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Carnage Live! is a top down, multi-player, limb ripping, combat game show.

Carnage Live! is a top down, multi-player, limb ripping, combat game show. Read more
pledged of £40,000 goal

About this project

I’ll tell you what’s on TV! It’s Carnage Live! A relentless disembowelment party, where hordes of clone warriors do battle to provide us with sadistic evening entertainment. Weapons, gun emplacements, death traps and power-ups wait for you in our dark and sinister arenas. With many different game styles, surprises jump out from every corner … and strangle you to death! How will you die tonight?


Prototype available for download!

We've made the proof of concept demo available for download to help you get a feel for what the game will be like.

Download it here: Carnage Prototype Demo

Just remember, this prototype is lacking all the things that will make Carnage Live epic: great graphics, multiplayer, height (this demo is essentially 2D), booby traps, power-ups and loads more. So if you enjoy playing this little game, imagine how cool the actual game will be!

Alright, here’s what it’s all about in lovely simple bullet points …

  • A modern day take on classic arcade shooters like Super Smash TV, multiplied by a number with lots of zeros. Let’s say x100. Yeah!
  • Top down arcade game play action with ‘Death Cam’ slow motion close-ups 
  • 16 player multiplayer madness, or single player league, tournament and story modes. 
  • Loads of horrific weapons from mini guns to grenade launchers, chainsaws and flamethrowers! 
  • Arena death traps like crushing spike walls, groin slicing death blades, toxic waste pits and more, triggered by pressure platforms, laser trip wires and other cunning methods. 
  • Insane power-ups, including holograms, translocation, night vision and even become the Reaper himself (sort of). 
  • Loads of game modes including special Enforcer and Ninja Assassin modes. 
  • Easy to use arena builder for endless battle ground variety. Truly unlimited levels! 
  • Brilliant in-game commentary from everyone’s favorite arena veteran Randy McBane. 
  • Awesome crowd atmospherics (they’ll even throw petrol bombs at you!) 
  • Pump the crowd with crazy special moves like drop kicking heads, waving severed arms and doing highly inappropriate victory dances. Oh yeah!

Carnage Live is born from the desire for honest old skool gameplay enjoyment. Remember the frantic action of those old era shooters and the relentless slaughter-fest of games like Unreal Tournament? Remember how you were glued to the screen, palms sweating, racking up multi-kills in a moment of crazed skill, all the while hanging on in there with only 5% health remaining? Well take that mental pace, add in a bucket of gore, loads more weapons, put it in a game show environment, and you have what we believe will be epic playability.

Single player games take the form of tournaments or leagues against AI bots. With many different game modes with corresponding leagues and trophies to be won, expect to put in some serious hours to win them all. If we get enough funding we’ll also add in a story mode which will take you on a journey through the Carnage Live! underworld.

The game show with lots of bang! (and guts)
The game show with lots of bang! (and guts)

You take control of a horde of clone warriors, controlling one at a time and fighting against rival teams. When one of your clones dies you ‘re-spawn’ and another clone comes up from the ground in an Entrance Pod before charging back into the fray. You fight with a large variety of weapons, set off booby traps, control gun emplacements and use power-ups to kill in ever more creative ways, trying to secure victory in the arena.

In death match style games you’re a one man army, killing everything that moves at a ferocious pace. In cooperative based modes like Capture the Flag, Base Assault or Ninja Assassins, teamwork is key. Tactics like covering fire, flanking, and flushing will make for a rewarding team based experience. Or just charge in. It’s up to you!

The winner of each battle is the player or team with the most points. Points are scored in different ways. There are always points for mass slaughter, but pleasing the crowd also plays a part. Decapitating someone with a sword will earn you big points, but picking up the severed head and kicking it into the crowd will give you a mega bonus. Taking someone down with a grenade is going to score well too, but a chest shot that blows every limb off the torso will earn you a splatter bonus. Basically, MAKE A MESS! Different game modes will also offer their own objectives and points in true game show style.

As you’re fighting tooth and nail, the atmospherics will pump the game beyond any other shooter you’ve played. The crowd oohhs, booos, and ahhhs as you meat out pain. They even contribute by throwing the odd beer bottle, brick, or even petrol bomb! And all the while our commentator lets you know about your every success and failure with smart ass comments. It really brings things to a new level.

You’re backing a small team of independent game developers based in the south of England. We have partnered up with The Game Creators Ltd because we share the same vision for Carnage Live and share the passion for it’s potential. Together we have over 10 years of experience in creating game development tool kits and developing games, so we have all the expert knowledge required to get the job done. 

We obviously want to cram Carnage Live with as much coolness as we possibly can, but we’re also realistic. With the money we’re trying to raise we've budgeted to deliver a great game with excellent core contents, but for every stretch goal tier we reach we’ll have the finances to guarantee extra awesomeness.

If we only receive the full funding amount we won’t just stop at the list laid out below. We still promise to try and add as much as possible. We’re too excited about all the other features to just call it a day! We just want you to know exactly what we can guarantee with the budgets we’ve outlined below so you’re not disappointed.  

If we receive full funding of £40k, you can expect the following core components:

  • Single player tournament mode - Fight your way through a selection of knock-out tournaments to achieve total victory in the arena
  • Multiplayer - Fight against or with your friends in online/LAN multiplayer for up to 16 players
  • Basic Kill Celebration System - The core of special moves to celebrate kills and gain bonus points
  • The level editor to allow easy creation of levels using all the components below.
  • Full arena atmospherics and commentator.

Game show themes:

  • Death match
  • Team Death match
  • Capture the Flag - The traditional flag grab and return to base game mode
  • Base Assault - One team defends a device in their base while the other team is on a mission to destroy it. Time critical, tooth and nail fighting


  • Pistol (dual wield) - .45 caliber death dealers.
  • Machine Pistol (dual wield) - Gangster style spray and pray.
  • Assault Rifle - An accurate widow maker that packs a punch.
  • Minigun - The ultimate bullet based weapon. Lead based insanity!
  • Sawn Off Shotgun (dual wield) - The quintessential mess maker.
  • Flamethrower - Fire making, rib roasting terror.
  • Grenade Launcher - A true skill weapon with lots of possibilities
  • Rocket Launcher - When you want to guarantee a clone is dead
  • Stake Gun - Massive wooden stakes cause one hit kills
  • Shrapnel Canon - Fire shards of metal like a shotgun on steroids
  • Chainsaw - The ultimate melee horror weapon
Death traps:   
Dissolve your enemy in the toxic waste trap!
Dissolve your enemy in the toxic waste trap!
  • Crusher - Walls move in slowly and crush anyone trapped inside. If you run fast you can make it through, but try not to trip over!
  • Groin Slicer - A blade that comes up through the floor and slices along at groin height. Ooooo nasty!
  • Toxic Pit - Trap doors drop away plunging clones into the burning toxic waste below.
  • Pusher - Simply a pushing wall, but placed near a big drop it could seriously ignite your fear of heights.
  • Dynamic Door - Not a death trap as such but an impregnable door that can be opened and closed via a trigger to control access to other areas of the arena. Useful for cunning level design.

Death trap triggers: 

  • Laser trip - Breaking the laser beam activates the trap.
  • Pressure pad - Running over this pad sets the trap off.
  • Proximity sensor - Getting within a set range of this will activate the trap.
  • Timed trigger - The trap will go off at set intervals.

Gun Emplacements: 

  • Machine Cannon - 50 cal rotating madness to tear limbs off your enemies.  


  • Combat Shield - A tough metal shield, compatible with some weapons, which allows you to shoot through a hole and deflect projectiles back at your enemies.
  • Athlete - Turbo speed and jumping ability!
  • Double Damage - Meat out twice as much damage for a short period of time.
  • Invisibility - Predator style invisibility. Works best when you stay still.
  • Translocation - Jump forward through space by a set distance to traverse barriers. Careful you don’t reappear inside a wall though!
  • Carnage - A true berserker mode. Increased rate of fire, double damage, health boost and faster speed. 
  • Bonus - Point scoring is doubled for a period of time. Get killing!
If we reach our £50k stretch goal target we’ll add:

  • Single player league mode - Fight in a multitude of battles over a league season to become the highest rated Carnage Live team on TV.
Additional game show themes:

  • The Enforcer - One man vs everyone else. Play as a hardcore cop like figure with perks like strength, speed and accuracy. Or play as one of the thugs, teaming up with (or backstabbing!)  the others to bring the Enforcer down. When a thug kills the Enforcer, he spawns as the Enforcer and gets his chance to earn big points.

Additional weapons: 

  • SMG (dual wield) - Rapid fire death.
  • Pump-Action Shotgun - There nothing like a good click-click-BOOM.
  • Shurikens - A skill weapon with a high humiliation factor.
  • Crossbow - If it was good enough for medieval slaughterers, it’s good enough for us.
  • Hand Grenades - Practical room clearance at your fingertips
Additional death traps:

  • Inferno Chamber - The biggest oven you've ever seen. When the doors close, you’re toast!
  • Spike Pad - No frills impalement from below for anyone on it when it’s activated.

Additional triggers: 

  • Remote Activated - Pick up a remote control and activate the corresponding death trap at will. True power over a deadly part of the arena. 
Additional power-ups: 
  • Reaper - Become a burning Reaper, because we love the irony. The ultimate invulnerability power-up. Watch everyone flee in fear as you chase after them swinging your undead scythe of reaping! 
  • Hologram - Total Recall style hologram clone. Activate and take control of a hologram, distracting everyone as you run through walls and bullets pass through you. Just make sure nobody finds your real self while you’re busy humiliating your enemies!
  • Homing Missile - Pick-up one big bad missile that homes in on your target. Use it wisely!
  • Deflector Shield - An energy shield surrounds you, deflecting all projectile based weapons.

Additional gun emplacements:  

  • Rocket Launcher Turret - Who said a rocket was overkill for taking out a clone? How about 4 rockets fired at the same time, huh? How’d you like dem apples? 
Staying alive is a full time job in Carnage Live!
Staying alive is a full time job in Carnage Live!
If we reach our £60k stretch goal target we’ll add:
  • Advanced celebration system - All the really depraved stuff we've got planned for the bonus point system, like drop kicking heads into the grandstand or waving at the crowd with a severed arm.

Additional game show theme:

  • Ninja Assassins - Set in a dark arena, one team plays as Ninjas equipped with katanas, shurikens and crossbows, with the ability to see in the dark (gotta love those carrots). The other team play as soldiers, tooled up with heavy weapons but restricted to flashlights. A claustrophobic battle between brawn and cunning.

Additional weapons: 

  • 50 cal MG - Leave no limb attached, and no ear drum un-burst. 
  • Automatic shotgun (dual wield) - AA12 style kaboom kaboom kaboom kaboom “oh, look at the mess I've made!” action.
  • Katana (dual wield) - Rapid Samurai death.
  • Rail gun - An old favorite. The projectile won’t stop until it hits something solid!

Additional death traps: 

  • Micro waver - Heat up as you cross the deadly radioactive plates. If you don’t get across in time …. Kaboom! Splat! You get the picture.

Additional power-ups:  

  • Lights Out - A top level power-up that plunges everyone into darkness, but leaves the power-up activator with night vision goggles! Afraid of the dark?
  • Ninja - Ultimate stealth power-up. When you move into low light areas and hide in corners you become completely invisible.

 Additional gun emplacements: 

  • Flame Thrower Turret - A long range BBQ for people who like their enemies well done.
Flat packed enemies!
Flat packed enemies!

If we reach our £70k + stretch goal target we’ll add:

  • Single player story mode! We have a back story we’d love to bring to life. This would include cut scenes to tell the story; new characters, bosses and voice actors; new levels with specific game show objectives; and then a shocking conclusion. This will take some doing though, so this is why it’s in a stretch goal..

Additional weapons: 

    • Toxic waste gun - Douse players or cover the floor with toxic green death and burn anyone running through.
    • Laser trip mines - Stick them to walls to create booby traps or defend your base.
    • Proximity mines - Place them down, wait for the priming beeps to stop, then stay away!

Additional power-ups: 

    • Mechanoid - This power-up turns you into a bullet proof mechanoid robot with devastating heavy weapons. A beast of a power-up!
    • Sentry Gun - An automated gun turret which targets your enemies. Great for base assault defense and capture the flag game modes.

Additional gun emplacements: 

    • Shock wave turret - Charge it up and unleash shockwave hell, atomizing anyone in front of you in a cloud of electrostatic gore.

Additional functionality may extend the development time, but it’ll be worth it!

So let us finish by saying thanks very much for checking out our project and helping us get this game made. We love making games and Carnage Live is a project we've wanted to build for so long. It simply won’t get built without funding, so any contribution is appreciated and we can’t wait to get fragging. Cheers! 

Grim Reaper loves to play too!
Grim Reaper loves to play too!

Risks and challenges

We’re confident we have the expertise required to deliver a top notch game. However there are always difficult challenges in game development. Due to the complexity of the physics, power-ups and other elements in Carnage Live, a smooth 16 player network environment represents one of the toughest coding challenges. For this reason we’ll be tackling the multiplayer component first, ensuring all kinks are ironed out by the time of release.

Additionally, we have a massive list of features we want to see in the game. It’d be easy for us to promise them all and then fail to deliver, but we WON’T do that. To negate the risk of running out of funds, we've broken the features down into deliverables and stretch goals which you can see above.

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  • The planned game modes so far are Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, Base Assault, Ninja Warriors and Enforcer. With the exception of DM and Enforcer, they're all coop modes in some fashion. Team DM, CTF, Base Assault and Ninja Warriors will all reward a team that works together, so a team strategy will work in those modes. The cool thing about the top down view is it's easier to coordinate with each other and move as a unit as you can see your whole team on screen.

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