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Pre-order the new album from Thousand Foot Krutch now!
Pre-order the new album from Thousand Foot Krutch now!
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Kickstarter Packages - Ship Date Approaching!

Hello TFK Army!

Thank you all again for your incredible support for the band during this entire process - we're so excited to finally be able to share this music with you all (pre-orders available on iTunes, Amazon and more now, in case you missed your chance with Kickstarter)!

We'd also like to remind everyone to complete the Kickstarter survey to provide us the necessary information to fulfill your packages. This was an informal survey you should have received by email over the last month - if you have NOT received this survey, please contact us directly at, and we'll make sure everything is taken care of. 

Packages will be sent out on Friday of this week and the following Tuesday - if you don't receive your package, or if you have any issues, we are available via email to sort through any questions or issues you may have.

Again, thank you all for your love, support, and we can't wait to see you all out on the road this year!

Warmest Regards,


P.S. One final clarification - if you ordered a DIGITAL album package, you will receive your access codes on Tuesday, April 10th, and there is NO survey to complete. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      M Eby on

      I never received my access code!!!!!!

    2. Corey Geikie on

      I just sent a message to Mendy containing a message and all previous messages with "Mr. Ignore Everyone" Adam. Lets see if she replys. I will post here when she does. :| [FRUSTRATED!!!]

    3. Corey Geikie on


    4. Corey Geikie on

      I just sent a message to Mendy containing a message and all previous messages with "Mr. Ignore Everyone" Adam. Lets see if she replys. I will post here when she does. :|

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike Rogers on

      I believe I got the survey a long time ago. It's the one that asked me what shirt size? I haven't received anything but the digital download email. I paid $50, wasn't I supposed to get a physical copy of the cd a week ago? No biggie, just want to make sure its still coming :/

    6. Missing avatar

      Marc Webb on

      Hey just wanted to let you know that I have not received my package yet. I supported you with the 60 dollar bundle. I filled out the survey a couple of weeks ago. I hope I can get my package soon!

    7. TFK Creator on

      If you have not gotten the digital download yet, email for support.

      All packages have been mailed, please wait until next week to see if the product arrives, if it does not arrive by Tuesday next week, please contact us.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on

      I still have yet to receive an email with any survey in it. I have sent multiple responses to the e-mail as requested, and I'm getting a little frustrated with this whole process. I know with as many supporters as you all have there is bound to be a whole lot of work entailed. All the same, it's frustrating that everyone else is receiving their packages and I'm still waiting on a response e-mail to work out kinks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Carl Vonck on

      I completed the survey at the start of March. I am also still waiting for my cd and other items

    10. Emily Wolfe on

      I didn't get my CD today :( I just now saw the survey and did it-- could that be why?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeff Singer on

      When will I get a email to confirm that my package has shipped and will receive tracking info?
      I already did the survery for my package back in early March.
      Any help is appreciated.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jamy on

      What if you didn't get the email with the album yet? O.o

    13. TFK Creator on

      All Kickstarter supporters should have emails that allow you to download the entire album now - the people who pre-order will not get it until April 17th.

    14. Matt Boisvert on

      @The Brady Report look at it this way, when preordering on iTunes you only get "Let The Sparks Fly" right away, but we as Kickstarter supporters have already received early downloads of "The End Is Where We Begin" and "Courtesy Call" and we also get the entire album early. That sounds pretty fair to me.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick Barnhouse on

      Can't wait to see what the shirt, bracelet, and poster look like! I wonder if they included extra album artwork inside of the booklet like how they did with Welcome to the Masquerade. :)

    16. The Brady Report on

      I'm glad for the update but still disappointed in this whole process. I got my "fan" email today from the TFK website stating that if I pre-purchase from iTunes I would get a song immediately - one we don't have as KS supporters...

      Guys, hire a marketing/pr person that knows how to manage customer service.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephen Ramsey on

      @morgan, thanks point made, I see i just had a brain fart

    18. Missing avatar

      Morgan Schmidt on

      Caleb: The release date is the 17th, not the 10th, so getting the digital album on the 10th is still getting it early. Nathan: No where did it say that the digital album would come before the physical (it wasn't said that 'early' was different or earlier than 'one week before').

    19. Missing avatar

      Nathan Rogers on

      I'm upset that I paid $20 for a digital copy and a physical copy and I'm getting them both at the same time. Getting the physical copy defeats the purpose of getting the digital copy too.

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Ramsey on

      it says "early digital album" but this update says that we will get it on the 10th? that dose not make sence I paid for an early digital album not release date digital ablum.. please clarify that!

    21. Missing avatar

      Manuel on

      So you are sending the international orders out on friday too? So we probably didnt get our physical copy one week before?

    22. Missing avatar

      chris lerner on

      I too was wondering about the digital copy and how it will be delivered.

    23. Missing avatar

      NicolasM-B on

      i guess the digital copy will be sent via kickstarter or something like that yes?

    24. Missing avatar

      Christina Cooper on

      Yay! So excited! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    26. Nathanael Catherman on

      I was just wondering how we get our digital copy of the album from, tfk ?