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Science needs blood. YOUR BLOOD! Join the prestigious and highly fatal ranks of the Action Scientists today!
Science needs blood. YOUR BLOOD! Join the prestigious and highly fatal ranks of the Action Scientists today!
Science needs blood. YOUR BLOOD! Join the prestigious and highly fatal ranks of the Action Scientists today!
2,378 backers pledged $135,820 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

That weekend update, just earlier.

Okay! So, maybe I lied about that thing where I wouldn't bug you guys too much through this thing. But technically this one is ALL YOUR FAULT. So, let's talk a bit about the stretch goals you very rudely blasted straight through while I was on airplanes today.

$25,000 FUNDED - Remain Calm Trust In Science bonus print 

Did you select a tier that gets you any physical reward? Guess what, you're getting this guy for for free along with the other bonuses! Say whut?!

$30,000 FUNDED - Tesladyne Employee Certificate

Yet another free bonus reward for everyone getting at least one physical item mailed to them. This is a handsome diploma commemorating your completion of all Tesladyne training. Suitable for framing if you're a giant nerd. P.S. I am totally stealing one of these to frame for my office. Keep that on the DL.

What's next?

$40,000 Digital Wallpapers for EVERYONE - Y'know the posters we're offering? You get 'em in digital format! This bonus will be available to ALL BACKERS. The files will be suitable for all digital desktop computing machines with video output. Sorry, ENIAC users, you get squat.

$45,000 More pens! - All backers with a physical reward will now get them fancy custom Tesladyne pens too! What's that? Your tier already included some of those pens? You get custom Tesladyne sticky notes just like they use at the real Tesladyne! Or would use! If it weren't fictional! Because it's just a comic book! Sorry.

$50,000 and beyond LOCKED - I'm holding these stretch goals hostage and you can't make me reveal anything about them. For example: I will not even hint that we start upgrading all the Tesladyne Field Guides starting at $50,000. 


Okay, so that was fast!

First of all, THANK YOU GUYS for the early and enthusiastic support.

As of this writing we've already raised over $13k (and closing on on $14k, good lord), so you already blew through our first Stretch Goal before we ever got to mention it!

$10,000 - Stickers For (almost) Everyone!

If you have a physical order, you are getting a Big Tesladyne Gear sticker for free. They should be about 3.5in wide and tall -- the perfect size for covering up the corporate logo of whomever made your laptop!

$15,000 - Bonus Dr. Dinosaur Poster for (almost) Everyone!

If you have a physical order, blammo, you're getting an exclusive Dr. Dinosaur poster. Doesn't matter if you're getting any of the other posters or not, if we're mailing you anything, you'll get this one when we reach $15k.

$20,000 - Bumper Sticker for (almost) Everyone!

Like the regular stickers, but bigger and sturdier! 'Cause it's for cars! This will be one of the existing poster designs only re-imagineered into bumper sticker format. Again, this is free to everyone who is getting a physical item. Hooray!

Beyond that?!?!?!?!

We're choosing to err on the side of caution with regard to calling out our goals at this point. We'd rather not say or suggest or imply what we're planning until we're 100% certain we can make it a reality. 'Cause otherwise we're just jerkin' your chains.

Okay! I hate it when campaigns spam the hell out of your inbox, so I promise you won't hear from me until next week. Maaaaaaaybe this weekend if we lock down some radical things? In the meantime, just keep an eye on and our Twitters ( and ) if you're looking for day-to-day updates.