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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
6,963 backers pledged $598,104 to help bring this project to life.

Backer update, or... the case of the remaining incentives.

Posted by Chris Jones & Aaron Conners (Creator)

Hello Tesla Effect backers and followers,  

As you are aware: there are currently two outstanding backer reward items from the Project Fedora / Tesla Effect campaign:  

  • “The Making of Tex Murphy” documentary
  • Radio Theater Episodes

In this update, we have exciting news regarding both of these items! 

“The Making of Tex Murphy” documentary 

Get a never before seen detailed insight into the history of the longest running PC adventure game franchise of all time. Learn where it all began: from humble beginnings though long-lasting friendships and professional relationships. See Tex Murphy’s birth on home video and quirky short films to his rebirth on the PC screen and beyond. Explore the challenges that came with producing some of the most innovative game titles of their time, all the way through to Tesla Effect and the new era of Adventure. 

This professional documentary covers everything you wanted to know about Tex Murphy over the course of 45 minutes. We are extremely proud of its production and can’t wait to share it with you!

The documentary will be for everyone!

Originally the documentary was going to accompany the “Soundtrack” and “High Resolution Poster” incentives (both already delivered to backers) for the $30 reward tier. It still is, but we believe the documentary is so good that it should be shared with the rest of the world! With this in mind, we are going to make it available to everyone by publishing it on Big Finish Games’ YouTube channel after a special online premiere event!  

However, as a special thanks to those who donated for this particular tier, you will get a download link to a higher-resolution full HD version to download and keep! In addition to this, we will be immortalizing you with a special mention in the credits of the documentary.

Documentary party / premiere event!

Documentary party / premiere event! To celebrate the release of the documentary, we will be hosting a LIVE STREAM premiere on Twitch. There, you will have the opportunity to watch the video before it is released and share your thoughts in a live chat. After the stream is over, we will announce where you can find the video online, and the download link for the high resolution version will be activated for all eligible backers.  

The premiere live stream party will be held on Saturday December 2nd at 1pm MST (8pm UTC/GMT, 3pm EST, 12pm PST, 9pm CET - all times are still Saturday December 2nd), and will be streamed at: – be sure to sign up to Twitch (if you don’t already have an account) and follow the above channel to be notified of when the stream goes live! You must have a Twitch account to participate in the live chat. A VOD (Video On Demand) version will be recorded to the Twitch channel to watch later for those who cannot make it to the live event.


The Documentary screening will be followed by a special live event. Keep reading to find out more.

Radio Theater Episodes  

The radio theater episodes have definitely been one of the most challenging rewards to deliver due to the sheer undertaking they would require. Producing 6 episodes complete with multiple actors, sound and music is no small feat, and we apologize for not having the time to commit to this project.  

There is also another very good reason for the delay...  

Originally, when the radio theater episodes were written (during the production of Tesla Effect) it was assumed that Tesla Effect *may* be the last Tex Murphy game. As a result, Aaron’s scripts for the radio theater provided a much more “conclusive” approach. However, in light of recent internal developments it’s now likely that the Tex Murphy series will continue with more games.  

This unfortunately renders the existing scripts for the radio theater obsolete. Rather than rewrite all-new episodes, Aaron has decided to focus his efforts on integrating updated content into an all-new novel that will help bridge the gap between Overseer and Tesla Effect.  

We cannot provide any hard dates as to when this novel will be completed, but rest assured the story that would have featured in the radio theater is going to play a role in a much bigger exploration of the Tex Murphy universe with this new novel!  

To help compensate backers for not doing the Radio Theater, Aaron Conners has offered to give eligible backers the first section of his novel for free. This will be available within the next several months.

Get ready for some really exciting news!  

The Tex Murphy saga has spanned almost 30 years, but is by no means over. Amazing things are currently happening behind the scenes to bring this series to its well-deserved climax.  

We will be making some big announcements at the end of the Making of Tex Murphy Documentary Premiere streaming event. The post-documentary show will be a live stream with Aaron Conners and an all-new development team ‘Chaotic Fusion’. We encourage all interested backers, fans and players to stick around after the screening of the documentary so you can learn all the details and ask your questions!  

Thank you for being the greatest game community on the planet!  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Tesla Effect backers for their continued support and patience. We are proud of what we were able to deliver to fans, humbled by the amazing response you have given us over the years, and are excited about the future.  

Thank you,  

Big Finish Games


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    1. Luis Bermudez on

      I would like to file an official complaint. Radio Theater is radio theater. I'm glad there's another game coming and that you'd like to monetize the new game and the new book. But we already invested our money for the radio theater. Why would we pay for radio theater if we did not want radio theater? There is a market for the radio theater, so monetize the radio theater if you like -- but give us the radio theater. I like you guys and support you, but this is unacceptable.

      Please be respectful and considerate. We trusted you with our money for radio theater, not a book (chapter).

    2. ET3D on

      > give eligible backers the first section of his novel

      First section? How is that a reward?

      @Overmann, I think that the definition you quote shows clearly that there's no fraud here.

    3. Overmann on

      Fraud: Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
      synonyms:cheating, swindling

      Not different universes, just different perspectives.

    4. Martin O

      OK, I assume you didn't like the box. And you aren't happy that the Radio Theater Episodes got cancelled, I can understand that.
      But now you are even talking about fraud? I guess we both live in different universes.

    5. Overmann on

      @Martin O, The only reason for me to back at a higher level is for the rewards/incentives. I have a limited amount of extra cash to spend on this sort of thing.

      So when I do back something at a higher level and they don't follow through on the rewards, it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Supporting the game is great and all, but the devs really need to do their part on all fronts. Otherwise it could really be described as fraud.

    6. Martin O

      Yes, the Radio Theater part sucks. But beside that I've got several Gigabyte of digital rewards (excluding the game) from this Kickstarter and there is nothing wrong with those.

    7. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Would I back another Tex kickstarter?
      ..ONLY for the game!
      Reward-wise, physical and digital, THIS STINKS a LOT!

    8. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      The game was nice.
      The 'box' was a bad bad joke.

      New game sounds amazing.

      But THIS..
      "To help compensate backers for not doing the Radio Theater, Aaron Conners has offered to give eligible backers the first section of his novel for free. This will be available within the next several months."
      Another promise not delivered!!

    9. Martin O

      The main reason I back video games campaigns is because of the actual game, everything else is a plus.
      What is a box made of paper and other stuff worth when the game sucks?

      Also what's wrong with the physical rewards? And beside the Radio Theater Episodes I can't remember anything which was wrong with digital rewards either.

      I would back them again in a heartbeat.

    10. Overmann on

      @Ranneko It's strange how people will give their favorite devs a pass on pretty obvious rip offs. I certainly won't be backing Big Finish for any physical items again. Probably not for digital either. Just wait for the released game.

    11. Ranneko on

      I have to admit I am a bit diappointed that backers that would have received the Radio Theater Episodes instead get part of a book.

      An incomplete book is generally not a very satisfying read and feels more like an enticement to buy something else rather than a reward.

    12. Missing avatar

      TBD on

      Excellent news all round!

      Hopefully I'll be able to watch the documentary live - either way I look forward to seeing it, and look VERY forward to hearing more details on the next game.

    13. Shatners Bassoon on

      Only just found out that The Poisoned Pawn is turning into something bigger than the overseer remake! And another Tex game on top of that; I'm having to pinch myslef regularly just to remind myself I'm not dreaming!

      Any chance you could wave your magic wand and make it so that cats live for at least 20 years as well?

    14. Chris Jones & Aaron Conners Creator on

      We'd like to make one small correction to the update post above. Where we say "Longest running adventure game franchise" we meant to say "Longest running adventure game protagonist." It is with a massive amount of respect for our adventure game peers that we recognize this.

      Also, an update on documentary subtitles. The digital download will be accompanied by an SRT file which contains an English transcription of the video, to assist those who are hearing impaired. The live stream and YouTube versions will also feature these subtitles.

    15. Michael Stum on

      More Tex Murphy games instead of "secondary" content? That's a trade I take any time!

    16. cabfe on

      There can never be too much Tex in your life.

    17. Chris Clarke on

      super excited for this event, can't wait. The possibility of more Tex Games...sign me up!

    18. Paul Marzagalli on

      That's fantastic news about the possibility of more Tex Murphy games. Tesla Effect was a great comeback for the franchise, so here's hoping it leads to big (finish) things!

    19. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Awesome to hear there's more Tex in the works! Any chances of finishing the Linux version of Tesla Effect, and/or new games supporting Linux from the start?

    20. Missing avatar

      Sean Lane on

      However the best news here is there will be more Tex Murphy games!

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean Lane on

      I do wonder if there's still any way to buy that comic book separately. That was a really hefty reward tier for a short comic.

    22. Newguru -T. Murphy's Crazy 888's Chapter on

      Best kickstarter campaign I have ever been a part of. I hope to grow old with Tex!

    23. Brian Bagnall on

      I have no regrets backing Project Fedora and would easily back another Kickstarter if you hosted it for Poisoned Pawn.

    24. Frogacuda on

      Bummed that I'll have to miss the live stream. It sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the documentary and new announcement though.

    25. Martin O

      It's a great idea to release the documentary for everyone! And also that we'll get HD downloads :-)

    26. Frodo

      SO excited for more Tex Murphy games. *squeals in delight* ( :
      The world needs Tex!

      Will it be another Kickstarter? Can't wait!

    27. Tomimt on

      To hear that there will be more Tex games is music to my ears. Long live Murphy and FMV (properly used)

    28. John Dossa on

      Awesome that there is still a needed for ole Tex and adventures! Looking forward to backing or buying the next one!

    29. Evan Prentice on

      More Tex? Yes please.

    30. IlGialloMondadori on

      More Tex? I'm all in.

    31. Drew Betke on

      I have goosebumps! Thank you so much for this exciting update!

    32. Parallax - Humming For Tex on

      That's great news for people with hearing disabilities like myself. Thanks a bunch :)

    33. Chris Jones & Aaron Conners Creator on

      @Parallax - One of our team members is currently in the process of manually transcribing the documentary subtitles. As the final video will also be hosted on YouTube, these will be available for all viewers as an option.

    34. Parallax - Humming For Tex on

      Will the documentary have optional english subtitles?

    35. Roflmaou on

      Disappointed to hear about the radio theatre, was really looking forward to that, but glad there will be more Tex games.

    36. Missing avatar

      Nik on

      Poisoned Pawn was great news; that Poisoned Pawn had morphed into some kind of new game rather than just a remake was even better news; if we are now to learn that there will be a game even beyond Poisoned Pawn, that takes the cake. Forget the radio episodes. Fantastic!

    37. Pedasn on

      i just wanted to write you if we can hope for another Tex Murphy Game. Love you guys!

    38. Shatners Bassoon on

      Oh thank God! I really have no use for two kidneys anyway, so glad I kept that business card now...

    39. Tony De Francisco

      > However, in light of recent internal developments it’s now likely that the Tex Murphy series will continue with more games.

      My deepest thanks go out to recent internal developments!

    40. Missing avatar

      Adam W on

      New Tex Murphy? Hell yes. Here take my monies.