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Written by Ann Carr and Warren Holstein, "The Actress" explores the misadventures of struggling actress/heroine Hannah Kennon.

NEW STRETCH GOAL: $7,000! We'll use the extra cash to make everything look better and give the series a higher production quality overall. Extra funds will be allotted for equipment upgrades, extra crew and a publicist. We can't wait to bring you the BIGGEST and BEST season of The Actress yet!!

This series was born after Ann had what she'd thought was a horrible audition and publicly broke down in a Starbucks. This sort of thing happens more often than she cares to mention. At first she felt sorry for herself and then a bit mortified she'd "lost it," again. Finally, it occurred to her that she'd stumbled upon a uniquely human nugget of truth to mine and share. And so she wrote a script inspired by her hysterics which eventually became the pilot episode from Season 1 of "The Actress."

Since that first episode, Ann and Warren have self-produced two seasons of "The Actress," garnering some great reviews (see below). Now they're working on producing Season 3, which with your help, will be the biggest and best season yet.

So often actors are prey to the will of a fickle industry. "The Actress" exposes what we rarely ever see on TV or in the movies from an explicitly female perspective. Following the exploits of Hannah, an aspiring actress at the end of her tether, it documents her struggles to "make-it" in NYC's seedy acting underbelly. This is a series for anyone who has ever clawed, scraped and sacrificed for a dream, and for anyone who, in spite of it all, even when life seems totally pointless, keeps reaching for that dream. Like a salmon struggling upstream... or a lemming peering off a cliff.

By supporting this Kickstarter campaign you’ll be championing female-driven comedy with a distinct narrative voice that takes risks, which is something we think the world could use a little more of and hope you do, too. They say it takes a village. And we hope you will consider being ours... or at least help us put a down payment on the concrete.

Get caught up with episodes from the first two seasons at, where you'll also be able to see Season 3 real soon if you help us make it happen!

"A touching web series..." - NY Magazine

"Carr, a fantastic comedic actor, embodies Hannah with subtlety and pathos—likely because she's lived Hannah's life." -Time Out NY

"Web series are often too short to allow for rich character exploration and tend to fall more in the sketchy, two beats and heighten camp than in the exposition camp. 'The Actress' episodes are long enough to showcase characters’ smaller idiosyncrasies and, because they’re so spot-on, that attention to detail takes up character-based humor a big notch." -Splitsider

"The Actress is really smart stuff. Ann Carr is so talented, it drives me wild!" -Sara Benincasa (Agorafabulous, MTV News)

"The Actress is the most real series on the web. It's more Enlightened than Enlightened." -Ben Kronberg (Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel)

"Ann Carr's The Actress is brilliant. So well acted and so well made! Let's get a season 3 going!" -Elaine Carroll (Very Mary Kate, Mad Men)

"The Actress overall and Ann's performance in the series is refreshing and honest. She reminds me of a young Laura Dern-- holding immense vulnerability right up her shirt sleeve. She's hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time." - Abbi Jacobson (Broad City)

Check out the folks who helped us make our Kickstarter vid:

Ingrid Jungermann

Paul Gale

Dennis Cahlo

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We've completed two successful seasons on our very own. Even with a Thumbelina budget we had a minimum of mishaps (like the time Ann forgot to pick her dad up from the airport while shooting an episode and he sat waiting for two hours. Oops).

This season we wanted to see what we could accomplish if we took the plunge and sought out help from our community. We thought, "Hey, if we were able to accomplish all that on our own, imagine what we could do with a little help from our friends?" We've brought on our wonderful producer, Amanda Hammett, and we are so excited to get things rolling.

With more of a Baby Bear budget, we'll be able to swing things like finding locations and tackling logistics with more ease than we were able to when production was left to Ann's ADD prone production skills and Lilliputian bank account.


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