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In a world where Holidays are real it's up to teenager Tegan Cassidy to stop a war that began with the death of Santa Claus.
In a world where Holidays are real it's up to teenager Tegan Cassidy to stop a war that began with the death of Santa Claus.
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New Kickstarter: "Finish The Script!"

I've launched a new Kickstarter for a book called, "Finish The Script!" It's the college writing class that I teach squished into book form and I'm trying to raise the money to cover the cost of a profesional editor.

I teach a lot of artist and sequential arts majors so the book is designed to be picked up by anyone interested in writing, no matter what their previous skill level is. 

A large sample chapter from the book can be downloaded from it's Kickstarter page so if you are even slightly interested in writing make sure you check it out:

We Are A Staff Pick in Previews!

For those of you not in the comic biz, Diamond is the only comic book distributor and they are the ones that distribute your book to shops. Previews is Diamond’s catalog that store owners use to place their orders. That means that if “Holiday Wars” is showing up as a Staff Pick in February’s Previews it is a very good thing!

And on that note I want to send a huge thanks to every one of you who backed this project. Doing a webcomic is hard and doing a long form webcomic is even harder. I never thought "Holiday Wars" would be seen as legit enough by the regular market to make it into Previews, yet here we are and it wouldn't have happened with you.

I am humbled by those of you who believed in this book, thank you!

P.S. Here is the write-up in Previews:

All Books Are Out!

Books are shipped but I'll get to that in a minute...

We hit a major problem with the swag package. We paid a company for shirts. Got them in and discovered that after two washes the design was completely faded. So as a result we had to order shirts from somewhere else and we are still waiting to get them in. We may even end up scrapping that order because it's taking too long and order them from a third place.

I've felt sick to my stomach about not having sent out rewards because this should've been taken care of forever ago. So I ultimately I decided that all copies of the book need to be shipped. Then for those of you who are our higher backers I'll send a second package with the calendar and buttons once we get in the shirts.

So as of this morning everyone's copy of the book has been shipped! About half of the remaining books went out yesterday and the rest were mailed about fifteen minutes ago. That means depending on how close you live to Maryland you may even get the book before Christmas!

Thank you all for the support. "Holiday Wars" literally wouldn't have gone forward without you. We are now on Comixology & will be appearing in Diamond Previews in February with an official comicshop/bookstore release in April. I never imagined we'd actually get into Diamond, but we did and it's because of you all. Thank you thank you thank you!

Note: There are three or four people who never filled out their surveys to give me your mailing address. Please do that ASAP so I can send you your book!

P.S. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Books Have Shipped!

This weekend we packaged up and shipped out all the books for anyone who backed us at $25 and below, which is like 80% of you!

The post office was closed yesterday so I think today is the first day that the books are circulating. We sent them media mail and from what we can tell that means it should take 5 to 7 days to reach you guys.

For everyone else, Michael Odom said yesterday that on Thursday he is mailing the sketched-in copies back to me. So fingers crossed it won't be long before those will be sent out!

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Update & PDF Copy!

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