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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
6,963 backers pledged $598,104 to help bring this project to life.

The “Making Of” documentary and live stream VOD are now available online

Posted by Chris Jones & Aaron Conners (Creator)

Well, what a fantastic live stream! 

Thank you to everyone who showed up, we had a blast hanging out.

If you missed out on the live stream, don’t worry – the VOD (Video On Demand) is available here: 

It contains the making of video and the special event stream, and has been created as a “Twitch Highlight” video – this means it will remain online on the channel indefinitely! It will also keep the chat stream, so you can watch it with the viewers chat commentary.

The documentary is now available for eligible backers to download!

For everybody who backed at the $30 or above tier, you will have access to a High Resolution download of the documentary.

Follow these instructions to get your copy: 
  • 1. Go to:
  • 2. Make sure you Log In using the link on the TOP RIGHT of this page FIRST (this logs you into the website).
  • 3. Next: you can use the link at the BOTTOM of the page where it says “Mutant League Login” to gain access to the backer downloads section.
  • 4. You will find all your eligible downloads here, including the documentary if you backed at that level.

In the ZIP package you will find an MP4 of the documentary, as well as a Subtitle (SRT) file. Most modern video players will recognize the accompanying SRT file, enabling you to activate subtitles if you would like.

For everybody else:

The documentary is available on YouTube (also with subtitles)! You can find it here:

Would you like to contribute to translations? We understand that not all of our backers and fans speak or read English. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide translations for our subtitles to the documentary.

However, if you are fluent in other languages (in addition to English) and would like to have a shot at translating the subtitles for your fellow fans, you are welcome to do so!

Simply download the SRT file (link below), and edit it with any text editor (such as Notepad, or Notepad++).

Once you are done, you can reply to this Kickstarter update (in the comments section) with a link to where you have stored the translated Subtitle file. We would be happy to add it to the YouTube video and credit you in the “info” section for your contribution!

The big announcements? 

Well, there were a few given away during the stream, but to summarize – here are a few of the juicy revelations:

  • The Poisoned Pawn being a new standalone game set for late 2018 release (many of you already aware of this)
  • Another new and final Tex Murphy game to follow The Poisoned Pawn (provided we can make Poisoned Pawn as successful as we’d like)
  • Console release plans – we are working towards Xbox One X and PS4 Pro release to take advantage of the 4K Full Motion Video
  • The Tex Murphy store! – Making various pieces of Tex memorabilia available to buy on the BFG website (coming soon!)
  • New novels from Aaron Conners.

We will provide more details form all of the above in a forthcoming update. 

The new Tex Murphy game! 

If you either attended the live stream or watched the VOD, there was a lot of juicy news about the future of Tex Murphy. In the next week or so, we will post another update here to Kickstarter which summarizes most of this news (and what was discussed during the live stream). 

 In the meantime, you can follow the project at the following website: 

 That’s it for now friends! Thank you for being the most amazing adventure game community ever! 

Big Finish Games.

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    1. Pkrs on

      I'll handle the French Translation when I'll have a little more time.
      Thank you again for the documentary !
      Si quelqu'un s'en occupe déjà, merci de me l'indiquer, afin qu'on ne fasse pas deux fois le même travail.

    2. Phil Cobley on

      Thanks Mat! I started to look and see if I could make an interactive DVD version of Overseer before Poisoned Pawn came into being. I'd definitely love to sit on the sofa and 'play' a Tex movie with friends �

    3. Mat Van Rhoon on

      Fantastic idea Phil. I will look into interactive authoring options for that BluRay. Can't guarantee that there will be time to make it, but I am definitely curious about it as an option.

    4. Phil Cobley on

      Great stream guys! Can't wait to see what the future holds for Tex �

      One question though...

      When you were talking about the Tex merch store I think I heard mention of a 'movie version' of Tesla Effect. First of all, can't wait for that!! But I was wondering if it will (or would be possible in the future to) include the conversation options for an interactive mode on the BluRay?

    5. Missing avatar

      Mariusz Kowalski on

      Wow, so Tex is not dead? I knew it was always a niche and I desperately backed at 100 bucks when unemployed, just to see it made, only to see it sadly in a bundle not that long after. There just weren't enough old school fans or those aware of this subgenre :( Great that we may still get closure for Tex!

    6. Pedasn on

      i think you are absolutely doing the right stuff going VR. Tex is a perfect fit for the tech. Game looks great, cant wait to tell my friends

    7. Jake Wirkkala on

      This made my day! I'm so, so happy to hear that more Tex is on the way. You guys, Chris and the gang, are simply the best and I will always support you and your products.
      Thank you so much for the happiness you've given me and millions of others.

    8. tarasis on

      Good news about VOD.
      Even better news about the Poisoned Pawn
      Great news about more books
      And I’m over the moon, yet sad, that there will be a final game.

      I don’t want Tex to end, but it would be nice to have closure. (Always room for more books or radio plays :) )

    9. Chris Jones & Aaron Conners Creator on

      Yes you are correct, the correct link to the subtitles file is:

      Thanks for spotting this Abel GC!

    10. Abel GC on

      Also, I'm going to translate this into Spanish, will report back when I'm done

    11. Abel GC on

      You miswrote the url in the link for the subtitles, thought it was some issue with my computer but you forgot the n in finish :)