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Update #23

The 78 Project Movie World Premiere at SXSW Film Festival in March!


It is with great joy that we're writing to you today. We're a little delirious from the whirlwind week, but we couldn't wait another second to tell you the news.

The 78 Project Movie will have its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in March!!

That's right! The movie is finished (well, it will be by the time we head to Texas) and the people we most want to share this enormous moment with are you all. Since that amazing day a year and a half ago when you believed in us enough to pledge your hard-earned dollars to help make this movie happen, we've been looking forward to the day when we would have a finished movie to show you. That day is almost here, and we're thrilled to share it with you.

What does this mean?

So many things!

First, we can't imagine a better way to debut the movie than at SXSW. It's an innovative festival with excellent musical traditions, and The 78 Project Movie will find a receptive audience there. It's an honor to be invited. We're thrilled.

Secondly, the world premiere of the movie opens up the doors for more screenings, and more opportunities for us to fulfill those rewards at all levels that are due a ticket to see the movie. Speaking of which: if you are a backer due a ticket, and you are planning to be at SXSW, please write us an email to We may have a festival screening ticket for you!

After the festival, we'll also have more news for you on the different ways you'll be able to see the movie. We haven't made any final decisions on distribution yet, but when we do, you'll be the first to know, because you'll need to be distributed your tickets and copies of the film!

Finally, and most importantly, we wouldn't be here, preparing our film to be screened for the very first time, if not for your help. This achievement is yours, too! Thank you and thank you again.

Update #22

End of the Year Update on Production and Rewards


The end of the year is a time to celebrate, and to bring things full circle. So we thought we would write you to catch you up on the progress of the movie, and to take care of some of the last bits of reward business, before 2013 comes to a close.

The year since our Kickstarter campaign ended has been incredibly productive. We are so happy to be able to report to you that we've completed the principal photography for The 78 Project on schedule and on budget (which means the movie is completely shot,) and that it is filled with momentous recordings and experiences. At this point editing is done, and we are beginning the process of finalizing sound as we apply for festivals for the early spring. We can't wait to share the completed film with you, and want to thank you again so much for all of your support in making this possible. Which brings us to an update on your rewards. Some of the items are still pending, and we can tell you now when you can expect them.

Screening tickets and pre-release DVDs are on track to be fulfilled Summer 2014, after the movie has been through the final finishing stages.

T-shirts are hot off the screenprinting presses and on their way to you now. They should arrive before the end of the month. Memorabilia sets (the $78 level) and test acetates will be next, by the end of January. And we'll be reaching out to all of you whose names will be in the credits of the movie, as well as our 78 recording and 78 DJ folks, individually to make arrangements right after the new year.

Thank you so much for your patience and continued support! We look forward to giving you more exciting updates in the new year. We wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday!

Update #21

A week of thanks-giving & our newest episode: International Blues Express "Hanna"

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We hope this note finds you well and that you had a wonderful holiday week.  Hopefully the holiday's not over and you're relaxing with loved ones this weekend as well!  

While we were celebrating all the things we have been thankful for this year, we couldn't help but think of you, and all that your support has done to forward The 78 Project.  We had two exciting announcements this week, our very first soundtrack and our newest episode.  Both are milestones for us, and we're so excited to share them with you.

Episode #14 of The 78 Project: International Blues Express "Hanna"

The four members of International Blues Express - Sidi Toure and Abdoulaye Kone dit Kandjafa from Mali, Cedric Watson and Desiree Champagne from Louisiana - are bonded by the common language of French, and were bonded to us by it, too, when we recorded with them this Fall. Heritage, experience and instinct all combine so that musicians, filmmakers, recordists, from different continents and different corners of them, are all communicating in this episode. 

The 78 we made with International Blues Express has two Side As. In the next installment, the Cajuns take the lead, and lead us from birth to the unknown beyond it. We'll let you know when it's live!

The 78 Project: Volume 1 is coming!

Our very first soundtrack just became available for pre-order on limited edition vinyl + digital. The 78 Project: Volume 1 features Richard Thompson, Loudon Wainwright III, The Wandering, Rosanne Cash w/ John Leventhal, Marshall Crenshaw, Valerie June, Leah Siegel, Adam Arcuragi, Reverend John DeLore & Kara Suzanne, Joe Henry & Lisa Hannigan, Amy LaVere, Vandaveer and Dawn Landes.

Pre-order Your Copy of The 78 Project: Volume 1 on Vinyl!

Update #20

A happy anniversary for The 78 Project movie


This week is the anniversary of our first road trip to make The 78 Project Movie. Because of you, we were able to travel so far and gather incredible footage and performances this year.  So this anniversary celebration is yours and ours to share!

Thinking about the year as a whole, there has been such a wonderful symmetry to our experiences. The first and last trips both finished in Tennessee, and each trip has been filled with bright, unexpected moments. It felt this week as if we had truly come full circle, and we wanted to celebrate the first recording from our very first road trip made with the perfect person to set the tone for what would come during the year that followed.

Mary Chapin Carpenter was a headliner at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, and she offered to spend the afternoon before her set making a record with us in her tour bus. The most gracious host that she is, she not only invited us with all of our gear aboard her home away from home, she also let us turn off her air conditioning so that it wouldn’t interfere with the recording and serenely braved the August heat. Mary Chapin’s nature is graceful, and her performance was powerful, a combination that mesmerized and awed us. She sang “The Water is Wide” with the sure, patient voice and agile finger-picking of a person who has always known a song.

LISTEN: Mary Chapin Carpenter's 78 "The Water is Wide"

Two years of producing The 78 Project, and we've only just begun! More news, clips and songs from our movie and our webseries are coming!

Update #19

Louisiana Bound: Our last trip to make The 78 Project Movie


A Sunday in the Bayou is as perfect as it sounds. Bright sun, fresh eggs from the chickens outside, and music all through the house. We made it to Louisiana! It's been an eventful first couple of days on the road, and this trip feels filled with excitement and promise.

We started out with a visit to the Library of Congress Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, VA. Built into the side of a mountain, the building is a beautiful sight coming up the road. And inside, it's filled with treasures. Matt Barton, Brad McCoy, and Bryan Hoffa were kind enough to show us around and demonstrate some of their process. They played us a 7" shellac disc from 1905 to show us how they capture the sound, and taught us their tried and true trick for centering a disc punched with an off-center hole. It involves a pencil. Rare recordings and recording gear, and expert archivists working hard to make the material available to the public. The history of our nation's recordings are being preserved in Culpeper, and it was inspiring to see the wonderful work that they're doing. And in fact, about 10,000 of the historical recordings they've transferred are available to stream on their National Jukebox.

A quick stop in Lynchburg, VA and the lovely hospitality of some new friends Joan and George recharged our batteries for the long drive to Nashville. We crossed state lines at the Birthplace of Country Music: Bristol, TN/VA and we took in the sites for a few. It's not every town that can lay claim to the first recordings of Jimmie Rogers and The Carter Family as well as count Clarence Ashley, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Uncle Charlie Osborne as one-time residents. If you find yourself there, might we suggest you eat at Eatz? 

Nashville was as warm and welcoming as always, and it was wonderful to be there exactly one year to the week since we last came this way. But we couldn't stay long, we were Louisiana bound!

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