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$12,134 pledged of $52,000 goal
$12,134 pledged of $52,000 goal

Campaign Overview, Greenlight Excitement and Future Plans

Gratitude to all who have backed, shared, stayed involved and encouraged us throughout this campaign. Though we didn't make our funding goal, the time here has been extremely valuable in other ways! Most importantly, we have had incredible support and insight on a variety of topics from our over 400 backers, Steam users, patient YouTube lets players, various Indie sites and other Kickstarter campaigns. We have gained new followers, made lots of new friends, learned so much about crowdfunding in general, PR shortcomings, organization, and so much more.

#24 on Steam Greenlight 

With your continued support, we have reached a nice spot in the top 25 out of over 1400 other games on Steam Greenlight and hope to be Greenlit in the next batch of releases chosen by Steam! Please continue to tell everyone you know about our Steam page so we can keep our ranking! Being greenlit would be huge for us and would allow us to offer Early Access soon. 

Moving Forward
Since funding is still a priority to get this game finished and into your hands, we are planning a “relaunch” of our crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo in coming weeks(late January-early February). We will drastically reduce our funding goal, reprioritize mechanics and refine our reward tiers before a relaunch. We would also offer current Kickstarter backers a special perk if you follow us over to IndieGoGo. Please share your thoughts and suggestions for us on this! 

Stay In Touch
The feedback, support and involvement here and on Steam has been incredible and invaluable! We have learned a lot and have answered a lot of open questions. You all have already helped us in development with your suggestions and we want to keep you involved! 

Please keep in touch and Happy Holidays!


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    1. Luke Keyes on December 16, 2013

      is there any particular reason why you cannot relaunch on Kickstarter again? Is it part of the rules or something? In my experience, I haven't seen a failed Kickstarter succeed on IndieGogo and I personally like the "all or nothing" of Kickstarter, not to mention that it's super easy for me to back stuff using Amazon payments.

    2. Blessed on December 16, 2013

      Gratitude to you for sharing the process and your pet pic:)
      On IndieGoGo, I am not keen on it. I already have more accounts than I can keep track of upon which I have transactions. Adding IndieGoGo to that list is not top choice. Direct PayPal will get you the same results. And then there is this perk ... have you decided what it is? Another factor is if we choose PayPal will we get the same loyalty perk and rewards?