, and I feel like we are on target for that window. 

There are lot's of little things that happen during production that are unpredictable, and they all seem to add up. Some of this has made me feel down over the past few months: when I poisoned myself from the liquid resin, but also when I would hit roadblock after roadblock. Yet, I was always driven to continue. 

I share this with you so that you can get a feeling for my experience. Making ten cameras is completely different than making 300! It's been a funny, humoring, exhausting ride. It is a ride with a destination, and we are getting close to the final stop. It's always furthest in the final miles. Wouldn't you like to know that I've still got to order the boxes. I mean, come on. The design team designed them but never ordered them! No one's fault, but Just one of those little things that makes you laugh in the end.

Let's jump forward one small step. Let's talk about PinBox. PinBox was a prototype platform (in a more loose way than its current form) that I was using to help me with a pinhole cartridge. I actually made a lot of headway and have something really exciting as a result of the project. We will save that for another time, though. But, yeah. That happened. I needed something easy to build which would help bring some more capital into the company. PinBox has done a good job of this and I hope to get some educational contracts with schools and community colleges. That would be great. 

Finally, I will be a guest speaker at The Walking Workshop Hosted by the Film Photography Project. This takes place in Ohio on August 4th. If you are in the area, please stop by and see me. If you do PLEASE email me that you will be attending. I would like to know so I can be on the look out for you.

Ok. I'm done... for now ;)