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In a world where Holidays are real it's up to teenager Tegan Cassidy to stop a war that began with the death of Santa Claus.
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Scott King

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Free Comic Book Day!

I'm heading out of town for a wedding, but before I go I wanted to give a shout out to Free Comic Book Day.

For those of you unaware, FCBD is a day where local comic book shops give away free comics to anyone who comes in. This year it's Saturday May 5th. I highly suggest going to see "The Avengers" and then stopping by one of the many FCBD events spread across the country.

It's a really important day because retailers normally end up making bank. Even more so, it draws in a lot of people who don't normally visit comic shops. The idea being that a new visitor will then decide to become a returning customer.

My publisher Th3rd World Studios has been doing a FCBD for years. This year's book is a preview of their new series "Finding Gossamyr."  You can read a preview of the book here.

Even cooler is that we have a "Holiday Wars" ad in the book. So if you are hitting up your local comic shop for FCBD make sure you pick up a copy of "Finding Gossamyr." Then show all your friends our ad and talk them into backing us on Kickstarter!


    1. Creator Scott King on May 9, 2012

      You can now read it at Bleeding Cool for free!

    2. Creator Scott King on May 8, 2012

      I think it normally gets posted online for people to read for free. If/When that happens I'll let you know.

    3. Creator Andy Goldman on May 8, 2012

      This one "sold out" of my local store before I could get there. Oh well.