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Funding the production of a new set of tools so you can create your own set of low cost, professional looking dungeon tiles.
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We're changing gaming AGAIN...and AGAIN...and AGAIN

Posted by Happy Seppuku Model Works (Creator)
Hello Team,  

We wanted you to know that Happy Seppuku is changing the way you game AGAIN! We recently just launched a Kickstarter for a brand new material called MagRelief, and we would like you to join us to make it a reality.  

MagRelief is a 3D textured magnetic receptive skin so you can attach magnetic items to what ever you skin with MagRelief. The uses are limitless:  

  • Skin your buildings so your doors, windows, or ladders can be changed between games. Damage markers can be magnetized to place right on the building! 
  •  Glue some magnets on the end of some walls skinned with MagRelief to create a truelly modular dungeon where wall can connect anywhere. Secret doors can be actually secret, because you magnetized door could go anywhere. 
  •  Apply MagRelief to a miniature base or a vehicles to let you use magnetic damage and condition markers. 
  •  Make the lowest profile movement trays you have ever seen by using MagRelief on a board of piece of plastic card then add magnets to the bottom of your bases! 

Come by the Kickstarter to see even more. HERE!   

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