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Help Jason Scott, creator of the computer history documentaries "BBS" and "GET LAMP",  produce three more documentaries at once.
Help Jason Scott, creator of the computer history documentaries "BBS" and "GET LAMP", produce three more documentaries at once.
573 backers pledged $118,801 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jeff Karpinski on

      Actually, after this many years. Some firm delivery dates are fair and reasonable IMO. Might be just the motivation you need to put the project in the success column. I'd imagine many of us are in Kirk's shoes (first kickstarter). Time to wrap it up.

    2. Jason Scott 3-time creator on


      Thanks for your writing in.

      While I am concerned I won't have the physical items ready for the documentaries, I am really shooting for them being showable this year. I'm also planning to be rather loose with releasing sequences to backers. I'd like to have sequences sooner rather than later, just so you can optionally see something before it's fully refined, or me waiting it out.

      You should have hope.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kirk Herlitz on

      Do you have any delivery date in mind as of yet? You've already dropped one of the three documentaries and it's been over five years since this campaign ended. I still watch the BBS Documentary from time to time, hoping that this campaign will actually come to fruition.

      In these past five years, I've helped fund several albums, documentaries, and feature films, all of which have delivered. My donation to your documentaries was literally my first on Kickstarter.

      Should I still have hope that the two of the three documentaries that I funded for you will actually show up, or should I just consider my $250 a loss?

      Would love to hear your feedback whenever you get a chance.


    4. Axel Veiser on

      Dear Jason.

      Of course I can not speak for the other supporters.
      I like you and your commitment. And because I find your project interesting, I supported it.

      What counts is what comes out at the other end," Helmut Kohl was once heard to say.

      The trust you have received will not be disappointed when the situation changes. Then the only person who can make the decision has to make a decision. And that is you.
      I am behind the decision to cancel the "Tape Documentary".

      If you feel better, you can wash us at the next Defcon the feet, or so.
      But this is as unnecessary as any other substitute.
      Make the best of the project. That's enough for me.

      I hope it is understandable what I want to say.
      Since my English is not the best, I tried the good old Aunt Google.

      All the best for 2017!


    5. Jason Scott 3-time creator on

      I am still working on these documentaries.

    6. Chet on

      Hi, Jason. Are you still working on these documentaries?

    7. Jeff Karpinski on

      Another 2 months of silence. Take a few minute break from Twitter and give us an update sketchcow...

    8. Jeff Karpinski on

      Been a few months since the last update. How's things going?

    9. Andrew Stephen on

      The first two Kickstarters I backed were documentaries, and both are nearing release. The only documentary I felt I lost money on was the 8 Bit Generation pre-order, and thanks to you even that was not lost. Without crowd funding some of my favourite documentaries may never have been made. The problem isn't that Kickstarter doesn't work for documentaries, it's backers with unrealistic expectations.

      P.S. Still more updates than comments, and most positive. It's not because you're lucky or blessed, it's because you have earned our trust. I look forward to seeing these documentaries when they're ready and not a day earlier.

    10. Armando Fox on

      Thanks for update. As long as we backers still get the films when they're done, take the time you need to get them right!

    11. Dax Jacobson on

      I have patience and 40+ other K.S. projects to worry about, I support what you have been up to at - I check your Twitter once in a while too; so sorry re your taxes and car!

      I hope you hurry up only so you can do more Kick-starters after this three Pack.

    12. Christopher Masto on

      Hoping for a progress update. It seems unlikely these films will suddenly emerge in December (which I understand was a wild guess) after months of radio silence, so could you just let your backers know where things stand and maybe when we can expect to see the first episodes?


    13. Michael on

      Any previews to share?

    14. John Redford on

      Hello Jason,
      You said when you started that this would be a big undertaking, and four years later, you were sure right! I'm still interested in the project, though, and would be satisfied if only one of them came out. Can you prioritize whichever one is closest to completion? My preference would be the 6502 one, but they all looked interesting. Hope that you can finish one before bigger projects take you away! Regards, John

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Jason, it's been over six months since the last update. Can we get a project update, please?

    16. Frank Buss on

      Hi Jason. How's it going with the documentaries?
      I wonder if the 6502 is the oldest CPU still in production. Recently I found out that it is in production again. Not one of these new-fashioned SMD packages, but in the original big PDIP-40 package. You can buy it at… , the datasheet is from 2013. It has some new opcodes, but all the old opcodes, too, and it should be hardware compatible. Except for the illegal opcodes, it might work if you plug it in a 30 year old C64. Maybe I should try it :-)

    17. Jason Scott 3-time creator on

      I am very lucky and very blessed with this situation.

    18. Andrew Stephen on

      I've been going through some of the Kickstarters I've backed and realised you're the only one with more updates than comments :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Anton Shepelev on

      Hello, Jason. You might be interested in Soviet arcade machines:

    20. Drew Wallner on

      Just watched the ARCADE preview footage, looking fantastic dude (you're totally driving me towards finally getting a full frame camera). The footage from Luna City though, damn...right "in the feels." This series is going to be an emotional as well as nostalgic ride.

    21. Missing avatar

      Oliver Jones on

      I would totally give you more money for documentaries on any of the following subjects: the demo scene, the old warez scene, phreaking, Unix history, early Internet history, 8bit computer/console and PC DOS games/shareware history, etc.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan Campbell on

      I just found out about and saw Get Lamp a few days ago, and came over here to support in my small way.

      FWIW, I concur with Chris Sanyk below. Feelies are nice, but temporary. The art is immortal.

    23. Jeff Karpinski on

      Your timing is impeccable as I'm currently re-living my 6502 youth by building an Apple 1 clone from scratch. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    25. Chris Sanyk on

      Congratulations on hitting your goal! Jason, just my two cents on what to do with any overage -- go for more content. I personally don't care for extra packaging. A nice DVD/BD (if you must do BD), with a standard size case that will fit nicely on my shelf with all my other DVDs and not f*ck up my shelving scheme is all I need. More interviews, more content. That's where I'd like you to put the money, for whatever say I have in the matter. Best luck to you on all three projects!

    26. Anna Newman on

      Donation in loving memory of the 1/2" tape I used to thread through the Sun 3/280 every morning at Coherent Thought, my first job out of college. And who knew Reed Hastings, that hot shot new guy with crumbs in his keyboard, would go on to such things... ;)

    27. Ashley Burton on

      It's a lot of money to out up for all three but based on the quality of your other films it'll be worth it - good luck with the funding and good luck with all the Skype conversations you're going to be having! I'll try and come up with something worth talking about before I take up the option.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mungewell on

      You never forget your first computer; mine was the 6502 based Vic20 and I spent many hours pouring over manuals, books and the most beautiful flip book assembly guide (which I still have & treasure).

      To many of my generation that was a true special time and I look forward to seeing it immortalized on film^m^m^m^m tape.

    29. Chris Ambrose on

      Jason, I'm looking forward to your next set of film projects, especially 6502. The ignition system in my 1987 Nissan Sentra was built around a 6502, which is a testament to the adaptability, ruggedness, and just plain coolness of this wonderful microprocessor (nevermind that it was also the heart of many of the classic PCs that we all grew up with).

    30. Eden Crow on

      OK - so your saying no to a download then?
      Makes sense though - will just buy on release as well as give a small pledge.
      Thanks and all the best!

    31. Jason Scott 3-time creator on

      The purpose of the kickstarter is to raise the significant funds needed to mount these documentaries. Every bit helps, so if you would prefer to pledge a smaller amount, that makes sense.

    32. Eden Crow on

      Hi Jason - Is it possible to have a smaller amount than $100 which gets you all three films but to download rather than physical?

      Thanks and I really wish you all the best!

    33. Eden Crow on

      If only I had $250 right now...

    34. Missing avatar

      casty on

      I really like your movie asking for donations, Godspeed!

    35. Jason Scott 3-time creator on

      There will never be a situation where I won't sign something I've made like this. You want it signed, it's signed, and that goes for any that are bought.

    36. Vince Mulhollon on

      Autographed copies of the deluxe packaging, much like I got for the BBS documentary?

    37. Missing avatar

      David Tyler Hunt on

      We talked briefly about the 6502 at Defcon - can't wait.

    38. Missing avatar

      Elliot Salmons on

      I'm stoked! Your last two were brilliant and I've been thinking about Arcade since we chatted about it about...uhm....7 years ago?!? Can't wait!

    39. Ari Braginsky on

      So glad this is moving forward. Looking forward to all three. Can't wait to find out what the deluxe packaging entails :)