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$12,134 pledged of $52,000 goal
$12,134 pledged of $52,000 goal

Steam Update, Dwarf Concepts and New Team Member


Greetings All and Happy Hump Day!

We are down to the final 3 days of our Kickstarter campaign! Thanks again to all who have stuck with us during the 40 days we were here and to all of those just finding about us and continuing to back, share and get involved with us despite the campaign outlook.

Steam Greenlight
We are up to over 8,800 Yes votes and are sitting at #64 of the Top 100! Please continue to help spread the word about our Steam Greenlight page! We are so hopeful that Astral Terra may be Greenlit during the next round if we can keep the momentum going. Help us get there! Every vote counts!  

Who doesn't love Dwarves?
As mentioned in Update #6, we had been trying to narrow down the next playable character race for Astral Terra. Due to the overwhelming feedback shared by the community here and on Steam, we decided on DWARVES! Our character concept artist Marius Andrei has been busy since our announcement with character concepts that we wanted to share with you! Here are a round of concepts for the male dwarf (female concepts to follow). Our next update will include the final color version.  

Astral Terra Male Dwarf Concepts
Astral Terra Male Dwarf Concepts

Welcome Joel Bergman to the team! Tethys is very excited to announce a new team member we have recently acquired that fills the role of Technical Lead/Partner for our studio. Joel is an experienced Unity programmer who comes from another local game development studio and has worked on a plethora of game projects. He will help us drive the technical aspects of the game as well as oversee development on a higher level. This will allow us to speed up development as well as let other team members focus on more of what they do best(ie: Chris can be where he belongs as Creative Director and Project Lead to help drive the visual style, game mechanics and overall vision of the game).

Gratitude for reading our update and for your continued support! As always, your feedback is amazing and we love to hear what you have to say!  Let us know what you think or if you have any questions! Best wishes!


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