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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Chris Jones & Aaron Conners (Creator)

Happy Thanksgiving!  (or... just Happy Upcoming Thursday for those outside the U.S.)!

To our backers, who have made the Tesla Effect possible, we’d like you all to know that we are most thankful for you (and juicy turkey legs)!

Things are going famously here at Big Finish Games, and we could not be more excited to tell all of you what we have been putting together.

1)Talk, Talk, Talk

a.We are in the final stages of voice recording! We will soon be working on translating all of the dialogue into French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Considering there are 25,000 strings of dialogue in this game, there is still much to be done!

2)Setting The Mood

a.Our artists are getting the lighting just right. The levels are multi-faceted (and huge!) so it takes a lot of time to ensure the transitions between rooms in each level feel just right. Our goal is to make the experience immersive and feel natural. Well, as natural a radiated New San Francisco can feel…

3)Taking The Old Records Off The Shelf

a.From echo of Tex’s white sneakered footsteps to the creaking of old wood doors, to composing brand new jazz tunes to give the game the right ambience, there is a lot of audio left to do! The team is working to make sure the reverb is right, there is no clipping in the samples and that there’s enough gratuitous sax when you want it, and where you need it.

This game is coming together! With the help of you all and ATLUS, this game has grown beyond our own expectations. We have been afforded the opportunity to make this game as expansive as we had hoped when we initially began. We couldn’t be more excited for you all to be involved and we can’t wait until the release day when you all get to get back in the saddle again.

Happy Holidays, Backers!

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    1. Gonchi on

      We don't do this holiday down here, but have a happy thanksgiving nonetheless.

    2. Missing avatar

      joyteq LLC on

      Thanks for the message. I'm feeling the love.

    3. Tomimt on

      golf and sax... that's a nice way to spend an afternoon.

    4. Missing avatar

      dfinlay on

      You had me with "gratuitous sax"

    5. Riggo on

      @Alex... We better!!!

      If we exceed funding by 30% ($585,000+): Another expansion of the story (including puzzles, gameplay, locations and characters), ingame golf game, and Live Orchestra for the games' music.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark de Ridder on

      Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere, but do we get a proper retail package or will it be just a download?

    7. Shatners Bassoon on

      Do we still get the golf game?

    8. Andrew Tuckett on

      You guys have excelled yourselves, can't wait :-)

    9. Maximilien Noal ~ Pirate Mutants League on

      Nice to see Tesla Effect coming together. :)
      I guess I still have some time left to finish Overseer (DVD edition) on my custom-built-for-Overseer old Wintel 98 PC. :D

    10. Jen Lee on

      Hmmm....gratuitous sax. Yummy!