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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
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Radio Theater: The Big P.I. in the Sky has heard you!

Posted by Chris Jones & Aaron Conners (Creator)

Hello Tesla Effect / Project Fedora Backers and Fans,  

In our previous update, we proposed what turned out to be a really bad idea. Out of ignorance and/or forgetfulness, we had to be reminded that the Radio Theater Kickstarter reward was on its own tier, hence of significant value to those who donated at that level. The passionate feedback we received was gratifying and humbling; we honestly didn’t realize how excited fans were about a new Radio Theater.  

However, our justifications for the really bad idea are still valid. Aaron’s existing scripts cannot be used in light of recent developments (unless you’re the type who enjoys having the plot spoiled before you get a chance to watch/read/play).  

So here’s the new plan:  

We will produce a new Radio Theater (6 episodes) that picks up from the end of the first Radio Theater (released in the early 2000’s). As mentioned in the previous update, Aaron has begun work on an all-new novel that picks up from the end of The Pandora Directive and fills the gap leading up to Tesla Effect. Both Radio Theaters (old and new) are part of this new story and are connected to what happens in both the upcoming Poisoned Pawn story and the series finale.  

How and when will the new episodes be delivered?  

Aaron will aim to have the 6-episode radio adaptation of his new novel written shortly after the completion of the novel itself. This is projected to be early 2018. We will then aim to record the episodes shortly afterwards. In which case, we estimate the release of these episodes to be around late Spring/early Summer 2018.  

Episodes will be released for eligible backers weekly over the course of 6 weeks, and each episode will be accompanied by a special “insights” cast by Aaron Conners (& special guests). In these bonus casts, Aaron will provide further insight into the story and how it ties into the Tex Murphy universe.  

Will non-eligible backers or the general public get to experience these episodes too?

We will be releasing these episodes to non-eligible backers and the general public, but in an effort to avoid devaluing the commitment from our eligible backers, we are going to release them as bonus content alongside the purchase of Aaron’s new novel.  

The novel and the accompanying radio theater episodes will be available to buy a few months after the initial release to backers, and shortly before the release of the new game towards the end of 2018.  

We certainly hope this news comes as a pleasant surprise to all of you who backed Project Fedora for the Radio Episodes and above and look forward to delivering these episodes to you as soon as we can!  

Don’t forget the Tex Murphy Special Event!  

Come join us for the “Making Of Tex Murphy” documentary, as well as the post-screening special event, this coming Saturday (December 2nd) at 1pm MST (8pm GMT / 12pm PST / 3pm EST) – (7am AUS/EST Sunday).  

The event will be streamed live on Twitch at: 

If you would like to participate in the live chat, be sure to sign up to Twitch if you don’t already have an account, and follow the above channel to be notified when the stream goes live!  

Thanks for being amazing!  

Big Finish Games.



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    1. Missing avatar

      BiggerJ on

      How will we receive the episodes? The mutant League download page no longer works.

    2. hotmumbo on

      Admitting a bad decision and fixing it promptly is hallmark of humility and integrity - you have my respect. Too many kickstarters go back on their promises due to financial stress instead of coming up with an innovative solution to make it work as you guys have done. Even though I did not support at the higher levels, I am very pleased to see Radio Theatre is going ahead and that there will be opportunity for me to buy the episodes down the track.

    3. Missing avatar

      Piccolo455 on

      Thank you for honouring the Radio Theatre reward tier. I was quite upset to read that it wasn't going ahead and, if I may be frank, the offer of compensation via a book sample left a very bitter taste. I had emailed Big Finish Games several times in the past regarding the Radio Theatre and the customer service representatives were polite but unable to provide any definitive response. It is good to hear that the project will go ahead. I do hope that this is a promise that can be trusted and I look forward to the next Tex Murphy Adventure!

    4. tarasis on

      I’ll gladly buy the novel to both devour & to get the radio show!

    5. Frogacuda on

      This is great news. I didn't back at a high enough level for the radio episodes, but I am glad they're still getting made, and I think packaging them with the novel is a perfect compromise.

    6. Luis Bermudez on

      Thanks! I know it wasn't fun to read all of that negative feedback, but I'm glad you were listening to your audience. I'm sure people who are not eligible backers for this reward will be happy to buy the novel to get to the radio theater. That radio theater is gold!

      I'll be buying the novel probably just for the radio theater! :)

    7. Kevin Bell on

      That’s more like it! I was really looking forward to the radio plays; although to be honest, at this point I’d assumed they were a forgotten promise like the golf simulator

    8. Jeroen Dekkers

      “shortly before the release of the new game towards the end of 2018.”

      Music to my ears!