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Funding the production of a new set of tools so you can create your own set of low cost, professional looking dungeon tiles.
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Searching for the Goldilocks zone

Posted by Happy Seppuku Model Works (Creator)
Hello Team,

Long=Short; The new plug mould was too small this time, we immediately put in an expedited order for new moulds of three different sizes (to cover all bases). That order should be here Monday the 20th. 

 The new plug mould came in yesterday (Monday the 13th) morning. We poured some plugs and tested them, this time finding they were too small. We had over compensated thinking that if the plugs were slightly too small then at least the cross section underneath would lock the plugs in place enough, that was wrong. Before we ordered, there was discussion that maybe we should just order both the exact fit and the undersized, we didn’t and let’s just say there are a few “I told you so”s going around the shop. The solution: I stayed up last night redrawing the moulds so they would be able to meet the size requirements for “expedited printing” (one week delivery instead of 2-3) sent those to the printer and now we should be receiving the new ones on Monday the 20th. We have also, this time, made sure to order some of various sizes (varied by fractions of a mm). Once we get them and confirm a solid fit, we will update you and then lock off addresses, giving you a shipping schedule. 

 At this point we are only waiting on the plugs, below we have posted a picture of what the location kit and wall kits look like in their package. On the bright side this gives us a bit more time to focus on the directions and make sure they look clear and have enough tips and tricks for everybody, this means we will be able to ship directions with the pledges rather than emailing the PDF to everybody as we originally talked about. 

 We also have decided on what we will throw in to packages as a bit of an extra to make up for the delay. First all of those that ordered Tile Mould Kits will each receive some of the oversized plugs. As a group they don’t fit so well, but if you use them sparingly they still will work, and you can cut silicone with a knife or scissors, so if you want to make your own ‘special plugs’ have at it (let us know if you find a handy type, we have already been experimenting ourselves). You will be able to tell the between the two sizes as the old ones will be in separate bag and the new ones have an indentation on the bottom side. The second thing we will be doing is sending everyone who is receiving an order some bases, that way if you want to replace some of your old bases it will be on us. 

 We will keep you posted. 



On the right how the wall moulds will be packaged, on the left one of the dungeon location kits.
On the right how the wall moulds will be packaged, on the left one of the dungeon location kits.


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    1. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      That's great news! Whoo hoo! Won't be long now!

    2. Happy Seppuku Model Works 4-time creator on

      @LimboLance- While I have actually molded people during my time in theartre, I think it may be a bit beyond the scope of this KS.

    3. Happy Seppuku Model Works 4-time creator on

      To finish Robyn's statement. "this third one is just right!" Arrived today, and I pulled a test batch about an hour ago. We fit six across, then added more to form about 5 different sized tiles, filled them with clay and rolled it. We had only one pop, but that was because I forgot to dampen my roller and it pulled up the clay which in turn pulled up a tile. Put the tile and clay back in, dampened the roller and sure enough back to success. We will put out a full update later in the week when we can flush out a more solid time line including address lock downs and shipping. It will be a bit busy around here, I myself go back into my day job for the next two weeks before traveling to ReaperCon, so there will be a few late nights in my future.

    4. Robyn Nixon

      And Goldilocks first tasted the first bowl of Porridge and stated "Its too hot". So she moved to the second bowl of Porridge and stated "Its too cold'. Finally she moved to the thirds bowl, tasted it and said "......."

    5. Daniel Mutschler on

      Can't help, but it seems to me, that on the picture on the right i see one of the dungeon location kits and on the left the wall moulds.....