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AGK is an easy to use cross platform game dev engine. Supporting OUYA, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Blackberry.
AGK is an easy to use cross platform game dev engine. Supporting OUYA, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Blackberry.
AGK is an easy to use cross platform game dev engine. Supporting OUYA, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Blackberry.
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AppGameKit Development RoadMap 2017


We have published our development plans for AppGameKit. You can read the details over on TheGameCreators main website.

All the features added to the core product will be free updates to AppGameKit.



AppGameKit Version 2017.02.28 Released!

This new version of AppGameKit brings many fixes and updates. We have also changed to a new, more automated build system for creating versions.

What's new?

  • New Tone Mapping demo
  • Support for IPv6 standardNew MaximizeWindow commands
  • New GetGameCenterPlayerID and GetGameCenterPlayerDisplayName commands

For a run down of the additions and fixes visit TheGameCreators Website HERE

AppGameKit 2017 Survey!

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We're running a new survey to find out what the AppGameKit community want to see added to the product. Even if you don't yet own AppGameKit we'd still like to hear from you.

If you have a few minutes spare please submit your feedback, just click this link;  

AppGameKit Survey

The responses will be analysed and help us plan the future updates to AppGameKit.

Thank you in advance of your response!  

The AppGameKit Team

AppGameKit Version 2017.01.09 Released!

From this point forward we're using a new versioning number system for AppGameKit based on the date of release. This maintenance build brings you these vital fixes and additions. Thanks for the feedback which helped us stabalise AppGameKit.

First here are some extra commands;

  • Added a new "GetImageMemoryUsage" command to return the amount of GPU memory currently being used to store images
  • Added "SetPrintFont" to use fonts loaded with LoadFont with the Print command
  • Added "SetEditBoxFont" to use fonts loaded with LoadFont with edit boxes 

The fixes and tweaks are;

  • Fixed LoadFont failing in exported Android apps
  • Fixed FindStringCount causing an infinite loop if the second parameter was an empty string
  • Fixed Android export not working when a Firebase config file is used
  • Fixed Unicode characters in file paths not working properly on Windows 
  • Fixed local arrays in functions not setting their default value if given
  • Fixed GameCenter commands sometimes failing to login on Android
  • Fixed TrueType fonts becoming corrupt when the app is minimised on some Android devices
  • Fixed SetWindowSize with the fullscreen parameter set to 1 on Windows not creating a proper fullscreen window
  • SetWindowSize with the fullscreen parameter set to 1 now works on Linux
  • Fixed SetObjectMeshFromMemblock sometimes corrupting the vertices of another object
  • Fixed a crash when trying to export an APK in the Mac version
  • Fixed GetFacebookFriends on iOS appending to the friends list each time it was called instead of clearing the list first

AppGameKit Steam reviews

If you like AppGameKit you can help us by reviewing the product on Steam via this link;

Reviews really help us with ranking and also provide us with honest feedback in a compact form which acts as a lasting reminder of where our products are, and where they can go in the future with your help. In return for your review we can award you with a TGC forum badge.

Read more here; We hope you can post a review!

Help, Tutorials and Examples

We'll be improving all these areas of AppGameKit over the coming weeks and months. We aim guide new users into AppGameKit with a host of new educational materials, so watch out for these as they come online.


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Hi AppGameKit Backers,

We have a new project on Kickstarter that you might like to take a look at and possibly back.

MyWorld Kickstarter Page



The Game Creators today launched their Kickstarter campaign for MyWorld, a unique multiplayer sandbox world where game makers and game players can create, share and play games.

MyWorld launches with RPG as it central genre, with Racing and Sci-Fi genres next in line. With great game play, a mix of game genres and the ability to mash things up, the possibilities are endless in the MyWorld multi-game construction kit.  

At the heart of MyWorld is the ability to link worlds together, construct multiple level games and adventure through them with friends. Via ‘portals’ game makers and game players can cross over into worlds created by other users and play the games they've made to be discovered. Any game level can be linked to any other level and can be easily chained together to create a unique experience.  

Lee Bamber, CEO of The Game Creators said today, “Our vision was to create the World of Worlds, a universe populated by games created by MyWorld users; where you can take any world and make it your own, and with the easy to use controls build exciting new experiences to play and share with friends. On release there will be 10 games to play through and as the community starts to produce and share their own creations many more will come online.”  

MyWorld is built in Unity and uses the industry renowned Photon Multiplayer technology to create multiplayer sessions between players. This tech is at the centre of MyWorld and ensures users can meet up to create, play and share their MyWorld games.  

Rick Vanner, Development Director of The Game Creators, said, “We have self-funded the project to date and already developed the main core game engine for MyWorld, and we have many of the game construction elements in place and working. This Kickstarter will allow us to add more resource to our development and take it to a whole new level. We are releasing on Steam in September 2017, with a mobile version available shortly after.”