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An adult comedy puppet show inspired by the coolest hotel this side of bohemia. Be part of the madness at The Beat Hotel.

An adult comedy puppet show inspired by the coolest hotel this side of bohemia. Be part of the madness at The Beat Hotel. Read More
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About this project

THE BEAT HOTEL SHOW is an adult comedy puppet show that has been three years in development and is now ready to complete the production of its first web series.

The Beat Hotel is a Class 13 hotel, meaning bottom of the barrel, a place that is required by law to meet only minimum health and safety standards. It’s run by Sherri Martini, a hippy who believes in free love and payment in trade rather than money, with a penchant for young Jim Morrison look-a-likes.

From Rusty Lane, the 101 year old burlesque dancer, through to Jim Fawndah, the resident gym instructor, from Beau Bronson, the slightly psychotic hotel janitor, to Klaus the taxidermist, there is a general air of madness and never a dull moment.

The characters, show and ethos are inspired by the original Beat Hotel in 1950s Paris, which was the infamous den of iniquity and creative haven for the likes of Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs.

The show follows the madness of the Beat Hotel characters as they stumble through their world, rounded off each week with a special guest performance in the Beat Hotel Ballroom by non-humans from around the world. Watch the pilot episode here.

We want to invite the best in puppetry and animation to 'Check In' & perform on the show each week.

But the Beat Hotel's many rooms house not only puppets. For example, the Vimeo Room is the main platform for releasing weekly video content, while the Tumblr Room is where the weekly Best of Beat Awards are posted, and the Facebook and Twitter Rooms are where guests hang out and chat. 

So, just like you would in any hotel, the Beat Hotel guests move around rooms depending on what they want to do. The boundary between puppet characters, online content and human audience-users becomes blurred across the different online platforms which make up the project. This is the Virtual Beat Hotel

The Beat Hotel originated from a creative vision by the strategically shaved Filmtrip Producer Gawain Morrison five years ago whilst at a multimedia concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Now that we have got this far with the help of family, friends, one state grant and very strong coffee, and have discovered amazing like-minded projects in the Kickstarter community, we are ready to launch a campaign to complete the financing of the first series.


As independent producers, at Filmtrip we are always trying to think resourcefully, and find collaborative ways of working with the people who really know their craft. From camera to production design, from puppet building to puppet operation, from web to graphic designers, when you see the results on screen it makes you feel proud to have done it together.

You can learn more about Filmtrip and our previous projects on our website.


We need a minimum of $75,000 to complete the production of the first series. The overall cost of production is actually $117,000, but if the project reaches its Kickstarter goal we will be able to access a matched fund, making every dollar you pledge worth a whole 66 cents more!

Check out our FAQ below if you want to find out more.


The Kickstarter economy works on the basis of rewards in exchange for financial backing. As a backer, you select the level of support which you are able to provide, but in this all or nothing approach, your credit card is not charged until the end of the campaign, and only if the project goal is reached by then. If we don't reach our target, nobody gets or gives any money. Of course, the more you pledge, the better the reward! Check out the rewards on the right hand-side of this page. 

Our rewards include cool Beat Hotel Show digital artwork, DVDs of the series, personal messages from the delectable Rusty Lane, as well as music by Filmtrip producers' band Men in Speedos, one of Belfast's longest running electronic outfits. They are backing this project by releasing their new album for free as part of our rewards!

Here's one of the tracks from the album and we'll be releasing a preview of some of the other tracks during the campaign :


As a way to help promote this campaign - and also because we can't resist the fun of seeing what other people come up with - we are running a mashup competition. This involves releasing a bunch of the photos & footage that were shot during the pilot episode of the show, for people to create their own content. 

The best 'Beat Hotel Campaign Promo' video clip or photo that is posted to our Flickr Group will be selected by Filmtrip at the end of a succesful Kickstarter campaign and the winner will have a caricature puppet of them feature in the show. Have a go!


Every dollar counts, but of course your voice is as critical to make this campaign successful. Please spread the love & share this page with friends, family and anybody else who you think may be interested in being part of the madness!


  • Yes, both domestic and international.

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  • Kickstarter is a very successful model of crowsourcing finance for creative projects. In order for a Kickstarter project to be funded, it must reach its financial goal in a specified time period. In our case, our goal is to raise $75,000 by November 4th, 2011. If the financial goal isn't reached, the project will not receive any funding and you, the backer, will not be charged.

    If you are interested in backing the project, all you will need is a credit or debit bank card; it doesn't matter where in the world you are, the secure Amazon payments system ensures that you are only charged the amount you pledge by the campaign deadline, if it reaches its goal. Your details are not shared in any way.

    Just click on the Reward amount you want to pledge on the right hand side and follow the instructions. Thanks so much in advance!

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  • As the producers of 'The Beat Hotel Show' we have an electronic band called 'Men In Speedos'. We have just finished producing an album 'We Have Moved Beside Neptune Fish Shop' and thought it would be nice to give it away as a reward for helping to support us in our Kickstarter campaign.

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  • A match financier in Northern Ireland has pledged to fund us with the remainder of the money to complete the total production costs. In other words, if you help us meet our Kickstarter goal of $75,000, we will be able to unlock a further $50,000 from this matched fund, making each of your pledge dollars worth 66% more!

    Last updated:
  • We will cover all production aspects of the project, including:

    - scripting

    - camera crew

    - lighting

    - hire of HD camera equipment

    - puppet design and manufacture

    - puppet operators and voice actors

    - post production

    - filmset build

    - Kickstarter fees, rewards and delivery of rewards

    We're based in Belfast, N.Ireland, where the currency is British Pounds. The average exchange rate is approximately $1 = £0.65 which is another reason why we're asking for the rather large amount of $75,000.

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Support this project

  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    A virtual hug & a special thank you credit on our website.
    Plus 3 free tracks from 'We Have Moved Beside Neptune Fish Shop' album

    Estimated delivery
    5 backers
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    A virtual hug & a special thank you credit on our website.
    Plus 6 free tracks from 'We Have Moved Beside Neptune Fish Shop' album

    Estimated delivery
    6 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    A digital download of a selection of Beat Hotel artwork.
    Full access to download the whole album 'We Have Moved Beside Neptune Fish Shop'

    Estimated delivery
    17 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $30 or more About $30 USD

    THE BEST MINDS OF MY GENERATION :: The same as the $15 plus exclusive advance previews of all episodes.

    Estimated delivery
    10 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    SAINTLY MOTORCYCLISTS :: The same as the $30 plus a signed DVD of the 1st series, signed by Sherri Martini, Rusty Lane, Jim Fawndah & Alvin Feinstein.

    Estimated delivery
    14 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS :: The same as the $50 plus Rusty Lane will do a personal hungry hearts message for you.

    Estimated delivery
    5 backers
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE I KNEW THERE'D BE GIRLS :: The same as the $100 plus Associate Producer credit. Your caricature portrait or your artwork will be included as part of the set. And a limited run of show design bible

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 1 backer
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    The same as the $1000 [minus the show bibles] plus we will make a caricature puppet of you and it will feature in the series.

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer

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