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Pre-order the new album from Thousand Foot Krutch now!
Pre-order the new album from Thousand Foot Krutch now!
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2,681 backers pledged $105,294 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you and a few updates!!!

Thank You!!

We wanted to extend a very big thank you to all of you who chose to support us in this unique campaign.  We are amazed and grateful for your excitement and support!  With your overwhelming support we are able to move ahead quickly on the set up and release of "The End Is Where We Begin" !  Thank you!! 

Also, we wanted to address a few questions we have been receiving.  See below for those:

1.    Amazon will be processing your pledges/payments.  That should happen within the next 14 days.  So don't worry if you don't see any activity just yet.  It will happen.

2.    We are unable to process more pledges as much as we would like to.  But the album will be out in late March!

3.    We are working on getting the two songs to everyone who supported those packages by the 7th via email!  Can't wait to share!

All for now!  More later!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Len Cairns on

      I am also waiting for my digital album but remember "Estimated Delivery: Mar 2012". That does not mean Mar 1 as opposed to Mar 31. They have the whole month for this and don't forget that this was an estimate.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordan Gerber on

      The early digital album hasn't been released yet. The only things released are the 2 songs via a kickstarter message.

    3. James M Carrillo on

      I have no digital album, no tickets to the show I requested, no reply from about the names to be included on the album. I have emailed so many times with zero replies.

    4. Travis Lammiman on

      I'm wondering the same as Jennifer. I got the 2 songs, but no early digital album. Did we miss something?

    5. Jared Bennett on

      never mind. they were in a message here on kickstarter.

    6. Jared Bennett on

      I did not receive the 2 songs via email either

    7. Jennifer Voorhees on

      I got the "Early digital album + 2 songs before 1/7/2012" pledge, but never received anything.

    8. Wes Robertson on

      Is it possible to change the pledge reward? I don't think that the physical album for $10 was an option when I selected the digital one

    9. Paul Fountaine on

      I am another that did not receive the Jan 7 2 song email.

    10. John McMahon on

      Never got my 2 songs... any way to have them resent?

    11. Douglas Harding on

      Should have been sent to your email. They are great songs! Hopefully you will get them soon

    12. Missing avatar

      lisa reynolds on

      I haven't gotten mine either...hmmm

    13. Noah Jasper Bemont on

      I haven't gotten the two songs :(

    14. Mitchell Felce on

      When will TFK take are pledge money?

    15. Olivia Hampton on

      TFK, those 2 new songs rock the soul...the lyrics are amazing and the instrumentals have that TFK special touch...its phenomenal! :) I'm so happy to be a part of this!

    16. Lauren H. on

      I'm listening to your new songs now and I love them:) can't wait for the rest of the album!
      Rawk On