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Thanks to you, The Aquabats will be back in 2019 to make TWO BRAND NEW ALBUMS, a new 12-EPISODE WEBSERIES, and to make the world super rad... for the kids!
Thanks to you, The Aquabats will be back in 2019 to make TWO BRAND NEW ALBUMS, a new 12-EPISODE WEBSERIES, and to make the world super rad... for the kids!
5,557 backers pledged $603,444 to help bring this project to life.

48 HOURS TO GO… We've unlocked GOAL 3 + can still reach our FINAL GOAL @ $600K! Your FIRST LOOK at the POSTER! Plus: VOTE NOW for SATURDAY'S LIVESTREAM!

Posted by The Aquabats! (Creator)

Oh Righteous Comrades:

The end is near! We've got just over 48 HOURS LEFT in our Super Kickstarter, and working together, we're starting to speed up:

We've now raised over $530,000 and recruited over 4,300 Righteous Comrades, which means we've smashed through our third goal and are now 88% of the way to our FINAL GOAL!

As always… 

  • The GREEN shows what we've raised on Kickstarter! ($495,000) 
  • The PINK shows what we've raised outside of Kickstarter! ($35,000) 
  • The BLUE shows how many Righteous Comrades we have! (4300)

That means that, because of you, The Aquabats will now be able to make a BRAND NEW ALBUM, at least 12 NEW ONLINE EPISODES and a LIVE CONCERT ALBUM! 

And remember, if we can raise just a little bit more in our final 48 hours, we'll reach our final goal:

That's right, homies! We're less than $70,000 away from being able to record twice as much new music next year, with ANOTHER BRAND NEW ALBUM, which will be FREE to all backers who pledge at the $55 level or higher!

And to help make the final push, today we want to give you a sneak peek at another totally sweet reward we've got planned for you, in case you want to upgrade your pledge to include one! So… let's do it!


When we started planning our Kickstarter rewards, we knew we wanted the poster to be something super special! And cool! And colorful!

But we also knew that it wasn't enough to just show The Aquabats… this poster also needed to include you, THE LEGION OF RIGHTEOUS COMRADES!

That means we can't show you a finished version of the poster… but we can show you what the concept is going to look like and highlight one of our reward levels, which will let you –– or your kid, pet or imaginary friend – be drawn on the poster too!

Here's a FIRST LOOK at what we're working on:

Pretty sweet, right? And, like most of the super rad art from this Kickstarter (and from The Aquabats' last 25 years), the poster will be illustrated by our longtime Aquabats artist, PARKER JACOBS!

As you can see, there's a lot of room left behind The Aquabats… but when the poster is done, that entire space will be filled with you, The Legion of Righteous Comrades: our allies who stepped up and joined us to declare, #WeAreTheAquabats!

The final design is going to be super awesome, homies – and also super exclusive! That's because we're only ever going to print this poster as a Kickstarter reward, and then it'll never be available again. So, if you want to make sure you get one, just remember:

The OFFICIAL POSTER is included in ALL PLEDGE LEVELS at $100 and up, and a SIGNED POSTER is included at ALL PLEDGES at $300 and up!

But wait, we still haven't asked the most important question:

Do you want to be one of the Righteous Comrades drawn on the poster? You can, when you select the "DRAWN INTO THE LEGION" ($500) reward level!

Here's how it'll work:

Plus, we'll also send you a SIGNED PRINT of YOUR PERSONAL CARTOON PORTRAIT, perfect for framing and hanging to remember that you're a superhero too!

We think this reward is especially rad, homies – and remember, it also means you'll become an official part of The Aquabats Universe forever!


We want to do EVERYTHING WE CAN to make sure that we reach our next goal in the next 48 hours, so we've got an offer for you:

If we raise $600,000 and recruit 5000 BACKERS before the Kickstarter ends, we'll also UPGRADE THE POSTER with a SECOND INCREDIBLE ILLUSTRATION on the back!

This second drawing will be from a long-time friend of The Aquabats named TODD NAUCK, a super-talented comic book artist who does work for Marvel and DC, including "real" superheroes like Spider-Man, Deadpool and The X-Men, and has also been drawing a brand-new comic for our friends at Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Now, Todd hasn't started inking or coloring artwork yet, but as you can see, he's got something pretty incredible planned:

Totally awesome, right?!!? It even features a whole rogues' gallery of our most famous villains! That means, if we unlock this upgrade, one side of the poster will show us with all of our FRIENDS, and the other side will show us with all of our ENEMIES.

If we reach our final goal, we'll UPGRADE THE OFFICIAL POSTER to include this design on the back... so if you want to own the finished illustration, be sure your Kickstarter rewards include the poster!

Just like we promised, we’re finishing up our plans to spend the last four hours of the Kickstarter with all of YOU, right here online, with our...

If you haven’t already: RSVP NOW!

See, we want to wrap up this whole adventure by hanging out with our best homies, The Legion of Righteous Comrades. We'll answer your questions, watch some episodes of Super Show together, tell you more about what we're planning for next year, and even offer some exclusive, interactive FINAL COUNTDOWN REWARDS that will only be available during the livestream!

But there's still one big question... which episodes of Super Show should we watch together!?!? We think YOU SHOULD CHOOSE! 

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES RIGHT NOW, and we’ll stream the top picks on Saturday!

Anyway: that's what's going on, homies.

And to help everyone keep going, here's another unreleased track from the upcoming AQUABATS SUPER SHOW SOUNDTRACK:

We've got 48 hours left to reach our final goal, so if you want to upgrade your pledge level, recruit some friends, hand out fliers on the street, or spread the word online… this is it!

Thanks for everything you've done, Oh Righteous Comrades.



OK homies, we're in the endgame -- but with your help, we can still hit our final goal and make ANOTHER NEW ALBUM! To help us make the final push, just share one of these posts (or both!) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever new app comes out tomorrow:

This is it! Join @TheAquabats on SATURDAY 9/29 for a Reddit AMA at 1pm PT and FINAL COUNTDOWN LIVESTREAM from 2-6pm PT to #BringBackTheAquabats. RSVP NOW:

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48 HOURS LEFT and @TheAquabats just released the OFFICIAL POSTER DESIGN for the #BringBackTheAquabats Kickstarter, with drawings from @ArtOfPJ and @ToddNauck! Check it out + pledge now:

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    1. Maxwell Farkash on

      I'll finally get my Supershow soudntrack, I'll finally be able to be an official Cadet AND get canonized in the Aquabats universe! AND I actually have a day off this week so I'll be able to watch the livestream when it goes down! This Kickstarter is making my raddest dreams come true, Commander!


    2. Vince Vazquez

      Awesome to see you guys crush this Kickstarter! Even if you had to re-jigger it somewhat, you guys have raised a ton of money and found a ton of Righteous Comrades! And it was so cool to see the shout-out for you guys over on the MST3K Kickstarter updates too.

      My internet B-L-O-W-S so I never partake in livestreams, but I hope everyone who shows up has a blast! With the Aquabats, it's guaranteed to be a good time! Now let's end this campaign with as big a bang as we possibly can \(^-^)/