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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
6,963 backers pledged $598,104 to help bring this project to life.

First Update! - Includes DLC information.

Posted by Chris Jones & Aaron Conners (Creator)

Greetings Backers!

First of all, thank you so much for your support. We’ve really been grateful for the enthusiasm you have shown for the Tex Murphy Kickstarter campaign. We really appreciate it. We’ve had a great first day and hopefully we can keep the momentum up and meet our goal to bring Tex back.


We've seen a lot of concerned comments today about one of the rewards included at the $150 donation tier - specifically, the bonus downloadable content. Our intention was to give people some additional stuff, like the bonus content you get when you buy a movie DVD. We never intended to give people who donated less than $150 a "lesser" version of the game, but we now realize that that's how it came across.

For this reason, we will no longer offer the DLC as a reward. Instead, everything we had planned to do for the DLC will be included in the game – the same game for everyone, whether they donate $15 or $10,000.

We will be replacing the DLC with another reward at that tier and above. We hope this is acceptable to those who've already donated.

We apologize for our misunderstanding and hope you'll continue to support our efforts to bring Tex Murphy back!



We are compiling an FAQ list which we hope to have up on our Kickstarter site for tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Laura Smith on

      When will te game Tex Murphy Fedora be available so we will be able to get he game?

    2. Anthony Pieri on

      I think that the new $150 level is due to the DLC plan being scrapped. I imagine all 92 people will eventually be moved to the new $150 level. Read the updates!

    3. Guillaume DAVID on

      @emilian : you can't modify or delete a reward level in kickstarter but you can change the quantity available, so when Chris and Aaron added the new 150$ with the glass, they probably add a limit to prevent new backers to choose the old 150$ reward with the DLC.

      I guess some people increase their pledges later, that's why now there are still 2 remaining ... but yeah, confusing :)

    4. Devon Rampe on

      At the $150 level of Leisure Suit Larry, you get a Lefty's Bar shot glass, four matching coasters, spicy cinnamon breath spray, and a "reveal" pen featuring a lovely lady from the game... At the $150 level of Project Fedora you get all 5 vintage Tex Murphy games, a PDF or eBook of Under a Killing Moon, a PDF or eBook of The Pandora Directive, and a shot glass. So I think it's a pretty good deal. Though I wouldn't mind some more items. *smile*

    5. Bagglewag on

      dont think of it as a 50 shotglass. i'm not a fan of all these rewards, cause we are essentially financing those instead of the game. think of it as you being generous enough to make such a big pledge to bring one of our favorite series back to life. isnt that what its all about?

    6. Muldini on

      I chose the 150$ tier over the 100$ specifically for the extra game content. I already own all the vintage games. Now that the tier has changed, it seems I'll get a 50$ shotglass? I understand the need for a change after the feedback on DLC, but this feels like a bit of a letdown. A shotglass.

    7. Davy Bielen on

      Ok, ditching the DLC sealed the deal for me. Pledged and bought all 5 titles on as I was already planning to do so before the kickstarter. Seeing this great initiative and the awesome video pitch brought me back to the good old days of FMV adventures. Can't wait to get my hands on "Project Fedora"!

    8. Missing avatar

      szybur on

      the old 150$ tier (the one with DLC) was limited to 97 backers, the new one (with glass shot) is unlimited. I'm bit confused with that

    9. Bagglewag on

      ive sent the team an Email about the DRM, here is their response:

      "Chris Jones & Aaron Conners says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for the email - we will post more information about the DRM - Free status of our game on the FAQ tomorrow. Once you have purchased the game - it is yours to do with as you please!


    10. Evgueni Baldin on

      And what about DRM?

    11. Missing avatar

      Nope on

      Good decision but I would itemize the DLC in the actual tiers because most users will more than likely read the tiers and pledge before reading the updates section of the Fedora Kickstarter Page.

    12. David Palmer - Member, Mutant League on

      Good job on addressing this so quickly guys. Wasn't an issue for me, but also don't wanna see the momentum stalled. Lets reach the goal and start the stretch goals!

    13. Renee Byrd on

      Just because I'm hopeless at puzzle games, I'm still rooting for an official walkthrough document. :)

    14. Patrick on

      Maybe adding more 'physical stuff' at the $150 and $250 tiers could entice boxed-copy-only people to raise their plegde. A printed copy of the comic or a signed collector's box would do the trick for me. ;)

    15. David M on

      I'd kill for the design document and puzzle map for each of the Tex games.

    16. Missing avatar

      Warren Wang on

      It might be nice to have this information in big letters on the front page, so that people don't immediately see "DLC" in the tiers and just bugger off without even looking at the updates. From my understanding, you can't change the wording of the tiers after they've been created (is that true?)

    17. Missing avatar

      Mariusz Kowalski on

      Thanks guys! Great stuff! I'll up my pledge because of this!

    18. tinapple on

      How about having the box signed at the 150$ level? That or add a magnifying glass ;-)

    19. Doug Radcliffe

      Yes, I would love to have a tier for a big box in the same style as the UAKM, TPD, and O boxes so it looks great as a set! Adventure gamers love their big boxes! I would also love to be able to get the big box signed for a lesser tier, maybe at $250 you can get either the poster or the game box signed.

    20. Paul Broadhurst on

      Very classy move guys.

    21. David on

      Great news, thank you for listening to fan feedback. Now, could you also give us some information regarding DRM, please?

    22. darkstorm on

      Thank you for listening.

    23. Tom Hammerheart on

      Thank you for listening to your fans!

    24. Devon Rampe on

      If the boxed collectors edition at the $100 level is just a regular sized box... How bout at the $150 level, make a classic sized big box collectors edition copy, that many other Kickstarter Projects are doing.

    25. Gonchi on

      Glad to see this issue addressed, thank you.

    26. ☆Umbrae Soulsbane☆ on

      You guys are awesome! I knew people just needed to chill out.

      I am so looking forward to another Tex Murphy! Best of luck!

    27. Pedasn on

      thank you guys.... good that you made that point clear and listen to the fan-feedback.

    28. Missing avatar

      DrVinz on

      just to say that, due to that kind of message, I'm so proud to participate to this event..Greetings from France, sorry for my english, love Tex, so happy.
      Hope all will be fine for you, good luck and thanks for this dlc thing.

    29. Basti Grünwald on

      Great to see the first update. I personally don't understand all the fuss (as I did understand it just the way its written hear). But if it's better for the campaign to remove it, let's remove it and exchange it with something else. I'm curious to see how this will work out as you can not edit pledge texts as far as I know! :-)

    30. Missing avatar

      MRW1976 on

      Thanks Guys, and I am honestly sorry for the sh..storm your good intentions caused. Great you are back!!!!

    31. Yann Best on

      I'd put in my backing already, but I'm really happy to see such a swift reaction to the DLC issue - very decent of you all! I'm sure this Kickstarter will be a success, and I can't wait to welcome Tex back to the small screen!

    32. Sven Opitz on

      I love to hear this! I for one don't need a replacement reward, having Tex in my greedy little fingers will be enough ;)