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A tool for creating high quality First Person Shooter Games on your PC. Easy to use with amazing end game results.

A tool for creating high quality First Person Shooter Games on your PC. Easy to use with amazing end game results. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on December 1, 2012.

About this project

FPS Creator Reloaded is a game development tool that will massively expand the features and abilities of our current product FPS Creator (FPSC).

Reloaded will feature high quality characters
Reloaded will feature high quality characters

FPSC is used by thousands of hobbyist and Indie game developers who enjoy making their own first person shooters. It's really easy to use and can generate very high quality gaming results.

Game levels are created in a top-down view world editor. Just simply paint rooms into the 3D world using special segments that describe what the walls, floor and ceilings look like. Then add characters, weapons and game objects and then build your game. FPSC then constructs the game and places you into it ready for battle -  it's that simple!

Here are some great games made by users of the original FPSC:

User Game: Orc adventure
User Game: Orc adventure
User Level Design
User Level Design
User Game: "Corporate Oppression"
User Game: "Corporate Oppression"
Deprivation: Direct Action
Deprivation: Direct Action
Into the Dark
Into the Dark
The Official FPSC Reloaded Facebook group
The Official FPSC Reloaded Facebook group
TGC Twitter account
TGC Twitter account

We are constantly amazed by the projects our community create with the original version of FPS Creator. By backing us on the RELOADED project we'll be able to bring the following enhancements to the engine, which in turn will mean you'll be able to create even more amazing games.

The team are super excited about taking up the reins and driving the engine forward so that more exciting games can be made. The possibilities of what you can create will expand massively when we're able to enhance the engine in this way.

Below is a list of new features that we and other FPS Creator users are keen to see developed. With your help and backing we can bring these features to life. The key areas we aim to advance include:

  • Terrain
  • Physics
  • Advanced AI
  • Weapon enhancements
  • Game play improvements
  • High quality characters
  • Advanced graphics engine 
  • HUDs improved
  • Game Runtime enhanced
  • Better Sound & Music
  • Six awesome Stretch Goals!
  • Terrain with infinite horizons 

Now you can take the fight outside with a built-in terrain system which places your interior creations among rolling hills and vicious drops. Easily craft the terrain from the editor; drawing multi-textured floor patterns to create effects like grass, sand, concrete and dirt. Paint paths running into the hills or sandy shores running into the crystal blue waters. When you reach the edge of your defined level, the terrain continues onward to create a horizon that places the player in a much larger visual universe.

  • Water integration
Enhance realism with water effects
Enhance realism with water effects

Add an optional water system and control it through the editor to create pools and lakes, allowing the player to interact with these bodies of water with full buoyancy and underwater controls. A special auto-texture mode can be applied to instantly paint the underwater scenes with sand, rock and shore to create ideal exterior scenes at the push of a button.

  • Exterior scenery
No terrain would be complete without ground vegetation, trees and rocky outcrops to make the outside more appealing to wayward travelers  A new set of art will be created to populate your outdoor worlds, whether they be set on a dusty plain or marooned on a distant planet scorched by solar winds.
Exterior levels will be enhanced with terrain and vegitation
Exterior levels will be enhanced with terrain and vegitation

  • Import Level Geometry

Load in compatible 3D objects and add them to the world as static entities. This feature is ideal for bringing in very large structures into your game level including suspension bridges, complex  buildings, huge underground cave systems and anything your imagination (and a good 3D modeler  can conceive.)  The imported 3D mesh can be light mapped with the rest of the scene and will integrate seamlessly with the game play environment.

  • World class physics engine with PhysX
World Class Physics Engine Update
World Class Physics Engine Update

The engine will use the newer PhysX physics engine; bringing triple A quality collision and physics to your game universe that runs best on multi-core systems and provides solid, reliable physics when you need it.

Improved AI
Improved AI

  • Improved BOT AI

Currently character AI relies heavily on custom scripts for complex behaviors.  The new system will place a drop-down of additional behaviors within the property panel of the character, adding everything from cowardly retreats to frenzied berserker attacks. This improved AI will make use of multi-core threading technology to maximize the use of your PC.

  • Random spawn locations

The random spawn feature will allow you to specify secondary spawn points around the level so the player must keep guessing where the next attack might come from.

This is also a great way to create non-linear game play by spawning game characters at random locations causing the player to seek them out. By keeping their location random, you create more adventure for the player.

  • Multiple character weapons

Present characters within the game can only carry a single weapon. They can optionally drop their weapon on death to be collected by the player. By allowing the character to hold as many weapons as the player, and allow that character to pick-up new weapons from the game scene, you will create a more dynamic opponent. In addition, when the enemy is defeated, he will drop a veritable cache of cool weaponry to continue your quest with.  This expands the possible fights you can encounter with bots.

In addition, the characters can use their new AI system to select the appropriate weapons mode if available for short, medium and long range attacks.

The weapon system will be enhanced
The weapon system will be enhanced
  • Left hand and dual wielding weapons

New options will allow the player to swap their weapon from right to left hand, and even assign a weapon for each hand. By using left and right mouse buttons to control these weapons, the player is capable of attacking different types of enemy target at the same time.

Weapons can be specified as left or right only, and combinations can be grouped through a more advanced weapons slot management system.

  • Weapon and Ammo Properties 

Currently stock weapons have a fixed number of attributes that can be changed from the editor. These settings will be expanded to include new properties such as modifiers for player movement and jumping, multiple zoom modes for scoped weapons, can shoot un-zoomed mode, whether the weapon has a laser sight and cone of light, maximum ammo capacity that can be carried, whether the weapon is left or right hand only.

Ammo can be assigned a group, and characters can specify damage modifiers based on the group of ammo they are hit with. We are also adding script commands to allow weapon properties to be changed in-game to allow weapons to be customized based on game events. Weapon models will contain specific limb names that scripts can detect and hide to allow parts of the weapon to be initially hidden and added back during the game.

  • Cartridge Ejection System  

A new shell cartridge system will use physics to create cartridge particles that realistically expel from the weapon and scatter around the floor as you fire.

  • Hold to zoom 

This feature will enable a new weapon zoom mode which requires the user to continually hold the right mouse to maintain the zoom posture. Further, the longer you hold the zoom, the more strain the player endures and the less accurate the shot becomes. Choosing to use this mode in your games will level the playing field and create a richer game experience.

  • Exotic Weapons

Your arsenal will be increased with more exotic weapons for you to customize and place around your game levels; including Sticky Flak which will not detonate on impact but attach to the object you fired at, even if that object was a character. The flak will then detonate in response to either a timer, proximity to another character or remotely detonated by the player or script. Another weapon is the Poison Dart which will introduce a slow acting poison to the character you hit, depleting their health reserves until they collapse on the floor. Characters will have an additional property to specify whether they are prone to poison damage as a percentage modifier. 

  • Shot Detection

All characters can be shot, but no character knows what they got shot with. A new parameter will be available in the script system to detect which weapon was used to hurt the character. This opens up the possibility for the character to react differently based on what you used. Throwing bananas at them might make them laugh, but throwing grenades will make them very angry!

  • Tracers & laser beams

The only way you know a bullet is anywhere near you is when you get hit by it. By adding tracers, you can feel bullets zip past your head and more importantly, know the direction they came from. With laser beams, the player has a whole new class of weapon to deal with, giving the target a serious jolt but gives away the opponent’s exact location.

  • Proximity flak (land mines)

We have old grenades and futuristic grenades, and even time delayed grenades, but what about grenades you can hide under boxes and grenades that go off when you get too close? How about grenades that go off when you cross a laser wire, or when you step off them?  You can have them all with proximity flak.

  • Allow character corpses to spawn an object at its location

When a character dies, the most they ever leave you is the weapon and ammo they tried to kill you with. What if they could also drop health packs, important keys, treasure, quest items and indeed, any object in your game? This feature will allow characters to drop multiple items from the entire game object library, allowing you to rifle through their entire inventory. To the victor the spoils!

  • Level jumping system that retains the levels last state

With this simple but effective feature, you can create non-linear story-lines and expansive worlds to explore. All game states are preserved between level hops, meaning the pile of bodies you left lying around will still be there when you get back from your hop to Mars.

  • Entity lights (light source attached to dynamic entities)

The traditional entity is a visual object to populate your game scene, but they cannot emit light. Marker entities can emit light but they have no visible object doing the emitting. By allowing these two entity types to be combined within the editor, not only can you create a single entity that can emit light, but the light will follow the entity as it moves. You can imagine adding light to a lantern that swings in the wind, or to a train charging along its rails, or part of some alien monster who lights up their next human meal. New script commands will be added so complex entities can control how the light behaves, making this a very flexible addition to the engine.

  • Barter system 

Interaction with current NPCs (non-player-characters) relies entirely on custom scripts to create interesting and useful characters, but not everyone is comfortable writing scripts. The barter system will automate the process of exchanging items with NPCs so you can create non-linear scenarios such as giving a coin to a guard to let you pass, or swapping a handful of gems in exchange for a better weapon.

We'll be providing six new high quality characters with Reloaded. They'll be produced by FPSC model king Mark Blosser aka "Bond1".

  • Akira - sister of Aiko, she's deadly with her assault rifle.
  • Colonel Z - a big muscled, military hard nut. 
  • The Slender - don't let him catch you out at night!
The slender - he'll make you jump!
The slender - he'll make you jump!
  • "Hero" - Hero by name, hero by nature. The perfect friend to have alongside you in a battle.
  • Grunt - big, hairy yet loyal. A futuristic meat head who will protect you in the many battles you fight.
  • "Willow" - sleek, fast and deadly. Willow is a highly trained ninja who'll jump out of the shadows and take you down in one melee attack!
  • Anti Aliasing in stand alone built games and tested games

The game engine will enable the anti-aliasing modes by default for improved rendering quality, removing the jagged edges along the edge of polygons which are most pronounced on lower resolution displays.

  • Enhanced fire effects

Games can now feature more realistic fire effects and fire can spread to other objects to cause damage and pain!

Enhanced fire visuals
Enhanced fire visuals
  • Improved fog effect

The present fog effect does not fade out all static and dynamic objects within the scene in a uniform way creating visual artifacts  By unifying the shaders used by all in-game objects, with a common fog system built into the shaders, the fogging effect will work across everything added to the scene.

  • Texture creation and rendering from user cameras 

At present the engine uses multi-camera rendering to handle internal effects such as post processing and depth of field. This technology will be extended to introduce a new entity and associated scripting commands to allow a camera to be arbitrarily placed in the scene, and what that camera sees channeled to a rendered quad elsewhere in your game. You can use this to create security cameras, portals into other worlds, clever reflection techniques and other visual effects limited only by your imagination. A set of script commands will be created to allow you to move, rotate and deactivate the cameras.

Render cameras onto in-game objects
Render cameras onto in-game objects
  • Enhanced explosion effects

The current explosions are heavily decal based and rely on a single textured plane that always faces the camera. This effect can sometimes look flat and unconvincing. The new explosion system will use multiple planes to create a sense of depth to the explosions. Additionally the explosions will last longer, have debris trails coming from them and have side effects such as camera percussion, secondary damage sites and chain reaction effects such as one exploding barrel setting off a time delayed second explosion.

  • Improved scene culling

Culling the game scene is a complex technique, designed to improve performance by avoiding unnecessary rendering. The current system can be tricked into rendering a large part of the game world where gaps exist within what is deemed the interior and exterior parts of the scene. Using new techniques, these islands will be further identified and excluded from the draw process allowing users to create more open environments without the cost of rendering an entire universe of polygons, and improving performance markedly.

  • Flash light support

You'll be able to create dark scenes that can be lit up by a flash light. Great for making creepy game levels.

  • Dynamic & immobile objects taken into account by the light mapper.

The current light mapper only acts on the static parts of the scene, which makes use of the scenes lighting to create illumination and shadow effects in your game. Unfortunately the light mapper ignores dynamic entities and objects in the scene as they have the potential to move and invalidate any light-mapping that may otherwise have been applied to them. This is most evident around doors and switches which need to be dynamic for animating, but are otherwise situated statically within the scene. The opportunity is to identify these types of object and light map them with the static scene, therefore making scenes that contain doors, windows, switches, animating machinery, trap doors, explodable walls and other ‘semi-dynamic’ elements look and feel like part of the lighted scene.

  • Directional Lighting

The new lighting model will introduce directional lights which allow you to specify the direction, cone and range of directed light, ideal for spot lights and torches all the way up to the sun itself to create time of day effects.

  • Cube mapping for entities

Only the HUD weapon can currently be textured with a cube map at present, a decision made when graphics cards considered the technique state of the art. These days cube maps are used for everything, and so cube mapping will be added to the entity system. This will allow such effects as super shiny metallic surfaces, reflections for all the glass in your world and some incredible shader tricks.

  • Double memory cap with decoupled Light mapping

The current system will attempt to build the world and then light map it with a single pass.This causes huge amounts of memory fragmentation which causes the level builder to run out of memory at around the 2GB mark. By decoupling the light mapping from the build process, larger levels containing more content can be created as a fresh virtual memory block will be allocated for the light mapper.

  • Larger Levels 

At present, levels are fixed at 40x40x20 grid squares which means the area in which you create levels can be limited if your game needs to represent a large open territory, or long fast sequence of action. The new level size will be increased to 200x200x100 making the area for level creation five times larger. Legacy support will load classic sized levels into the center of this area, allowing your levels to expand in every direction.  

  • Improved Memory System and Performance  

The current memory system allows a single level to use up to 1.8GB of virtual memory to build the various parts of the final level, and this process can take several minutes to complete. Additionally, the occlusion system that is tied to this build process can cause frame rate drops where scenery is not sufficiently culled from the rendered scene. The new system will replace this part of the build process with a simpler geometry importer and occlusion engine to reduce build times and memory footprint, whilst boosting occlusion performance in the final game level. The light mapper will also be decoupled from the build process.

  • Image HUDs for ammo & health
The present status bar system comprises of a few sets of standard HUD displays for presenting the number of lives, ammo left and optionally score and air. By default they all use numerics to display the count. This new feature will allow additional status bar graphics to be selected that use iconography to denote values, which will allow for slider bars, dials and image animation to portray the status of a particular attribute. Not only will this allow for a more unique visual for your finished game, but allow these templates to be customized to create entirely new visuals for your in-game HUD graphics.
  • HUD Cameras 

As part of the multiple camera system, cameras can also be attached to projectile flak that the player can fire such as rockets, spy bots and bomb bots. You can feed the output of these cameras to an on-screen HUD or to a texture within the weapon model itself.

  • HUD fade direction
Currently, when you are struck by a bullet or a fist, you know you’re hurt because your health goes down and you get a red mist in your eyes. Ouch! The problem is you don’t know where it came from, and if your enemy is a sniper five hundred meters away, or a small maggot sliding around the floor, or completely invisible, you don’t really know where to turn, or run.  By adding a directional marker to the HUD flash, and allowing you to customize what form this will take, your players will feel much more in control of their fate.
  • Improved memory consumption

The present engine consumes nearly all of the 2GB maximum allowed virtual memory allowance when building and to some degree loading the final game level. This is partly due to virtual memory fragmentation as large amounts of memory are allocated and de-allocated through the build process. This is done to define the maximum size your level can be before you have to create the rest of your content on a second level.

We can add a feature to better manage the fragmentation of the build and load processes, more content can be squeezed into an existing level which means a richer gaming experience.

  • Faster level loading & reloading

The current level loader is already optimized for loading textures as a single file block, and offloading lengthy processes to the build step so end user level loading is quick, but can it be quicker? This will further optimize first time loading by identifying the remaining bottlenecks and offloading computations to the build step. 

  • Windowed and Full Resolution mode
This feature will add the ability to run the game in a window of a specified size, or run the game at any desired full screen resolution. Running 3D games at full resolution is what the latest graphics cards are designed to do, and this feature will run your game on the big screen for the first time.
  • Built in media protection for built games

Protect your media assets such as textures, models, sound, music, video and scripts when you build your final standalone game. Protecting your game I.P. and copyright material is very important these days, and so a new optional feature will encrypt all media built for standalone distribution.

  • Environment sounds will fade in and out

The humming sound of a generator or the on-coming steps of a ten foot troll will gradually fade in as you or it approaches your location.

  • All new character sounds for male & female

A wide selection of character voices can be chosen for your hero characters so you can make your game as distinctive as possible.

  • Dynamic music clips

In-game dramatic music clips can be trigger off as you approach a key point in your game. Raising the hairs on a player's back as you unleash more challenges for them to fight.

The Game Creators Website
The Game Creators Website

We're a dedicated team of game developers who just love to create easy-to-use game creation tools. At the same time we want the tools to stay flexible enough to allow you to create all sorts of games.

The founders of the business have been coding games since the 1980s and have run TGC since 1999. We've created many game making tools and partnered and worked with some of the top names in the industry (Intel, nVidia, Microsoft, Lego).

We know how to develop software and we'll stick at it until it's done, and done well! With FPS Creator Reloaded we feel there's a great opportunity to build something amazing, we hope you'll trust us to do so.

We will develop the features below following a successful funding of these stretch goals. Development of these features will take us longer but they are guaranteed to be developed if funding is successful. 

  • Inventory system

Presently, you can only pick up a single item and visually carry it around the scene. Keys and collectibles are ‘absorbed’ into the player and there is no way to manage the items you are carrying in this way. A new inventory panel will show all the items being carried, allowing the player to drop, swap and use them in the game.

  • Particle weapons.
Flame thrower weapons. We'll provide the mechanics for these types of weapons to work and we'll create two amazing flame throwers that you can use instantly in your games.
  • Improved AI Sound Detection 

Currently characters and entities can only detect that a sound has been made. Additional commands will allow scripts to detect if the sound was a gun shot or explosion, and ignore incidental sounds like footsteps and closing doors. 

  • Tree system

The terrain system above will provide some basic tree assets to populate your static scene, but what about a dynamic tree that bends in the wind, rustles its leaves and casts an authentic shadow? Now imagine this tree has built-in level of detail and can randomize its shape so no two trees are the same, and then imagine ten thousand of them in your forest adventure!

  • Reflection and refraction support for entities

Currently only water can reflect and refract the world around it, but what if you could extend this capability. Create mirrors, distorted glass, shiny metal and heat waves by simply dropping in an entity with the appropriate effect.

  • Built in entity maker

Construct compound entities from simpler forms, using physics to link the modules together to create infinite variations. Every entity in your library becomes a component within your grand design.

  • Game Icon Editor

Simply select an image from your local computer and the editor will do the rest. Your standalone games will use your own icon throughout.

  • Cloth & Water Physics

Additional physics effects will be applied to certain characters and entities within the asset library to have an optional cloak, hair and other visuals. The cloth can be indestructible or tear-able and set from within the entities properties panel. Water physics will replace the current simple buoyancy system with the ability to allow boats and other objects to rest on the surface of the water, and for large entity bodies to respond correctly to collisions and gravity in a water environment.

  • Roads and path painting

Painting a texture on a terrain surface can approximate a road, but the edges will simply blend into the plain. Real roads are created from additional geometry and include pavements, edging and fencing to create a truly authentic highway. The element can be customized to such a degree that you can create anything from regular Earthling roads to crazy alien space lanes.

  • Drive-able vehicles.

Jump in and drive a selection of ground vehicles. Customize and populate your world with them too. Anything from bikes, cars, jeeps, tanks to diggers. Simply run up to them, jump in and drive away into the sunset.

  • Realistic 3D Audio

A true 3D sound system. When a sound is triggered, it must traverse the 3D geometry of the scene before it reaches the player's ear. 

  • Flak in multi-player

Plant mines, throw proximity grenades in your death match games.

  • Entities in multi-player

This feature will bring all the functionality of the single player entity system into the multi-player world.

  • Capture the flag game

The classic multi-player game mode.

  • AI/Bots in multi-player

Bring the full force of the AI system into the multi-player world and compete against computer controlled targets.

  • Allies in single player games

A new allies behavior for characters will allow players to build a single player team within the game, fighting even greater odds and using flank techniques to overcome enemy positions.

  • Third person support.

Full third person support for your game character. Including a new set of  characters offering additional third person animations such as rolling, crawling, hand to hand combat and climbing.

Even if you can't contribute financially, please support us by sharing with Jamplify and you can win some awesome rewards:

Risks and challenges

The main areas of concern include the complete replacement of the old ODE physics for the world class PhysX system. We have had previous experience with PhysX so this should all be manageable.

Extending the sizes of game levels could create interesting side effects that we can’t envisage right now. Ensuring older game levels work with new ones will be a major focus for us. Bedding this down might take longer than expected.

The planned 3D occlusion system which decides what to draw at the right time is currently a grey area for us. We will aim to tackle this and the other more challenging issues early on in the development process.

The team have developed and shipped many products over their extensive time in the games industry and they are 100% committed to the project, in fact the lead developer is the key founder and owner of the business, so you can be sure we'll develop the title and get the job done.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • We are extending the point light system to include directional spot lights, and exposing this with a new torch entity and a directional light entity for scene lighting. Although not in the official list of features, we will be looking at adding real-time shadows to dynamic characters and entities on a flag to keep performance high. The shadow would be cast from the strongest light in the scene relative to the object casting the shadow. We've not decided whether geometric or texture shadow technique will be used.

    Last updated:
  • You can create custom shaders and characters with the current version. In Reloaded, we'll be integrating shaders fully into the default experience, meaning we will provide base template shaders so you can modify existing scripts. Much better than writing your own lighting, fogging, effect stuff from scratch!

    Last updated:
  • Yes, all assets such as entities, segments and levels will work in the new Reloaded version.

    Last updated:
  • Unfortunately not, FPSC Reloaded is PC and Windows only.

    Last updated:
  • The integration of water into the terrain shall be achieved by extending the current water plane to the very edges of the world, much like a water table for the level. Terrain and buildings that intersect that plane will be underwater. There are no plans to add water flow or meta-ball style water physics in the first version, though you can affect the water level in real-time using scripts. This would allow a switch to be thrown and the water to rise / lower to affect the level game play, i.e. reaching a higher place or discovering an underwater treasure room. You can also use scripts to affect objects using trigger zones, so placing a trigger zone over a stream would move all the objects within that zone down-river, creating the impression of water force.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, and one of our research steps is to investigate whether we can eliminate the build step altogether, and generate the elements of the game as the level is being painted by you. The upshot is that when you are ready to test your game, you simply fall into the map and start walking around, no build dialog, no waiting.

    Last updated:
  • Not at all. With a new occlusion system there is no need for us to depend on portals, which means you can import geometry of any shape and size into the level, rotate, scale and position them anywhere you like. With the new terrain system, you can push and pull the shape of the floor, whether you are inside or outside. It will be perfectly possible to create a level without a single 90-degree angle in sight!

    Last updated:
  • In the original the characters simply charged and strafed towards you, then fired. Not exactly difficult to outwit! The new AI will perform a scan of the geometric landscape and allow characters to plot a path to your exact location. They will have the ability to detect obstacles to hide behind, and use markers you place in the level to locate ideal vantage points. The player can conscript allies, and the script system allows characters to change allegiance as you see fit. With every character able to use multiple weapons and flank their enemy, you may need a few allies by your side to get through a level in one piece!

    Last updated:
  • The original legacy assets will be relegated in the library for full backwards compatibility with original levels, but we will be creating a new set of library assets that make use of the new shader visuals employed by Reloaded. We may include a few choice models from model packs that exploit great shaders, and maybe even a few assets from our shader based X10 product.

    Last updated:
  • DRM need not apply, they ruin the experience of genuine users. We will be using the same simple serial code system used in the original product. Enter your code once when you install the product, and it's yours for life. When you are ready for a change, trade it in or sell on eBay. Or keep the product and sell the great games you make, it's entirely up to you.

    Last updated:
  • Many users have expressed an intent to wait to see how high the funding goes before they pledge. Unfortunately this means no one will pledge in time and the project will stall. When you pledge, no money is taken from you whatsoever. Money is only taken from your account if, and only if, the entire amount is achieved and the project is a go. If you want to see this project a reality, you must pledge, and pledge right now, or it simply will not happen.

    Last updated:
  • The current plan is to have shadows cast from characters, and optional shadows cast from dynamic entities. Static shadows will provide the rest of the lighting. This is for performance reasons. I will be experimenting with a shader to provide full dynamic lighting and shadows, but I suspect the changes required to the engine and the performance hit for lower end machines might be too great, but graphics cards have come along way since the original FPSC so there may be enough power to do this.

    Last updated:
  • We will add Sun Ray feature into the default shader system so outside scenes revealing the sun will cast a ray through the eye of the player, and if that ray is not obstructed, a corona is created from the sun's location. This feature will be built into the existing bloom shader effect so you get both effects in your game.

    Last updated:
  • Reloaded is designed to run only on Windows.

    Last updated:

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    Immortal Package! All previous rewards plus the chance to describe a character and weapon that will be created and added to the game asset library, with priority listing in the Immortal credits role. You'll receive an FPS Creator Reloaded 'Immortal' Polo Shirt.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge £5,000 About $8,008 USD

    God like Package! All previous rewards plus the chance to describe a character, a weapon and a whole theme of 20 graphic entities of your choice that will be created and added to the game asset library, with priority listing in the God like credits role. You'll receive an FPS Creator Reloaded 'God Like' Polo Shirt.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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