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Science needs blood. YOUR BLOOD! Join the prestigious and highly fatal ranks of the Action Scientists today!
Science needs blood. YOUR BLOOD! Join the prestigious and highly fatal ranks of the Action Scientists today!
Science needs blood. YOUR BLOOD! Join the prestigious and highly fatal ranks of the Action Scientists today!
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Atomic Robo Online and Trying to Get Back Into Print!


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Here's what's next.


I have no idea how crass this is, but I figured if you guys like Atomic Robo, then you'll like our new project.

It's a bit like The X-Files but set in ancient China. It's written by Brian Clevinger and Lee Black, the writer and editor on Atomic Robo. It's drawn and colored by Erica Henderson, who has drawn a million great things, but most recently she was announced as the artist for Marvel's The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

The plan is to release the full story online for free. You can help us do that by getting yourself some exclusive merch, content, and access to the creative process through the new campaign. The main kicker of this start is an Issue Zero. It'll contain the whole first chapter of INFERNAL AFFAIRS and a ton of bonus material.

We learned a lot from putting together the Field Guide, and you can see those lessons applied throughout this campaign.

The tiers are simpler. The art for Issue Zero is done. The script for Issue Zero is done. All we have left to do is collect the bonus material and draw up a few more exclusives throughout the campaign.

And with successful funding we'll be able to pay everyone's page rates for the full story which will be released online for free throughout 2015.

We hope to have your support.

A warning for our Canadian fans: CODs


Okay, after some early reports this week about Canadian backers being charged extra money to receive their packages, a.k.a. "cash on delivery," we did some digging.

Just to be clear: NOTHING WAS SENT C.O.D.

The charges are from Canadian Customs. It's a tax on some or all of the items you received from the United States.

If a country's customs department flags a package, boom, you have to pay. The tax is based on the type and cost of the items which we have to report with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Like, we can't claim the stuff in those boxes isn't taxable or only worth six cents. That's what is known as international mail fraud and that's a felony and we're not gonna do that.

The additional shipping you paid as part of the campaign was just to get to the package from the warehouse and across the border. We had no way of knowing if or what Customs might charge for any given package once it's there -- not all Canadian backers had to put up with this extra charge, for example. And I haven't gotten reports from anyone in Europe about extra customs charges either.

We should've warned you guys about the possibility of additional charges from Canadian Customs, but quite frankly, this is our first campaign and the whole thing has been a learning experience. We just didn't think it would happen. All we can do is apology for the error and make it clear that additional customs charges are a possibility in our future campaigns.

Stuff is STILL being shipped


We're getting messages pretty frequently from folks who are worried about their rewards because they haven't gotten a shipping notification yet.

To you guys and gals, I say: don't worry. It's coming.

I've seen orders from a multitude of tiers get delivered, but not all backers at all those tiers, so I'm not sure what dread machinations determine the order of shipping.

But the wheels are in motion and your goods are inexorably heading your way.

Hey, some good news.


As you guys may have guessed from talking amongst yourselves: stuff is shipping!

Actually, it started shipping last week while we were at NYCC. So even more stuff has shipped since then.

Reportedly, the Field Guides look great, the mini-posters look great, and the certificate of authenticity is definitely printed on paper.

"But Kickstarter Update, I haven't gotten my shipping notification yet. What have I done to offend the gods?"

Lots of things. But don't worry. Stuff is shipping, BUT not everything has shipped yet. If you haven't been notified that yours is on its way, just be a little more patient. Everything that ships gets you one step closer to your stuff shipping too!

So, what's next? 

Stay tuned.