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Funding the production of a new set of tools so you can create your own set of low cost, professional looking dungeon tiles.
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3D Prints in, Production in Swing

Posted by Happy Seppuku Model Works (Creator)
Hey Team,

Long = Short: 3D prints are in working on final master moulds and starting productions. Final product photos will be out in the coming week with a special update. Sample of a multi-level station at the end of this update.

We have all of our 3D prints in now and we are putting together our final master moulds. This means by the end of the week we will have a final sample of every part and we will be moving into full production swing. Once we have a final sample of each part we will take photos of the finished location kits and we will be posting them in an update next Sunday (February 22nd). That update will also have the 2 week warning until we lock down backerkit. That puts the lockdown around March 8th. We will also be sending out a reminder to those that have not completed their survey through backerkit. The next day we will start packaging up pledges we have inventory for while we continue production to fill out the remaining orders. That should allow us to get things shipped out by the end of March. We do all production in house so we do not need to wait on anymore shipment delays from other people.

In the meantime to continue our sample/tutorial examples this week we have a Sci-fi set we put together. The goal was a modular multi-level set that used just the Your Board system, an extra stamp or two, polymer clay ($25 dollars’ worth), and super glue. No special tools or material other than a hobby knife to clean some flashing off the edges. It only uses the same technique in our main KS video. While we put a grid on for use with Star Wars minis you could easily go without a grid in case you are using the set for something along the lines of Nechromunda. The Minis in the photos are for Blackball Game’s AE Bounty used with their permission. For the stairs we simply stacked tiles, in our discussions afterward we did figure out if we wanted more permanent stairs we could imprint the bottom of the next level of stairs into a tile prior to baking, allowing for a more permanent lock (we will be making one up like this, with process photos later). The creator made the set over a few days doing about an hour of work a night, as time permitted. It still needs just a little more trimming on a few edges and some paint, but we hope these samples are starting to show you the different types of terrain sets you are going to be able to start creating in just a few weeks.



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