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A documentary about the evolution of the Beat Movement and beyond with Los Angeles as our starting point. Read more

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A documentary about the evolution of the Beat Movement and beyond with Los Angeles as our starting point.

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Recent updates

The Beat Continues!

To Our Amazing Supporters,

WE LOVE YOU. So much progress has been made over the past few weeks, and we have all of you to thank for it. We may not have reached our goal, but that doesn't mean we're stopping here! 

Chromavision will continue to capture and document The Beat through upcoming episodes, interviews and live performances. We are working on funding, sponsorship and all things related. So if you or anyone you know can support us with the project, please contact us! 

To show our appreciation for all of you, we have just released Episode 4 featuring D33J of Anticon Records and We Did It Collective! Check out the video on Chromavision and Vimeo. Spread the word, tell everyone! We have plenty more coming your way soon, so stay tuned and we'll be keeping you posted!

Again, THANK YOU. Your support has been our fuel, and will continue to propel Chromavision and The Beat forward. 

Much Love,

The Chromavision Team

2 Weeks To Go! Spread The Word and Help The Beat Come Alive!

Happy Friday Everybody!

We've got 2 weeks to go and need all our you great supporters of The Beat to go out and tell your friends! Tell your family! Let's make these last 14 days our best and make this happen.

And guess what? We have 2 new videos for you! Check out D33J of We Did It as he tells us about the new sounds emerging in LA.

This one's a special treat... Here's the first in a series of videos for Nightlife at California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Thanks for your support, and remember to keep The Beat going! 

Tweet about it! Shout us out on Facebook! 

Spread the word and spread the weird~


The Chromavision Team

New Sweatson Klank Video and more!

People of Earth! Amazing Supporters! Dear Friends!

We've been getting tremendous support this past week! THANK YOU!

Word around the campfire is that Sweatson Klank has an exclusive track on the limited edition EP we have in our rewards! This is, of course, available as a download and 12" vinyl (there's only going to be 250 copies made!)

We're also announcing some brand new rewards this week:) One of them involves the Godfather of the Los Angeles Beat Movement, DJ Sacred!!! More to come...

Check out the latest video with Sweatson Klank too! 

He talks about finding the perfect beat while working at Aaron's Records and the beginnings of Sketchbook.

There's only 17 days to go and still need the love in order to make this project a reality.

Spread the word and spread the weird! Let's make this happen!

With Love,


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Happy Week 2! Full steam ahead!


We had a great start last week, and we hit the ground running with thanks to all of your support. Now we are in week 2 of our 4 week campaign, and need to keep that momentum. Spread the word! 

We have a special treat for you...

Here's a sneak peek at a conversation we had with Eric Coleman of Mochilla!

There's plenty more videos and other cool stuff coming soon. We also have a few new rewards in the works!

Happy Week 2 everybody,
The Chromavision Team

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We Have Lift Off!

The past 24 hours have been amazing, and we are off to a great start! Thank you all so much for your support. To celebrate the launch of "The Beat" Kickstarter Campaign, we are proud to announce that Episode 4 will feature the rising and talented D33J of the We Did It Collective

Enjoy the teaser here and stay tuned for more!



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