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Creating a community hub for beekeepers and a space for our bicycle-powered honey production, delivery and education program.
828 backers pledged $39,960 to help bring this project to life.

All Rewards sent* Thank you thank you for your support!!!!


Hello sweet Beez Kneez backers! 

We've done it, finally: gotten everyone* rewards who we have contact information for!!!  Thank you all so much for making the Beez Kneez Honey House a reality, we are so honored to have done it with you all!

*There are two exceptions:

-$100 TIny Diner dinner for two backers (there are 10 of you.)  Tiny Diner is now open, it's glorious, and we're in the process of coordinating your dinner with them. We hope to get you more information in the next few weeks.

-$45 Honey Futures backers (also 10 of you.)  The bees are busy gathering nectar and making honey this year, and we'll be sending out a survey to gather information for you all soon- with delivery date of early August. 

IF YOU AREN'T ONE OF THESE 20 PEOPLE AND YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOUR REWARD YET IT'S BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET IT TO YOU. If that's you- please email and we'll figure out how to get you your reward.

Since last year when you first supported us, we've been doing so much!  We opened our honey house, extracted over a ton of honey with local beekeepers, led a teacher workshop with Minneapolis Public Schools and Hennepin County Environmental Services on pollinators, had a big party to celebrate the spring and dandelions, taught people young and old in beekeeping suits as field trips, birthday parties, work retreats, and dates, started our Healthy Bees Healthy Lives campaign and got two pollinator laws passed in Minnesota!  Yippee! Your support continues to be foundational in all the work we do. 

This summer, the Beez Kneez Honey House is open Saturdays from 3-8pm, come on over and see what you helped us build!  We love hosting out of town Kickstarter visitors- let us know if you're in the Twin Cities and we'll open special for you.

We're delivering honey and tending bees- 70 hives this year.  Our in hive classes have started for the season- and we'd love to share more about what's going on with bees and what we can all do to help them with you all in a class.  Visit for more info and to register. 

And- join us in raising awareness of the very real work we can all do for bees- planting clean food.  Take our Healthy Bees Healthy Lives pledge and share your support with a lawn sign! 

Thank you all so so so much! It's been such a joy to do this with you all!!

Erin and Kristy, The Beez Kneez

Exciting Legislation for Pollinators in MN- and we need your help!

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Sweet Kickstarter Backers!

First off- it's been almost a year since you all helped us make the honey house a reality.  Thank you all so much!  Our goal is to get all our rewards out by the end of the month- we apologize for our delay.  We've reached out to all of you with physical things- so if your reward is honey or tshirts- and you haven't received yours yet it may be because we don't have your address.  Send it over! Folks who backed us for classes, dinners, parties, and your name in lights, more info coming soon! 

your name in lights... with your names added this week!
your name in lights... with your names added this week!

We're also writing because these next two weeks are exciting for Minnesotans who care about pollinators.  

Today we had a victory! After Beez Kneez and concerned citizens testified in favor of bill HF2798: nursery plant labeling bill, the House Agriculture Policy Committee passed it!

Next stop- the Senate! The Senate Environment, Economic Development and Agriculture Division Committee will hear the bill next week, and we need your HELP! 

If you're a Minnesotan, please call or write to your Senators and tell them to support bill SF2695 - LABELING AND ADVERTISING OF NURSERY STOCK.  The bill defines pollinator lethal insecticides. Neonictinoids are included in the definition. The bill requires that a business may not label a plant, plant material, or nursery stock as beneficial to pollinators if it has been treated with a pollinator lethal insecticide.  Here's the official language: HF2798/ Chief Author. Rep. Rick Hansen (South St. Paul)and Sen. Kari Dziedzic (Minneapolis).

To find your Senator, go here: Senators on the Ag committee-

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AND... tomorrow, Thursday 3/20, at 12:30, the House Ag Policy Committee will hear another bill related to pollinators: HF2908/ SF2727 COMPENSATION FOR BEE DEATHS

Please come and show your support! 12:30 room 5 of the State Office Building- 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55155

Keep up the good work everyone! Email us with any questions!,

Thank you for all that you do! The Beez Kneez



Hello lovely beeople,

2013 proved to be quite a year for the Beez Kneez.  Thanks to you, we launched a successful kickstarter campaign and raised $40,000's.  Then the building we thought we were moving into was not available so we moved.  We harvested over 2000lb's of honey by bicycle and then right before we put our hives to bed for winter and we thought things would get somewhat normal, something terrible happened to our hive and the hives of two other beekeepers in our community.  

Last September, one of our teaching hives located at a school was victim to a legal pesticide application in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis.  Over 70,000 honey bees died in 24 hours and who knows how many natives. Yes, we said legal. Luckily, we were tapped into our community, thanks to the honey house, i.e…you all, and find out what happened but we were not able to find out who did it because that kind of information is legally kept from the public in the state of MN.  In fact, the only state in the nation that allows the public to have access to that information is the state of California.  Why is this important? If 70,000 bees die over night from a pesticide application in the city, what else is in danger?

So…what are we doing about it?  This, that's what.  An initiative of the Beez Kneez, supported by members of our communities, we are taking action and like the bees, we can't do it alone!  Please go to the above link for more info and pledge to not use chemicals in your personal green space. We have beautiful lawn signs available for purchase to show your pollinator friendly pride*shipping not included, and a place for donations to support our campaign. We had a huge event last Thursday and packed a room beyond its capacity. Almost 100 people have already signed up. We already have some attention from lawmakers, the press and more.  We need the numbers. Let's show the world what we can do.  Sign up today!

A Beez Kneez Initiative
A Beez Kneez Initiative
Our first event held at Ghandi Mahal on Thursday, January 18th, 2014 over 130 people showed up on a cold January evening in Mpls
Our first event held at Ghandi Mahal on Thursday, January 18th, 2014 over 130 people showed up on a cold January evening in Mpls

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Kristy and Erin

A Call to Action


Dear lovely, Kickstarter supporters of Beez Kneez. 

 We implore you to take note of what happened to one of our city hives in Minneapolis. Last September, ourselves and 2 other beekeepers lost thousands of bees to a legal pesticide application in a Mpls neighborhood. As a result, we have formed a group to take action and start a new initiative called Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives.  Enough is enough. Our world is becoming increasingly more toxic and we want it to stop.  Come to this event or help spread the word. For those of you who live outside of MN, we will have ways you can get involved after Jan. 16th.  Stay tuned. And thank bees, we are stronger together than apart.

Honey House Love

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Hello Everyone,

The bees are nestled in their homes very tight 

as Minnesota weather becomes very chilly at night

Even though winter is upon us, 

Beez Kneez is still fighting the good fight

Beez Kneez continues to deliver honey, educate and harvest by bike!

Enjoy this video of the Honey House set to a surf rock version of Flight of the Bumblebee.  It is a place for community building, hope for bees and bikes, education and beekeepers.  

For all of you who are waiting for your name in lights on our walls, just wait.  We are almost there.  The next update will be your debut but till then, we love all of you! Happy Holidays!

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