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Help save Film Threat and bring back DVDuesday, the popular segment from G4TV's Attack of the Show. Read more

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Help save Film Threat and bring back DVDuesday, the popular segment from G4TV's Attack of the Show.

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Hey, Chris Gore here from G4TV’s Attack of the Show where I did DVDuesday each week for almost eight years. I’m also the founder of Film Threat, which began as a magazine and then became one of the most respected sources online covering independent film, while also giving the middle finger to Hollywood. (But in a fun way.)

Film Threat started as a fanzine I created in high school and became a print magazine sold on newsstands everywhere. The magazine covered people like Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith and many others who began their careers in indie film. Film Threat built a reputation for telling it like it is and pulling no punches and it’s been around for 30 years. Movies that were ignored by the mainstream media outlets, could always count on Film Threat for coverage. And when the Film Threat web site launched in 1996, that tradition of championing independents continued.

The truth is that the Film Threat web site was actually supported by my television career. At the time, I was willing to spend $25,000 or more each year out of my own pocket to support the site. I believed very strongly in Film Threat’s mission to help up and coming indies. But, let’s be honest, I don’t have a TV career anymore. And convention appearances only go so far. So, it's really difficult for me to ask, but right now I need your help.

To continue Film Threat’s mission to provide a unique voice in the world of entertainment as well as support a new generation of up and coming independent filmmakers, I’m asking you to contribute to the Kickstarter to save Film Threat. And if you’re a fan of my segment DVDuesday from Attack of the Show, I will bring DVDuesday back as a weekly web show for a year. (It won’t actually be called “DVDuesday” for legal reasons, but I promise that the new name will really excite you!) I will reveal the new name for the DVDuesday show in an update on Kickstarter once we reach 50% of our initial funding goal.

The Film Threat web site was launched in 1996. That’s 19 years worth of content making up more than 80,000 stories on a site that has to be redesigned and reformatted. Relaunching a site of this size with this amount of content is costly and I can’t afford to fund it alone this time. I’ll need money for programmers, designers, and for a new server along with a budget for writers and an editorial team to keep it going. The money will also be used to help fund the production budget for the weekly DVDuesday segments. A budget will also be needed to create a Film Threat app and build a Podcast Network to give our writers a voice beyond the site. The budget I’ve put together should give us the boost we need to continue. And while it seems like a lot of money, anyone who has run a web site with daily content or produced a weekly web show knows that it costs more than one would think. The amount I've budgeted covers the site relaunch, a podcast network, an app and a web series. All of this covers Phase One of Film Threat's return. (I'll reveal Phase Two initiatives once we get to 90% of our funding goal.) If we exceed our funding goal, we'll be able to do more episodes of DVDuesday and we can fund stretch goal projects planned for Phase Two.

A redesigned site, a Podcast Network, a FREE App and more!

We’ll also launch a Film Threat Podcast Network featuring a variety of podcasts from the writers on the site. (I'll reveal some of those podcasts once we reach 75% of our funding goal.) In addition, we’ll create a Film Threat App for IOS and Android that will be available free for everyone.

The Film Threat site will also feature new episodes of DVDuesday weekly with a round up of verdicts and links to where you can see the movies discussed. I’ll need a budget to produce DVDuesday on a weekly basis. So just like on Attack of the Show, every Tuesday you’ll get my DVD picks (or “streaming picks” since, well, we don’t really buy everything on DVD anymore.) And DVDuesday will be even better, because I’ll have more time to discuss each movie. I’ll also be able to use all those words you can’t say on TV. For the first time, DVDuesday will be UNCENSORED! (Although, I promise not to overdo the swearing and use my powers for good, not evil.)

The Film Threat web site will be back to posting compelling content on a daily basis. There will be a free app to use on your mobile device. And you’ll see DVDuesday every Tuesday, just like the old days (or, y’know, just a few years ago.)

And for backing these projects, I’m offering all kinds of incentives, so get in early as some are in limited supply. In addition, I’ll be including some rare collectibles such as original art from my own personal archives from both Film Threat and Attack of the Show’s history. I guess I could sell this stuff on ebay, but I think it would be a lot more fun to give it to you. (Keep an eye on updates to see the items to be given away at the higher funding levels.)

It's painful to say this, but the reality is that if we don’t reach our goal, I will shut down the Film Threat web site for good. I just can't afford to fund it on my own. Unfortunately, that means that all of the stories that are in the archives will be wiped clean off the Internet. Forever. And I will be unable to bring back DVDuesday. (And I know from talking to fans online and at conventions, that everyone seems to miss DVDuesday.)

So, if you were a reader of Film Threat and it touched you in some way. Help out. Contribute whatever you can afford. And then please encourage your friends to do so too. If you’re a filmmaker and Film Threat inspired you or was supportive in some way, please consider contributing. If you’re a fan of DVDuesday and you loved my reviews and you want to see the segment return, now is the time to contribute and make that happen. Also be sure to tell your friends by tweeting about it or posting on social media, remember to tag @FilmThreat or @ThatChrisGore. In addition to contributing whatever you can afford, spreading the word is a great way to help.

If all goes well and we reach our funding goal, the Film Threat site will return just a few months from now in June and I’ll announce the schedule for DVDuesday’s return as well as the new podcasts and app.

I hope you contribute so we can bring back Film Threat and DVDuesday and continue our mission. Thank you!

Risks and challenges

When it comes to relaunching the Film Threat site, I've already received estimates on the costs and can move forward as soon as the Kickstarter ends. After a short testing period, we'll be live in June. The only hold up would be hiring in the editorial arena, but I have already begun talking to prospects including some all-stars from Film Threat's past. For everyone involved, it's a small freelance gig, but more than that, it's a passion project that I know means a lot to many people.

As for DVDuesday, I have a G4TV producer from X-Play who will be working with me as part of the production team. I'm currently seeking a studio to shoot the segment every few weeks. In addition, I have been collecting DVDs for some evergreen segments that are going to be awesome. I can't wait to tell you about the Starlost four-disc set I got from Canada. The new DVDuesday should launch no later than August as we begin shooting in June/July.

As for fulfilling rewards, I'll get into production on the posters, t-shirts and other items for shipping right after the Kickstarter ends. I'll document their production with updates so you can see as those rewards get fulfilled. Some items are larger and may require special shipping needs, but that only applies to the contributors of higher rewards. When it comes to fulfilling shout outs and set visits, that will be arranged on an individual basis. I expect to have all rewards requiring shipping fulfilled by September. All other rewards involving set visits and shout outs will happen gradually over the next year and contingent upon the schedules of those backers.

Any problems as we encounter as we go will be documented here so that contributors will be aware of any scheduling pitfalls, but I know how to build and rebuild web sites, I've published books before, and I know how to create a t-shirt line, so I don't foresee any major challenges. And doing DVDuesday again will be just like old times. Frankly, I can't wait.

And whatever the challenges, when I run into any contributor at a film festival or a comic con, I will thank you personally. And if the setting is right, I'm sure we'll be able to celebrate together. (Though I'm sure that last sentence violates something on Kickstarter. I don't think I can offer you a free drink, but if I could, I would.)

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