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The Public Access Show is a sketch based comedy series to be released on public access stations and the internets.

The Public Access Station is a magical place. Unfortunately, it's been infiltrated by soccer moms and nut jobs and we need to do something about it. My aim is to create an awesome sketch based comedy show (along the lines of Flight of the Conchords, Robot Chicken, Little Britain, and Monty Python's Flying Circus) that airs on the internet as well as several public access channels.

Over the past couple years, I have been making notes that dig deep into understanding the human condition and I have come up with some stuff that I believe could be really freaking funny. On a small scale, I want to create a show/web series that is entertaining and generally fun to watch. Funny bits, music, and weirdness. On a bigger scale, I wanted to encourage creativity and breathe new life into something that is written off before most people even move out of their parent's house: Public Access Television.

This first season would consist of 8 episodes of roughly 15-20 minutes in length. I plan on using the money to pay for props, costumes, food for a volunteer crew, set designs, and equipment rental with hopes of making a show that is polished, refreshing, and exciting. Once this show is done, I hope to send it to community access stations all over to spread its seed and open people's eyes again to the potential of public access and the potential of awesomeness.

I could really use assistance in funding this project as I don't plan on creating something that...well...can ONLY be aired on your local public access channel. While this Kickstarter is up, I plan on continuing to write sketches for the show with hopes of hitting the ground running and shooting as soon as possible. If all goes well, I will be posting the episodes online starting early in the summer.

Here is a sample of my most recent creative work and which roughly shows the direction I hope to take the show: Arjun Goes to Bollywood

I appreciate the fact that you may be considering supporting this epic creative endeavor of mine and hope that regardless of if you can contribute a little or a lot, you enjoy the show.


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    An e-card from show runner, Arjun Singh, expressing his thanks.

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    All of the above + a copy of "The Public Access Show" Season 1 DVD.

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    All of the above + a special thanks at the end of every episode

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    All of the above + a "The Public Access Show" t-shirt and sticker pack

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    All of the above + a photo production diary / album of the show signed by the cast and crew, and a song, written especially for you by Arjun.

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    All of the above + a brain storm session with Arjun where you can co-write a sketch for the show

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    All of the above + receive a walk on role on the show (even if you are not local!), and Arjun will take you and a loved one out to dinner (Northern California residents only!).

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    If you are even considering pledging this much, you must be my which case...I will promise to return your calls sooner and try to get a hair cut. If you are not my parents, you get all of the above + a night of video games with Arjun. You will play everything from Rock Band, to Dance Central, to Halo and Left 4 Dead. At the end of the night, Arjun will draw you (he is not an artist) and sign the drawing in his blood. He will then cry a little bit before the night is over and tell you how much he loves you.

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