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Help Jason Scott, creator of the computer history documentaries "BBS" and "GET LAMP",  produce three more documentaries at once.
Help Jason Scott, creator of the computer history documentaries "BBS" and "GET LAMP", produce three more documentaries at once.
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The Press! The Endorsements! The Interviews!

Posted by Jason Scott (Creator)

"Jason Scott is brilliant." - John Romero

John Romero contacted me soon after the announcement of these documentaries to offer his support in bringing in interviewees where needed for the films - he is especially attached to the 6502 documentary, as I expected he would be - it was his once-in-a-lifetime 1998 Apple II Reunion he held at the Ion Storm offices, where he invited over 40 programming leaders, that had brought the fact of this lost world to my attention. It's the spiritual father of the 6502 documentary, so it was only right the organizer of such would be involved in this documentary as well.

Last week I gave an extended interview to Matthew Murray of ExtremeTech, where he primarily focused on the 6502 documentary for his audience, but also got in my thoughts on general documentary filmmaking and what my goals and approaches are. That article is here: 

A relevant quote:

“What I really want to do is capture the art of assembly language programming, one of the most important things we’ve done that has almost no popular culture knowledge,” he says. “It’s almost as if: Imagine nobody knew how you make electricity, but they all know they can turn on their lights. And we’ve done that with assembly language programming. People don’t understand what that is, and yet everything depended on it, that knowledge. There are some…programmers out there that live in a world few people have touched. People [like] Bill BudgeMichael Abrash, there are other people like this who have done coding considered to be works of art. And nobody knows except for a small number of people. And I want to capture that.”

I also have done some appearances regarding my films, the structure, the ideas, and the rest, and you can pick and choose here. Some of them are rather long, but I hope fun.

I appeared this past Monday on Geek Beat Radio, one of my favorite podcasts, and discussed my films, zombies, buying from the Skymall catalog, and a few other subjects. It's interspersed with a lot of interesting music, as well. Here's the MP3:

As mentioned previously, I conducted a video Q&A on Ustream and Google regarding this whole kickstarter thing, and dozens of folks showed up to ask questions. You can't hear people asking the questions, mostly, but I try to recap the questions where I can. Also, I apologize, but the recorded stream has ads - I didn't want to spend the $100 for a single show, and I best they STILL stick in ads, just not quite as intrusive. So here you go, 101 minutes of answered questions:

Other endorsements, with kind words:

Apple II Bits:

Andrew Plotkin, Gameshelf:

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    1. Alex Buie on

      Here's a copy of the QA minus ads, for your viewing pleasure.