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A journey across America to record today’s musicians on 1930s technology in a quest to connect with the haunting recordings of the past
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The 78 Project

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Postcards, strobes and Polaroids are in the mail; Recap of our successful California journey

We're back at home after a productive and unforgettable journey through California.  It's that time now, which always comes after a successful shooting and recording journey, when we have such a hard time believing it happened at all.  The experiences were so beautiful.  But we have the footage and the 78s to prove it, so we know it's all real.  A new chapter in our movie has been written!

There's a full recap from the trip on our website.  You can read about our experiences recording and visiting with The Easy Leaves, John Doe, Jaron Lanier, Sea of Bees, and Ben Vaughn here and Coati Mundi, Little Wings, Adam Levy & Gaby Moreno, Victoria Williams & Gabe Noel, and John C. Reilly & Tom Brosseau here.

Plus we got to see where our records are made!  Apollo Masters in Banning California.  More on that to come.

We have some exciting news on your rewards.  For those of you who selected the Polaroids and Stroboscopic discs, your time has come!  They're in the mail and headed to you.  Polaroid folks, we kept our promise, nobody saw your photo but us and you.  Once it comes, it's totally up to you if you want to scan it or post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.  But we didn't want to steal your thunder.

If you had a vintage postcard as part of your reward, it's hopefully reached you by now!  We mailed them all from various places on our California journey.  Your postcard saw the desert, the mountains, the sea.  It's been places!  Let us know that it reached you.  We love to hear!  And feel free to Tweet us and Facebook us about it, too. 

Hope you're staying warm and happy in these cozy, wintry days. 

xo Lavinia & Alex