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Written by Ann Carr and Warren Holstein, "The Actress" explores the misadventures of struggling actress/heroine Hannah Kennon.
153 backers pledged $6,301 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by The Actress (Creator)

Hello Dear Pals!

The Actress has launched! We are three episodes in and we couldn't be prouder and we know we never would have made it here without you. THANK YOU. We're beyond grateful. And we promise, those damned Kickstarter rewards are coming!

We've already been featured by The Huffington Post, Broadway World and Crushable just named Annie as one of 10 Improv Stars Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows AND we've been selected to screen at The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival (get your tickets HERE) on April 2nd. So, things are cooking!

There are some exciting things on the horizon and we promise to keep you posted as they progress. And don't forget to check in at for new full-length episodes every Tuesday and special BONUS Hannah Kennon Audition episodes every Thursday.

Thank you again for all your support. We don't want to be biased, but we think you're the best Kickstarter backers in the history of Kickstarter. 

Love, Annie & Warren

"The Actress" Season 3 Launch Party
"The Actress" Season 3 Launch Party


Posted by The Actress (Creator)

Hey Cool Cats!

WE NEED PARTY-GO'ERS THIS SUNDAY for an episode of "The Actress" that takes place at a wedding reception. If you're in the NYC area and you can put on some party clothes and shake what your momma gave you THIS SUNDAY, 7/28, please let us know. WE NEED YOU! Partyin', partyin' (Yeah).

xo a

Location Hunting for "The Actress: Season 3"

Posted by The Actress (Creator)

Hi Friends!

We are deep into pre-production for "The Actress: Season 3" and are slated to start shooting in July. Woohoo!

Things are going swimmingly. We have amazing talent on-board, tip-top scripts and a killer crew. One thing we want to make sure we get right are the locations where we shoot our episodes. Locations are one of the biggest challenges on any production and even more so with a grassroots production like ours. There are a few we need a little help with which is why we're reaching out to you - our wonderful backers! We're hoping some of you might have some resources that come to mind (even if it's the friend of a friend of a friend). We know you don't all live here in NYC, but you might know of something or someone who could be helpful. 

Here are locations we are most in need of right now:

  • Restaurant/Bistro
  • High-end'ish bar
  • Doctor's office
  • Large backyard or an outdoor space where we can shoot without disturbing or being disturbed.

Our budget for locations is minimal, so any free opportunities or trades would be the most helpful. That said - we'd love to hear about ANY leads you might have. Hope you're all having a fabulous summer. We are SO EXCITED to bring you "The Actress: Season 3"!

Two more weeks...

Posted by The Actress (Creator)
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