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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
6,963 backers pledged $598,104 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Gooooooooooals!

A Huge "Thank you!" to all the Mutant League backers! You guys are truly amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Chris Jones talks about some of the stretch goals for the "Tex Murphy - Project Fedora" Kickstarter campaign.

If we exceed funding by 10% ($495,000+): Additional story (including puzzles, gameplay, locations and characters). 

If we exceed funding by 20% ($540,000+): Port the game to additional platforms, provide Text translations for French, Italian, German, Spanish (English will already be included). Finally, more recognizable actors.

If we exceed funding by 30% ($585,000+): Another expansion of the story (including puzzles, gameplay, locations and characters), ingame golf game, and Live Orchestra for the games' music.

Thank you everyone! 


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    1. William Cody Winter on

      Yes over 20% extra, so they have at least got enough for the main bonuses :)

    2. Brian Bagnall on

      Please please 30% goal! I need the full experience.

    3. Shatners Bassoon on

      Why on earth do I need a golf game built into my Tex Murphy adventure??? simple answer, I don't but I NEED one in there, pledge upped :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Vicente Raga Rosaleny on

      Spanish translation, you made my day!!!

    5. Juan José Peralta on

      I would love that Spanish text translation...I just made my pledge ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Arne Berg on

      change the 20% and the 30% funding, the people that like/adore Tex games play it on pc and for economic reasons maybe it can be good with other platforms in the long run but i guess it´s the pc people that will finance this.

    7. Glenn M. Petrie on

      I like to see the morlocks myseld. Let's reach 30%.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mate on

      No love for iPad? :(

    9. Rikard Peterson on

      A live orchestra would be great. Too bad it's that low down on the priority list. (But I can always hope that it'll reach those 30% extra…)

    10. Shane Mullan on

      It's Rusty the clown he's come back from the dead

    11. Adele Mellish - Member, Mutant League on

      30% would be so totally awesome!!!!!! :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Netreek on

      I am glad that we did it. :) We get the game finally. Yeah. Every cent more is now just an AWESOME Bonus. Live Ochestra for the games music. That really sounds like something.

    13. Missing avatar

      db on

      Any chance of porting to iPad...?

    14. zwiglm on

      Ah, don't mention it, Chris.
      Without you having started the KS-Call for Project Fedora we wouldn't have succeeded either.
      Cheers to you to,

    15. Misha on

      Ok, for the lazy people:

      10% extra means 495K
      20% extra means 540K
      30% extra means 585K

      Personally, I think the 30% extra goal is still pretty modest. I have little doubt we will hit that :)

    16. Patrick on

      Congratulations! Let's make that extra 30% happen; all stretch goals are great, but an orchestral score could take the *whole* game experience up a notch (and can't be added in via a later sequel/expansion etc.)!

    17. Marieke Brinks on

      Gratz!!!! this is so great.

    18. Mats Andren on

      whoo! congratulations!! really well deserved! morloks, eh. does that mean they eat people??

    19. SXX on

      Something with Linux version please ;)

    20. Riggo on

      I want my golf and I would also like to see a game from Two Guys... Is that greedy?

    21. Tomimt on

      Nice to see some stretch goals. I am sure, that the demands of the clown are met and then some.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mariusz Kowalski on

      In-game Golf game? You'll add a new version of Links? ;)

    23. tinapple on

      Thanks! I was happy that we reached our goal now I can't stay calm until I get my golf game. What other diabolically ingenious stretch goals do you have planned?

    24. Gonchi on

      Let's aim high, guys, 30%, we can do it.

    25. Michael Andrews on

      Hooray Means Streets reference!

    26. pinion on

      ...Did he just say in-game golf? O_O

      Tex + Links 386 = head implosion via awesomeness

    27. mutantamoeba on

      Ingame golf = Must have!

    28. Kristin azalea A on

      Jokebit I don't think you will be at all disappointed!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jokebit on

      I gotta confess I'm not a fan and haven't played any of your games but you guys directed me to Carmageddon plus when I saw your kickstarter videos...I gotta say I am indeed a fan of Steve Meretzky's The Spacebar so when I saw your videos with all that cool looking 3D graphics reminiscent of games like The Spacebar and taking into account your success with the Tex Murphy series you convinced me you have the skills to make an awesome adventure game .

    30. TexMurphy9 - Member, Mutant League on

      Does the clown happen to go by the name Captain Woodchuck?

    31. Eric Shofe on

      Morlocks! loved the time machine.

    32. Rena on

      Knew it!!
      Still I like that clowns ideas :) Additional story, more locations, more gameplay, more characters, awesome actors and a live orchestra, wow!! Now lets gets back to promoting and F5ing!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Javier Alvarado on

      "...garbage bin...scotch tape" Laughing My Sides Off! Keep up the good work.

    34. SoulLifter on

      Great update and stretch goals guys! We can make them happen -- and we will help SpaceVenture!
      Morlocs... Oh... my!!!!

    35. David M on

      We've gotta aim for 30%!!! We haven't had a Tex game in 14 years . . . we need to make this one WORTH IT!!

    36. Pedasn on

      Awesome Goals Guys...... YOU have been amazing! thank you. Space Venture Xenon Force will come over to you in 4 days :D

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris Poirier on

      How much of a stretch goal do we have to reach to get James Earl Jones to do VOs for Project Fedora? ;)

    38. Mat Van Rhoon on

      Gratz guys!! And no... thank YOU!!

    39. S.D. on

      Congratulations, team! And thank you so much for the shout-outs, there helping us so much back at SpaceVenture. You guys are the best!