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Brooklyn-based duo, THE BERGAMOT is inviting you to join them into the creative process of making TONES.
Brooklyn-based duo, THE BERGAMOT is inviting you to join them into the creative process of making TONES.
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Getting You Your Rewards + The Summer of Tones

Posted by The Bergamot (Creator)

Hiya there, 

Well its finally Summer time and I wish I could say the livin' is easy. However, the truth is Summer in NYC is HOT and a smidgen muggy and I am loving the sunshine. 

Yet, every day if we are not road worn we are inside on our computers networking Tones. Pushing it out to get reviewed by bloggers, writers, bookers ext. anyone who will listen. 

In between emails and hustling I dream of a small outdoor respite. Imagine me lounging pool side soaking in the summer rays. 

Then just as I can practically feel the sun shine the phone rings, its my Mom again wanting to know if I have eaten enough today and asking me how she can make my homemade deodorant. Don't you just love Mom's?

Needless to say, we have spend the last 3 months shipping out in batches your "goods": cd's, t-shirts, manifesto prints, hand written lyrics, soap, bergamot perfumes and on and on. 

If you ordered from the vinyl tier do know they are still being produced it takes 6 months on average to get them finished. I spoke with my liaison and she said they will be ready within three weeks or so. These vinyls' will be worth the wait they are a hot item and fingers crossed we will have them for you by mid-July. 

OK thats all for now. ..oh, one more thing I can't believe I almost forgot to let you know that you are awesome. Thank you for your love and support. We would not be standing here with our dream album in had without you. 

Shine ON /// 

PS Let me know (via email if you are interested in hosting a house concert with us during this August and September. If you are interested in having us perform songs from TONES in your home I would be happy to send you an email with what that would look like an entail. <3 

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