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LUMI is the world’s first sleep mask that not only blocks light, but also simulates sunrise.
LUMI is the world’s first sleep mask that not only blocks light, but also simulates sunrise.
414 backers pledged $27,753 to help bring this project to life.

Status Update

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Dear Kickstarters,

I apologize for the lack of communication in the past couple months. We have been occupied with working towards securing funds and building out of pocket capital for a second run. We are working with our manufacturer, who has developed all the masks that we have sent out to date. In truth, We can not keep our current manufacturer due to quality concerns for a mass product standpoint, moving forward. At this point, we are searching for a new manufacturer that meets our current needs. I will keep you as up to date as possible in the future, as I believe we are getting closer to beginning production on our second run of masks. Thank you for your time,



We still intend on providing all with a second run of our mask once ready, and will be reopening the shipping payment link closer to that time. Thanks for your patience. If you had any problems receiving your mask still, please direct message me and I will clear up any issues immediately.

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    1. Missing avatar

      alexandru oprisan on

      I have not received the first mask yet!

    2. Mike Hoffman on

      It has been over a year since your last update. I recall paying shipping for v2 - are you any closer to achieving this?

    3. Joshua Withers on

      I haven't received a first mask yet ... apparently there are second masks?

    4. Missing avatar

      Antony Bernardo on

      Still no mask. $50, GONE.

    5. Carl Chomko on

      This was two months ago. Should we still expect a second mask? Mine started falling apart within a week or so and it was hard to plug in the mini usb when I first got it and it didn't get any better.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gwen on

      Update: received a refund from Taylor for my two masks and shipping ($110). I will continue following this project and hope for a quick and quality v2 of the Lumimask.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nelson Pinero on

      I just got an email from Mr. Hide and he refunded my $50. I would suggest you keep pushing.

      And I would ask Kickstarter to setup some kind of rules for fulfillment to protect those of us who believe in supporting companies that can deliver and grow the economy.

      Just because I recieved my refund, it does not mean I will stop pushing for more protection for backers. I will post back on this or the main page to discuss where I am on this.

    8. Taylor Franklin Hide Creator on

      Ali Karbassi and David Ralston - Please send me a direct message on Kickstarter.

      Tynan, Gwen, Nelson, Alan - I have replied to you on how to resolve the issues. Please let me know if there are any problems. Sorry for the troubles.


    9. Alan Arthur on

      I'm in the same boat. I havent seen ANYTHING for my original investment, and despite the shallow promises, nothing showed, and the communication dried up. I think the media should be our first point of call. KickStarter, and successful projects like LunaTIK have received a lot of favourable press. I think we need to let people see that there's a dark, dishonest side to the whole scheme as well. I've raised queries to KickStarter themselves about this problem and havent heard back from them either.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gwen on

      Taylor this is ridiculous.

      What can we read from this?
      - You need a new manufacturer and more capital! This doesn't sound good to me at all.
      - You keep making vague promises. This sounds even worse.
      - This message comes just days after people threaten to go public/legal on you. WTF. TT

      On my part, I have not received any masks.
      You already know this since I have sent you several mails and messages about it, only to be ignored. But I'll take your word "please direct message me and I will clear up any issues immediately". Note I will update people on your answer on this very page.

      Finally, let's take a step back.
      My concern, maybe my main concern, is to understand what happened, and take something back from this experience. I'm sure you are also interested by such a process. This would allow everyone of us, and kickstarter, and the crowdfunding community, to learn something positive about what can go right or wrong in a project. Shit happens. That's ok. Let's just try to understand how.
      Unfortunately I'm not sure you share this concern with the big picture. I'm waiting for you to prove that you can indeed chill out, take a step back, and be honest with us and yourself.


    11. Ross Ramsay

      Wow, I didn't realize there were problems with the original batch, I received my LUMI and found it excellent for travel. I was just about to say it was good to hear from you again. I guess there were shipping issues? Hope everything works out! I'm looking forward to gen 2.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nelson Pinero on




    13. Missing avatar

      Nelson Pinero on

      Is there a way to get my money back?

    14. Missing avatar

      Nelson Pinero on

      Is there a war to get my money back?

    15. Missing avatar

      David Ralston on

      I also was an original backer and never received my mask. I appreciate how difficult manufacturing can be, so I'm fine waiting until the second run, but ate you able to post how we reach you directly? I am only able to find you through kickstarter. I've also moved since I first funded you, so I need to update my address. How do I do that? Anyone, anyone?

    16. Tynan Smith on

      I STILL haven't gotten my first mask. I've emailed your official email address, tracked down one of your personal email addresses, tweeted at you, and emailed kickstarter.

    17. Ali Karbassi on

      I have been exciting to receive one of the Lumi Masks since the beginning of the project. However, I still have not received mine.

      As one of the original backers, do I have to still wait for the second run?

      Thank you :)