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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
6,963 backers pledged $598,104 to help bring this project to life.

Whew - Week 1

Greetings Mutant League!

Wow! Has it really been less than a week since our Kickstarter ended? We've jumped right into production on Project Fedora and we want to thank you all for your generosity and support to make this possible. We are excited, thrilled, and still in a bit of shock that we are actually in development for the next Tex Murphy game. The great news is that since we have surpassed our Kickstarter goal, it will expand and broaden the Project Fedora game. However, this will change our estimated delivery date. We are in the process of updating our delivery dates for all of the incentives and we will have a document available next week about when to expect the incentives.

We have really loved being part of the Kickstarter community and we hope to carry over all the great backer interaction into the development process of Project Fedora. You guys have been so positive throughout the campaign - and on top of that, you guys are hysterical (The "Tex Murphy Musical" themes had us laughing all morning). We want to continue having your input throughout the process.

In fact, you can participate right now by voting on your top 3 choices of new business establishments for Chandler Avenue. The survey can be found here.

We also hope to do more "Google+ Broadcasts" as we continue throughout development.

Many people at the $500+ tiers have asked about where to submit their photos. We will contact you guys later this week with an email address to send the photos to.

With regard to the Hat Sizes, here is a chart:

With regard to the T-Shirt Sizes, here is a chart:

Thank you guys again - we'll be working as hard as we can to bring you the next Tex Murphy installment!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Williams on

      My top few included
      - Rival PI
      - Speeder Repair Shop (like a seedy body shop/auto mechanic with lots of cool items for your inventory)
      - thrift store (run by some ridiculous hipster that Tex could make fun of for wearing a Fedora in a non-PI fashion?)
      - jazz club (so excited about the live versions of the songs being recorded!)
      The Cosmic Connection (or other hippie/mysticism store), inspector Burns BBQ, Weenie World, Bob's Wonder Emporium, Bowling Alley and Crazy Gary's Organic Produce were all up there too.

    2. James McKendrew on

      What if the ex-wife got a PI license?

    3. RetroNick on

      I really like the idea of a snarky rival PI, but having an Inspector Burns inspired BBQ joint would be hilarious!

    4. Mandy Southam on

      That was so hard there are some brilliant ideAs I love the comedy that is sure to pour out from those ideas . Inspecter burns bbq joint he he he

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bagelman

      I voted for Rival PI, and judging from the comments a lot of us did, so I think that one will definitely make it. I don't know if anyone else already said this, but the PI's last name, of course, should be Cash (as in "Cash! My nemesis!" ;) ) It would be even more interesting if the rival PI is female.

    6. Aura on

      Am I the only one that likes the idea of a Rival PI?

      How long will the survey be up?
      Need to think it through, there're some interesting choices there to decide on the fly.

    7. TexKnight - Proud owner of a Fedora on

      I could picture myself - as the "Weird Swede" - in a bookstore on Chandler Ave, as I'm the owner of one irl.
      Maybe I even can picture a picture of myself on the wall of that bookstore that I'm picturing. ;P

    8. Jim Clark on

      I've made my selection for Chandler Ave during the day and my partner asked me about the list when she got in from work. Now the link drops me at the Survey monkey home page and we can't see the list. Part of the fun with this sort of thing is going back to the list even if it's just to review it. It would be kind of fun to be able to see how this was going.

    9. Bruce Ward on

      Don't let Chandler Avenue get too upscale. This is still the mutant, radiation blasted side of town, and not the place for fancy restaurants and nice offices (although, to be honest, it might be funny to have Big Finish have their offices there!).

      Chandler is for the mutants and the downtrodden. It is blue-collar all the way.

    10. Mark R on

      How about a PayDay Loan shop run by a mutant with a hammerhead or a shark-fin growing out of his back. Tex would have to borrow money there.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Baker on

      Would love to have an explorable coit tower :)

    12. Brian Bagnall on

      Bowling alley, only because Access made the best bowling simulation out there for a while. If they're revisiting golf, might as well add bowling too!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      A dive bar sounds good, perhaps also a run down club?

    14. Nelson Carter, Negotiator on

      Great to get an update ;)
      So many good ideas for additions to Chandler ave... Looks like it really will get revitalized with style :)

      Thanks again to CJ & AC for working so hard for so so long to bring us this opportunity to bring Tex back
      Pure AWESOMENESS!!

    15. Devon Rampe on

      Yea there should be womens sizes in shirts too so they can have them fit right in their "chest" area. :)

    16. Tomimt on

      I'd love to see a seedy bar and bowling alley as well.

    17. Devon Rampe on

      Ok i voted. Wow so many to choose from!

    18. Jeanene on

      Bowling alley would allow a game within a game, without detracting from the storyline....And a jazz club would allow more awesome Tex music....he could even get up and play some tunes.

    19. Pkrs on

      An update with a lot of informations less than one week after the end of the campaign, that's great !
      I hope it will continue. A lot of kickstarter campaigns almost don't give any news after they've reached their goal. But this campaign is not the average kickstarter campaign ! And I can't wait to watch a new broadcast. Thank you for everything.
      And please, for the musical, more a thing like the scene in the fuschia flamingo in PD. Not a true musical ... (or, with an option at the begining of the game to skip it / or an independat story where everyone in chandler Avenue is singing, but not in the plot of the new game)

    20. Missing avatar

      db on

      @Andrew - I agree. Don't want the game to be too full of nods to fans, goofy humour etc. Pandora Directive hit the nail on the head for humour/drama.

    21. Missing avatar

      Laurent Baron on

      About the musical section, it could be worked into the plot nicely, like Tex having to go undercover in a club and thus having to play with the band (there's a funny scene on that premise in a french movie called "Oss 117 : Le Caire Nid d'Espions"). Pandora vibe doesn't mean no humor or relief, right ?

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Whitehead on

      Please ... please ... no musical. I'd rather the vibe of Pandora Directive than The Singing Detective.

    23. Michael D. Bafitis on

      With all the extra filming and programming I'm guessing we're looking at a release date of Christmas 2013 or Spring 2014... I could be wrong, this is just a guess... I'd wait until 2020 now that I know it is being made... The last 15 years have been horrible... lol

    24. Kristin azalea A on

      Yep, as soon as I got the survey I was saddened at A) the lack of sizing details (now corrected), and B) no female cut. :(

    25. Tim Orr: Red Shirt of the Obsidian Order on

      @Froguda: I saw what you did there.

      I am so excited for all the great games that 2013 holds. Mayans, you got it wrong the world will end at the end of 2013, because the pure awesomeness will be too much to hold.

    26. Missing avatar

      heather, part of the mutant league on

      how about a wedding chapel for tex and rook?

    27. Guilherme Salgado Braga on

      Let´s go, Brazil, Rotisserie Churrascaria!!!

    28. Changis von Secondly on

      Laura, in a Tex Murphy t-shirt, you can't look any more good (except if you put on a Tex Murphy trenchcoat and/or Fedora)

    29. James McKendrew on

      Personally, I think women look wonderful in men's t-shirts. But then, I also voted for a "Gentleman's Club" to be added to Chandler Ave. (Noir needs sleazy joints that the good guy wouldn't have frequented if he wasn't hitting, or heading towards, rock bottom.)

    30. Missing avatar

      Blues Brother on

      Too many damn choices!! I think I'll need some time to decide...

    31. LauraKat on

      3rd vote for a women's cut. To be honest I'm not likely to wear a man's cut shirt. I do want to tell the world how awesome Tex Murphy is but I also want to look good!

    32. Missing avatar

      Asger Wille-Jørgensen on

      Loving the idea of more Hangout sessions! Nice update :)

    33. Gonchi on

      Gah... wish I'd seen those T-Shirt sizes before doing the survey.

      That's a lot of potential locations for Chandler avenue. I'll have to think of it a bit before making my picks.

    34. Rob on

      And the Bookstore! For nostalgia's sake, we need to have a bookstore and post office in the game.

    35. Rob on

      You have to admit, Antique Store, Post Office, and Thrift Store would have to be pretty good, especially if you can interact with stuff inside. Bob's Wonder Emporium also sounds pretty interesting.

    36. Patrick on

      @Rob: Aha, Guess I should have just tried it. Makes sense :)

    37. Rob on

      Okay, now that I actually tried selecting a number, I get can drag & drop the different locations to rank them from favorite (1, I assume) to least favorite (56).

    38. MetalDog on

      LOL at Mr Burns shop.
      No danger of his biggest fan returning?

    39. Patrick on

      Yikes! Looks like I might need to change my M to a S, and I'm a tall guy!

    40. Melanie Foraker on

      Love me an update. Starting to get withdrawls!! So excited for everything that is in the works!!

    41. Paul - Member, Mutant League on

      I need a XXXL t-shirt, who do i have to talk to or specifically how to talk to make sure i get the size i need?

    42. Missing avatar

      db on

      I probably should have gone for a small now i see sizes. Is there any way to change this?

    43. Patrick on

      Re. the survey: just to be sure: we're supposed to rate just / at least three, where the favorite gets '1', 2nd favorite '2' etc.?

    44. Rob on

      How about adding a cupcake shop to the list of new establishments? For the survey, do we select 56 or 1 for our favorite shop? Also, can someone vote the same number for multiple establishments? Should our 3 numbers add up to any certain total?

    45. Elizabeth April Lockwood Edwards on

      Ahh it's great to have an update, thanks for the info. Exciting times!

      @ marina - seconded! A womens shirt would be fantastic.

    46. Paul Marzagalli on

      Voted Arcade, Big Finish Office Building (love me some meta), and of course the rival private investigator!!!

    47. Russell Deitch on

      Hi, folks.
      Regarding being a backer, I have been an angel in the past and have an IMDB page. Are you going to do the same?

    48. Rena on

      Having to push back game release because the community helped fund great expansions? Thats the kind of delay I like to hear :) Great that you'll be taking the extra time to flesh them out. Look forward to hearing from you during the development process (so long as there are non-spoiler and spoiler separations!), good luck guys with the game dev!

    49. Adrian Posor on

      We can vote on the game content? How creazy is that? I mean, that is fantastic! And I guess this will not even be the last survey. Thanks for this!

    50. Adrian Posor on

      Thanks for the info on the T-shirt and hat sizes! I was just wondering whether there are differences between different countries. Now everything is clear.