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Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
Dystopian Detective Tex Murphy returns in his most amazing adventure yet in Project Fedora.
6,963 backers pledged $598,104 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Riggo on

      Screw the box!!! We got gypped out of my golf simulator!!! Under the new KS rules, they would have been required to deliver.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bob M on

      @William Strongly agree. Every other Kickstarter game I have backed has had the physical rewards out the door within a month of the game releasing, sometimes even sooner. There is no excuse for what are some really basic items like a box, a CD-Rom and a CD soundtrack taking many months to finish. You can have boxes, CD-Roms and CDs printed in literally a few days at many replication and printing facilities nowadays. I suspect there is either a financial issue or just some really bad management that is causing this ridiculous delay.

    3. Riggo on

      ...for Charles Dexter Ward

    4. Riggo on

      Any Lovecraft lovers out there? If so, just search on Kickstarter!

    5. Russell Deitch on

      If it's any consolation, @William, Fall to them ends on 21st December.

    6. Missing avatar

      William McDonie on

      Months and months and the best they can say is... Fall for mailing incentives that should have been shipped at game release. Its October and "Fall" is nearly over, do they mean Fall of 2015 perhaps? Sorry to be a jerk but I get the feeling no one either cares or the cash is spent and no one can pay the bills. Either way dont expect anything from me on the next go round

    7. Frodo

      Any plans for a new Tex Murphy game? ( :

    8. Frodo

      It's been such a pleasure to see Tex Murphy again. Can't tell you how much I've been enjoying it. HUGE thanks to Chris, Aaron, and the rest of the team. ( :

    9. Diana on

      @ Russel
      Thank you a lot for the information! Fall .... we have to wait.

    10. Russell Deitch on

      From Steve @ BFG on 10th September -
      "I promise, you have not been forgotten.
      I asked yesterday if there was any new information or improved ETA.
      It's still Fall."

    11. Russell Deitch on

      @Diana, there is a thread in the backer's forum on the bigfinishgames website if you want to keep up to date.

    12. Diana on

      I am really sick now about the delivery! No updates, no informations! This can not be the way to us backers. I pledged for the 100 $ tier boxed version and I have nothing yet! It is a shame!

    13. Russell Deitch on

      Hi, Garkham. As I've just been chased for (international) shipping charges, dispatch can't be too long away.

    14. garkham

      Active Russell, did you have any response for your inquiery in physical rewards on the official website ? ;) I'm not panicking because they personnaly answered me that they will make some mailings when they are ready to ship, but it would be good to have some fresh news about it. :)

    15. Rob Perini on

      Thanks, Russell!

    16. Russell Deitch on

      (, that is).

    17. Russell Deitch on

      @Rob, ask Steve on the Tex Murphy forum.

    18. Rob Perini on

      @Russell/Steve: Thanks for the response! I suspect it was sent to my old (inactive) email, which I only updated recently on Kickstarter (which also explains why I wasn't getting any updates for a while...LOL). So, how do I go about getting my key re-sent to me?

    19. Russell Deitch on

      @Rob, from Steve @ BFG -
      "IF you haven’t received your key, don’t panic.
      It could be a delay in the servers, but more likely its:
      A) The Code went to the email you backed the project with, not the one you expected to be used
      B) Caught in your spam filter. There is content (strange characters and a link) in the email that can trigger some filters. Please check."

    20. Russell Deitch on

      ETA I'm a $100 backer too.

    21. Russell Deitch on

      Hi, Rob. We did have a Steam key on the day of release. Gog keys followed a few days later.

    22. Missing avatar

      Blake on

      Are the $100 backers getting their physical boxed game anytime soon? Thanks.

    23. Rob Perini on

      I'm really puzzled regarding why we didn't have immediate access to the game on Steam the day it was released (or, well, within a few months of the release), Yes, I know we're supposed to get the physical, boxed game (assuming you contributed enough, which I'm sure you all did), but why not make the access code the same as the one we'll get once the game is shipped? We would have finished the game by now, and started clamoring for more, from the sound of the reviews.

    24. Russell Deitch on

      I've asked about physical rewards in the backer's section of the website. If there's a response, I'll post it here.

    25. Missing avatar

      William McDonie on

      Ok I think I have been patient but..... Can we get some sort of update on where you are with Physical rewards? I am starting to wonder if these are ever going to be released.

    26. barbarian_bros on

      Hey adventure games fans.... Paul Cuisset (The Stealth Affair/Operation Stealth, Flashback quest of identity, Future Wars, Cruise for a Corpse, but also in other genres Moto Racer and Darkstone) is coming back to adventure games with Subject 13 :

    27. Jeff Bixler on

      Update on physical rewards...?

    28. LoatheMe on

      Just getting around to playing this finally (I know, been busy!). It is everything I could have hoped for. Great work.

    29. Fraser Hotchkiss

      Well, that was fun. So... When's the next one?

    30. Russell Deitch on

      @TexMurphy78, you can still update and validate your address through the backer's download page.

    31. TexMurphy78 on

      I have moved and would again change the address? ;)

    32. Missing avatar

      William McDonie on

      Good to hear about rewards I was starting to wonder.

    33. Russell Deitch on

      This is the official response -
      "Physical rewards are being worked on at the moment, there is a lot to fulfill but we are getting there. We will hopefully have more news for you on the delivery of the physical incentives soon! Your feedback has been heard, and your patience is appreciated!"

    34. Frogacuda on

      I doubt the patches have anything to do with it. I imagine we'll hear something soon enough.

    35. Russell Deitch on

      No physical rewards have been sent out yet. It will be a little while since they're still doing patches.

    36. dave00dance on

      Has anyone received there boxed version yet or does anyone know when they will be shipped ?

    37. Tomimt on

      After Tesla Effect I'd be more than willing to shell money to a new Tex game. It was such a well done experience for me, that despite I've said it a couple of time that I'd prefer the future games to be done from the profits made from the this game, I'd be more than happy to jump in the train again.

    38. Jim Clark on

      Common guys lets see the next Tex Murphy Kickstarter underway so that we don't have to wait another 7 years.

      You better believe the Mutant League is on standby. You allready have a green screen. :-)

    39. Frogacuda on

      Riggo: On the flip side, they really stretched their budget and made this game a lot larger than they had intended, so it's not like your money didn't go to good use.

    40. Don C - SpaceVenture Evangelist on

      Anyone else trying to play it on a Microsoft Surface Pro? It's ok expect for the video.

    41. Bagglewag on

      just wanted to say thanks to the team. its so amazing that after all this time, you actually did make the best tex game (in my opinion). im so happy and satisfied. i would gladly pledge another 100 for another game ;D

    42. Riggo on

      Thanks Russell. However, coming from a backer who upped his pledge just for the idea of an in-game golf mini-game, I am not real happy! I would have saved myself over $100! -_-

      I didn't really need a shot glass....

    43. Mat Van Rhoon on

      If anybody is still have issues with the codes, or has not received theirs yet (AND they have checked their trash folder and Spam folder.... AND are aware that if you were a BETA level backer you would already have access to the game on GOG without the need for a code). as Luke suggested, contact: can also try the forums at that same sight. Both usually are addressed fairly promptly, but please also be patient as the same team working hard to deliver updates and requested patches to the game will also be addressing these issues! Thank you! :)

    44. Russell Deitch on

      There you go, Riggo. You should be able to read this.

    45. Russell Deitch on

      I will, Riggo, when I can get on. They're having network issues at present.

    46. Riggo on

      Russell... Can you post the official response here? I don't do forums.

    47. Russell Deitch on

      @Eric, there is a stickied thread in the Backer Discussion forum - here:

    48. Russell Deitch on

      Riggo, that's all you're going to get. Sorry. You need to read the official response on the Big Finish Games site / Project Fedora forums.

    49. Riggo on

      Finished doing all 3 endings. Very well done! .... but, where is my golf!?!?!?

      Update 26 June, 7th 2012

      Stretch Goals!

      If we exceed funding by 30% ($585,000+): Another expansion of the story (including puzzles, gameplay, locations and characters), ingame golf game, and Live Orchestra for the games' music.

      I don't believe a broken simulator counts as an ingame golf game...

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