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We'd love to get our newest album in your hands ASAP. We need help to finish mixing, mastering and duplication. Thumbs up for Rock!
310 backers pledged $8,724 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator The Autumn Film on February 1, 2012

      Landon, wonderful! Glad to hear it.

      Candice! Thanks so much! We appreciate your kind words.

      Zon -- Woo! Glad you're excited!

    2. Creator Zon Petilla on January 31, 2012

      Awesome can't wait.

    3. Creator Candice on January 30, 2012

      I got my copy in the mail today. LOVE IT! Especially the 8th track. ^_^

    4. Creator Landon Jones on January 30, 2012

      Haha, I was so pleased when I opened the mailbox today because it was in there! Awesome job.

    5. Creator The Autumn Film on January 30, 2012


      We have you address from when you responded to our survey. The physical copy should be on its way to your house!



    6. Creator Landon Jones on January 30, 2012

      Just got the digital download. Thanks! How will you get our address to send the physical copy of the album to?

    7. Creator Zon Petilla on September 16, 2011

      Awesome, can't wait to listen to the album while I work.

    8. Creator The Autumn Film on September 16, 2011

      Woo! Thanks guys! You are awesome.

    9. Creator Rich Osberg on September 16, 2011

      so glad you guys reached your goal... the world definitely needs more autumn film!

    10. Creator Calbanda (deleted) on September 13, 2011

      YAY! You guys! You did it! I am so excited!!
      Can't wait to hear the new album!

    11. Creator Mariusz on September 13, 2011

      I hope that one day you will play a concert in Poland!

    12. Creator Tyler Williams on September 13, 2011

      Funded! Yay guys! I'm excited to hear the new songs!

    13. Creator Sean Blanchard on September 12, 2011

      Can't wait to hear it!

    14. Creator Jason Beck on September 12, 2011

      Pleasure to back you guys!

    15. Creator Zon Petilla on September 9, 2011

      Over half way... Awesome :)

    16. Creator Amber G on September 9, 2011

      If every twitter follower of The Autumn Film pledged $2, then they would have surpassed their goal by now. If you listen to this band, you know this next album will not disappoint! Please support!!

    17. Creator Noah Cremisino on September 6, 2011

      If every $8 and every $18 bumped up to the next pledge level that would add just under $2000. Just saying...

    18. Creator Zon Petilla on September 1, 2011

      Hey here's some real help go to and ask one their DJ to put you on one of their shows. They are based in SF, and can probably get you more backers. Hope this helps, and I hope you guys get funded.

    19. Creator Aaron Rademaker on August 28, 2011

      I agree with Noah, This album is going to be amazing!!!! Lets pledge our support!!!

    20. Creator Noah Cremisino on August 13, 2011

      Come on people!!! :)

    21. Creator Aaron Rademaker on August 13, 2011

      My wife Cassie and I pledge our support. Loved you at Georgetown UMC and the Wealthy St. house show. Can't wait to see you guys again. I hope you can get this project fully funded. Wish we could have pledged more. God Bless

      Aaron & Cassie Rademaker

    22. Creator Mark Lancaster on August 4, 2011

      I hope you guys are shamelessly promoting this things EVERYWHERE, I reallllly want to hear the new songs!