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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 4 days ago

Polemos: Battle-Royale Board Game (Suspended)

A battle royale, tile placement, strategical board game with grid movement and resources management mechanics.

Polemos: Battle-Royale Board Game (Suspended)

A battle royale, tile placement, strategical board game with grid movement and resources management mechanics.

AU$ 1,971
pledged of AU$ 37,000pledged of AU$ 37,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 4 days ago



Polemos is an active and dynamic game with strategic elements. You can face the problems of battle royale and move to the center, fight enemies for land. It is full of interesting surprises. Each new game is different and only your decisions matter.

All assets and artworks shown are not final, but in case of change they will only be improved!

We provide CUSTOMS FREE shipping to:

  • the United States of America
  • Canada
  • EU members
  • Australia
  • China
  • Latin America
  • Singapore
  • Japan
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  • New Zealand

Shipping costs 25$ for every country.

We do NOT ship to these countries:

the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Central African Republic, North Korea, Syria.

The Price

A long time was spent to find quality manufacturing materials. The price is justified with quality materials for meeples, thick tiles, beautiful dice and hard box. Meeples and Factories' average height is 4.5 cm (~1.8 inches) and the thickness is 1 cm (~0.4 inches) and they stand very well. Tiles are from thick cardboard, the side of a tile is 8 cm (~3.2 inches) and the thickness is more than enough for comfortable playing. The sizes of the box are: 35 cm (~13.8 inches)  * 35 cm (~13.8 inches) * 7 cm (~3.2 inches) and weighs about 3 kg (~6.7 lbs). So that's why the shipping costs 25 USD, the shipping duration is 10-14 days after having the game produced. You can expect the game to arrive sooner.

You are the last people of your village, and you have to survive. You are in the safe zone, which is becoming smaller and smaller due to a storm. In this matter of life and death you will fight enemies, wild animals, and you will face adventures and traps. You will need friends, smart tactics, and economical management skills.

  •  Catapult is a strong weapon for holding your positions and it can help you keep enemies at a distance. Charge it with a stone to shoot.
  •  The Tiger is an angry animal. Don't go by him alone, unless you want to die. He becomes afraid when you attack with a friend!
  •  The Horse is a very fast animal. It can give you a big advantage, but only if you use it smartly. You can slice your enemies while jumping on them with a horse.
  •  Aborigine is very dangerous. Don't try to visit him with your friend. He is afraid of nothing, and will eat both of you at once.
  •  The Abyss limits your way and creates an obstacle for your enemies too.Try to use it effectively and it can also help you, but stop your enemies in their tracks.
  •  The Forest is dark and silent, but you can hear the guiding voices of others and must follow them.
  •  The Pit can be critical for you, because when you fall, it takes time for you to climb, giving your enemies an advantage in giving them time to find and defeat you.
  •  The Trap is an unpleasant thing for an individual. Landing in a trap means that you cannot free yourself and must wait for a friend to come free you!
  •  The Stone is one of the many types of resources.
  •  The Chest is a big treasure in a game. Finding it will give you resources that you need in game.
  •  The Road Sign is an effective way to move faster helping you make an escape from the enemy. Use it effectively and it can help you, but it can also bring you troubles.
  •  The Tunnel is the fastest way of moving through the map, because it sends you from one tile to another, helping attack enemies as you appear suddenly. Be careful as your enemy can use it and you'll end up being the victim.

And a lot of other cards that can be used as a part of your tactic!

At the beginning of every game you get 2 soldiers. Soldiers can both kill enemies and build factories so he's the most economically important villager. He only has cold weapons, so he can only attack his neighbor enemy. You can only have 5 soldiers on your board at one time.

Thief has no attack power but he can defend when he needs it. The thief moves twice as fast than other villagers and his main goal is to steal enemies' resources and keep them tense in anticipation.

The Wizard is the most dangerous villager, because he has magic powers with which he can attack from afar. His disadvantage is that he can't fight in a close distance. Make sure to use the wizard from afar, because if you are close and your enemy attacks, the wizard will lose.

Factory is a means of getting resources. It can be placed only by a soldier, and only on an appropriate territory. To place a factory, villagers need to pay the mentioned amount of resources. The more soldiers you have building a factory, the less time it will take due to more manpower.

To start a game you need to connect borders and place tiles inside borders. Then choose a color, take 2 soldiers, open the central tile of one of the sides of hexagon and place your soldiers on it. That tile is considered as a free space. It cannot harm you or be used in any way. Place the counter on one of the corners of hexagon, which will be the counting point. After finishing the preparation choose the first player by rolling the dice, the queue will be determined clockwise. The goal is to survive and be the last man standing.

Each of villagers can do one action in each turn. The actions are: moving to neighbor tile, buying another villager, killing enemy villagers. Villager can move only to neighbor tiles (the tile which has common side). He must open the unopened tile after moving on it, if the tile is not closed by the storm. He can also carry the resources with him to the new tile (maximal quantity of each resource is mentioned on villager’s section), but resources only of one type.

The best defense is attacking, so during the game you will appear in some situations where you have to kill your enemies. After death all the loot that was carried by dead villager stays on the appropriate tile, and it can be taken by other villagers.

One of the most important mechanics of the game is building factories. To build a factory you have to use appropriate amount of resources. The factories are the main resource sources and each factory has its own way of mining resources.

The Polemos doesn't only make enemies from player, but also teaches you to make effective alliances. So you can exchange mined resources by demands.

During a game you can appear in irredeemable situations, in that case, unfortunately, your villager will die, sorry.

If villager stands on a safe zone he will immediately strengthen his positions so be careful not to appear in the enemy's tile, he can immediately kill you, as you are too close. Remember you don't want to lose any soldiers.

One of the villagers can be caught in a trap during the game, but it's not a big trouble, another of yours can help him.

If you open a chest tile, you must be happy. It's a great opportunity to get extra gold for your army. Gold is the most expensive and hard to mine resource so try to spend it reasonably.

Using gold in your villager's tile you can buy others right there. Choose consciously which one to buy, it can change the whole your tactics. The villagers are getting more expensive related to their powers so The Soldier costs 1 gold, The Thief 2 gold and The Wizard costs 3 gold. If you have more than 2 villagers in the game, you will have to pay bread to feed them.

It's a good fortune to find a catapult in your way. You shoot it with stone and you can defend your positions with it. The Catapult is the most powerful weapon in the game, as you can kill all the enemies standing on one tile.

If you passed through all the obstacles of the land , fought with deadly enemies and stayed the last man standing, congratulations you won the game. The Polemos is for people who appreciate the entertainment. Good Luck!

The Storm is the thing you must always be afraid of. Because of The Storm all villagers are running to the center. Each player, must move the storm counter, after finishing his turn. After each rotation of what we call a "storm counter", one layer of tiles closes, and the counter goes to the inner layer, and continues to move after each turn. Every villager or factory, which is located on the closing layer, will be destroyed when the layer closes.

The main feature of the Polemos is the battle royale storm mechanics. Storm is what makes the 50% of the game's dynamic.

When there are only 2 layers opened in the game, the storm counter mechanics change, and the dice shows which tile should be closed.

We are a small but creative team, who decided, that board games are missing battle royale games for a long time. In some months we have organised and overcome all  difficulties. We are very grateful to all the people who have helped our project to become real, and especially we are grateful to our illustrator for his hard work.

Box Evolution

The first idea of the box art.
The first colored version of box art. missing 'T' :)
Poorly detailed box art version. again that same 'T'
The final art grayscale sketch.
Tadaaam!!! Meet the final box art.

Tile Evolution

The Evolution of The Horse Tile!
The Evolution of The Tiger Tile!
The Evolution of The Cave Tile!

During our long work we have many confusions and we were trying to choose the best material for the game. And finally, we are producing the best option for us.

We have also spent a lot of time to choose the final style for the game, and this all only for one thing, to show you a high quality game.

Model Evolution

Model early printed version.
Today's models.

Our Apologies

After having the game in our hands, some confusing situations happened to us. First of all we uploaded the game to Kickstarter and some misunderstandings happened related to the campaign, that were not understood correctly, and we couldn't do anything more. Now we accept all our mistakes and apologize for them and assure you that they will not be repeated.  We are grateful to all people who pointed to our mistakes. It is probable that there are ones who we are not trusted by but we will do our best to fix that. Thanks.

We are very grateful to all our backers, to those people, who have helped us to make this project real.

We have tried to make the most possible dates for the shipping, to not make our impatient consumers wait, and we want them to be able to enjoy The Polemos as soon as it's possible.

Risks and challenges

One possible risk is connected with manufacturing. Every obstacle disturbing the usual process will be reported in Updates section.

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