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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
6,963 backers pledged $598,104 to help bring this project to life.

Preview of 2014

Posted by Chris Jones & Aaron Conners (Creator)
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    1. Missing avatar

      noose on

      Jen: Here's some more "broad leaps of conjecture":

      Quote from trailer: "all the best classic Tex elements with a slick new modern presentation. - Adventure Gamers"
      With context: "[...] the new game promises to incorporate all the best classic Tex elements with a slick new modern presentation."
      Source: (the article was published on May 25, 2012, about a third of the way into the kickstarter campaign)

      Yep, they're essentially quoting themselves...

      And just for the record, the rest of the quotes are also from published articles but aren't quite as bad. The RPS quote "Exactly right!" actually only refers to the hammy acting, and the quote "Impressive, thoroughly streamlined" seems to be cobbled together from two separate sentences with the "thoroughly streamlined" part really only referring to the appearance of the UI. Not that these are good either, but at least they're actual third-party opinions about (some parts of) the game.

      Whether or not this is an issue is up to the community. I'm just stating my opinion. Using words that I feel accurately convey my feelings about it. "Bullshit" and "moron" are not part of my normal lexicon, no. They're strong words used rarely, for effect. That's the entire point of using them.

      Anyway, as I said last time, I'm extremely excited about the game. I look forward to it just as much as I did a few days ago, and so should you and everyone else. This doesn't and shouldn't change that. I "nitpick" because it's ethically flat out wrong, because I don't want a precedent to be set for indies going EA-stupid, but most of all because I want them to succeed long term. You don't build a fanbase by lying to them, and you don't build good press relations by misrepresenting their opinions.

    2. Mat Van Rhoon on


      The reviwer who authored that quote was contacted, and gave full permission to use it in that manner. In future, it may be best (as Jen suggested) to not jump to conclusions, as they can be quite damaging, not to mention hurtful to those involved.

    3. Jen Lee on

      Hey noose, how about loosening that up eh? We don't know or are privy to everything that goes on behind the scenes. You are making broad leaps of conjecture here. There may have been other discussions in which something similar was discussed and quoted, OR it could be interpreted (if you are cherry picking this single sentence) "To close I’d like to give you the chance to tell the loyal series fans out there why waiting 15 years has been worth it." This sentence alludes to the fact that the interviewer was sharing those sentiments, otherwise he would not have phrased it that way in the question.
      Either way....are you really going to make this an issue? Based on what we've been shown so far this has the capacity of being the highest quality game funded by Kickstarter so far with an incredibly MEAGER budget. Not DF's multi million dollar sieve or some others total floundering. this REALLY a thing? They've been as open as they can be (IMHO) based on the pace needed to get this thing out as timely as possible. Nit picking a single quote in a strong trailer that tries very hard to let backers see what they would be getting in game seems like a slap. If "bullshit and moron" and phrases are your normal lexicon, please keep it out of here. Right beside the post comment is the phrase "Be respectful and considerate." Sounds like a reasonable request to me.

      Peace out.

    4. Missing avatar

      noose on

      Evan: The quotes are taken completely out of context. PR bullshit.

      E.g. the quote from Adventure Gamers, "waiting 15 years has been worth it", was taken from an interviewers question to Adrian Carr: "To close I’d like to give you the chance to tell the loyal series fans out there why waiting 15 years has been worth it." Extremely misleading.


      I'm looking forward to this game as much as anyone else, but whatever moron approved of this should have his fedora set on fire while wearing it. Come on guys, you're better than this!

    5. Matthew on

      That was beautiful !

    6. LuckyLuigi on

      This is going to be so much fun :P

    7. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      very cool! looking forward to the game!

    8. Mat Van Rhoon on

      Evan, those quotes appear to be from articles relating to screenshot and trailer releases, so far. If they are saying that now, can you imagine what they will say about the game when they get to play it!? :)

    9. Evan on

      Oh ... My...

      That trailer is AWESOME. But how come the reviewers got enough of the game to give comments and we're still waiting on a Beta? I suppose some backers would be upset about not getting a full game for their Beta, but I write software for a living; a partial is fine by me.

    10. Roxane Tourigny on

      Awesome! Looking forward to play it!

    11. Dan Gervais on


    12. Pedasn on

      BAAAMMMM.... This is the trailer to go... i was just hammered in my chair out of excitement

    13. Ed Greenberg on

      A wonderfully cinematic teaser.
      Thank you guys!

    14. Russell Deitch on

      @Jon, if you can get it to play, you should play Overseer. This follows on from the cliff-hanger at the end of that - after 16 years! :D

    15. Rob on

      A year and a half ago I would have pledged $15 just for this trailer.

    16. metsallica on

      I... was not prepared for this.

    17. tarasis on

      It looks phenomenal. Thank you!

    18. barbarian_bros on

      2014 is the year of the adventure games on PC (and old style-RPG) :
      Stasis, Armikrog, Tex Murphy Tesla Effect, Broken Sword the Serpent's Curse....

    19. Friederike M. on

      Now this Trailer makes me think to be a part of something great! :) this game will be my FMV i ever wanted! Thank you:)

    20. The Evolutionary on

      Salivating for the Linux version...

    21. Missing avatar

      Jon Walker on

      So should I play the others first? I know the answer is probably yes, but a better question is should I WAIT to play this one until I've had time to play all the others? I played Martian Memorandum when it was a new release (loved it, but seems to be the one people mention the least). Also checked out 'Under a Killing Moon' briefly. Basically played the demo and watched a friend play some. Don't remember much other than the general feel of the game and graphics and one or two memorable moments.

    22. Luis Bermudez on

      Pretty good. I liked the last trailer better ^_^

    23. Tomimt on

      It's looking really, really good. Good job.

    24. S.D. on

      SO MUCH like. Thanks for the upcoming Linux support, team... I really can't express how appreciative I am. :-D

    25. Tor Iveroth on

      Bring it ON! It looks amazing.