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The Information Cube has been a waystation of computer history, and it needs a little love. Let's add some safety/space.
The Information Cube has been a waystation of computer history, and it needs a little love. Let's add some safety/space.
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OK, so we hit the phase of "Arranged" for the Cube. I just took a 4+ hour nap after a long day of lifting boxes and putting a ton of stuff away, as well as prepping piles of books to be mailed out and generally cleaning the area we worked in. Let's go over where we are so you can see what I'm up to.

After two and a half days of work, we had a pretty awesome change. Contrast this setup:

With how it looked just a little while ago:

Let's be clear, however: Currently, that middle "open" section is completely gone again, filled with those yellow-lidded containers and additional crates. But they're VERY well arranged now, with a traversal path going down the right allowing me access to probably 80% of the cube's items within a minute. 

More importantly, though - I've essentially assessed everything in the cube, all hundreds of crates and boxes and things, and we've rearranged and sorted the vast majority. That's pretty priceless right there, because I can begin to make choices.

There are, for example, a lot of magazines. A LOT of magazines.

I've been sent entire runs of magazines. What these things need are to be digitized where not already digitized and then sent to larger facilities out there. People recognize the importance of saving magazines of various types (but not all). I will get on that in coming months, because I can now grab them and catalog them and maybe either digitize them here or digitize them elsewhere. I estimate at least a quarter of the material in the Information Cube is magazines and journals, by the way.

Another huge one is computer equipment of various stripe, old and even more old. Right now, I'm holding onto those unless I find a better home - not sure when I will, but those stay.

I am donating hundreds of books to the Internet Archive - these are piles of mystery novels, sci-fi, and informative old things that I want to know are saved and part of openlibrary and other Internet Archive initiatives. It was fleetingly tough to let go of these things but the fact is that I only need books for so long, especially of pop writers and really famous ones, and I can always get electronic forms to read in the future as needed. Unique/insane books are still with me, but they were a tiny percentage.

SO MUCH MEDIA - be it CD-ROMs, Tapes, Disks, you name it. They're away from the top of the cube which heats up during the day and not near the bottom of the cube in case of water damage or whatever. They need to be digitized - that's a project.

People were right about the cube's temperatures, by the way - we have a thermometer in there and parts heated up to 90-95 degrees during the day, mostly among the top foot of the thing. That's no good - we're going to run power out there, monitoring, and cooling soon, as per your funding.

I owe even more updates and will be sending out a survey soon for people that has academic purpose, and will get started on the video podcast/recordings soon as well, so look out for all that.

This is SUCH AN AMAZING THING. The cube is in such spectacular shape now. It has a long way to go in the grander sense but it's an organized part of my life, maybe the most organized at this point. And your contributions ensured this.

More soon.


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    1. Jason Scott 3-time creator on August 23, 2012

      Additional note: These photos are OK, taken with my Cellphone during the loading/packing. With this third day, my guys had more downtime than they liked, because there was so much sorting only I could sign off on. So I tried not to be doing too much media stuff while they sweated and moved things or waited in or near the sun for me to give them more items to move. I'll have better photos soon.