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$63,725 pledged of $125,000 goal
$63,725 pledged of $125,000 goal

Your Last Chance to Support Film Threat

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Less Than 36 Hours to Pledge to Help Get Our Documentary Made

We're making our final push toward the finish line and I wanted to reach out to you one last time. Over 1/3 of you have donated to our new campaign to Save Film Threat, leaving about 200 of you still waiting to make the leap and pledge. We're driving toward our stretch goal of additional funds to begin shooting our documentary, Film Threat Sucks. If we make our new goal, all the backers, no matter if they donated $1 or $1,000 will receive a credit on the movie. The campaign ends Monday, September 26th at midnight Pacific Time and I hope you take a moment to check it out. There are new rewards related to the doc including a teaser poster, crew patch, and even producer credits. Here's a link to the new campaign. 

Don't wait. Donate. Our campaign ends Monday, September 26th at midnight.
Don't wait. Donate. Our campaign ends Monday, September 26th at midnight.

The additional funds will be used to shoot new footage for the documentary in Los Angeles, New York and Film Threat’s birthplace of Detroit, Michigan. You may have already seen the trailer for Film Threat Sucks. This sizzle reel, cut together by Rune Lind, was the result of 100+ hours of VHS footage as well as thousands of photos from the Film Threat archives. There's a compelling story to be told about the rise and fall of independent film in the 90s through the lens of the magazine that covered that era… along with plenty of behind-the-scenes drama. Check out the trailer below. 

I hope you choose to back us again, your support means a lot. Also consider helping us spread the word on social media by sharing the campaign on Facebook, tagging @FilmThreat on Twitter and using the hashtag #SaveFilmThreat. I'm incredibly grateful for your help and we'll continue our mission to support groundbreaking work in independent film. Thank you!

- Chris Gore

P.S. Once the campaign is over, I'll post a video shout-out to all the remaining people who donated to the new campaign. Below is a video I made where I read all 815 names of the backers who helped us get to 100%. I hope that I'll be reading your name in the follow-up video. (Warning: This video is over 40 minutes and I was incredibly exhausted so I mispronounced many of the names. My apologies! I also went off on a lot of tangents. It was fun and I am looking forward to doing this again.)


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