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A modern fantasy about untold dangers, what they mean for two seemingly normal people forced together & what they must do to survive.

I'm excited to announce "The Book of Grace", my first complete novel and the first novel in a six book series. It is a story that weaves through science fiction, modern fantasy, sarcastic comedy, and adds just a touch of mystery that will have the reader captivated (and amused) from page one.


About the Author

I am a twenty-nine year old soon-to-be mother with an almost overwhelming urge to write everything from fiction to poetry, from novels to screenplays to short stories and sudden fiction. Sometimes I think it is a miracle I manage to wander my way out of my imagination long enough to go to work. I've had my share of hardship and failure, but everyone has, and that's what makes us all so interesting.

I keep a small but relatively regularly updated blog where my writing is involved, and feel free to visit and peruse some of my nonfiction/blog and even small snippets of my fiction: The Bard Errant


About this Project

This novel actually started many years ago, when I initially had a dream that I thought was so cool that I had to jot down in the hopes that I would be able to flesh it out into a story one day. Amazingly enough, I managed to do so with the motivation that a lot of friends gave me to get it done. So I finally sat down and amidst the craziness that is National Novel Writing Month, I managed to bang out a first draft, which became a second draft, which became a third draft and is now only a few steps away from being published. I hope that, with your contribution, I'll be able to get those steps down with no problems.

The book itself takes us into the relatively normal world that Grace Archer knows and generally coasts through, holding down a mediocre job at a mediocre restaurant in order to pay for her mediocre apartment. One snowy night, against all rational judgment, she saves an injured man, bringing him to her home to patch him up as he refuses to be taken to a hospital and she can't bring herself to deal with the guilt of leaving him to freeze to death. This one simple action pulls her into a world of trouble that neither she nor the man she saves are truly capable of understanding and really only able to survive by depending on each other.

It also should be said that this is only the first in what I hope to be a six book series.


Where will the funding go?

The funding for this project will go mainly to the printing and publishing of "The Book of Grace". It has been proof read by not one, not two, but THREE different sources. I'm lucky to have them, not going to lie. With that out of the way, funding can go exclusively to other needs. These include many things like cover design, formatting, ISBN, distribution and the like. A very small percentage will go towards a promotional and marketing campaign (advertising and generally spreading the word to get this novel out and about) but will most likely be fueled by extra. Finally, there is some allowance for the rewards described for contributors.


Why self-publish?

I thought long and hard over whether or not to query my book around or to simply attempt to self-publish. While the idea of being 'discovered' and being the center of a whirlwind of popularity and wealth as people throw all of the money they possibly can my way just for a copy of my book has it's perks, I do not believe this is for me. At all. My dream has always been to find a group of people who love the genre and my writing and would love nothing more than to read my work.

In the end, self-publishing seemed the wiser of the two ideas. I keep complete control over my content and I still get to share my writing with those around me. Those are the things most important to me.



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