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This film of Nikola Tesla's life is an epic story of youth against the establishment & good against evil. HELP CHANGE HISTORY NOW!
480 backers pledged $45,364 to help bring this project to life.

Hi Backers!

Posted by wil cashen (Creator)

We have received the T-Shirts, Bobbleheads Change History Button and Bumper Stickers and have started shipping them to you. Some of you will hopefully receive yours by Christmas. I am trying to send emails to let you know when we have shipped your reward to you. The Tesla light bulbs will be shipped after Christmas due to time limitations. Also, we have started shipping the Patent Plaques as well. 

We are working hard on the film and getting so excited to get to the next steps. 

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support! We wish everyone "Happy Holidays" and hope that 2013 will be the most wonderful year of your lives.


Wil Cashen 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Timothy Kincaid on

      Wil, I pledged at the $175 level and have received nothing, not even a correspondence.
      Please advice.

    2. wil cashen Creator on


      We sent a message through Kickstarter telling all backers that pledged for the "Lil Tesla" that it was discontinued by the manufacturer. I have sent you a message explaining your options.

      Thank you

    3. John H Maloney on

      Hi, Wil
      I'm commenting to ask if all of the Tesla Figures have been sent out.
      I still haven't received mine.

    4. Anirvan Majumdar on

      Hello Will,

      I hope the Tesla movie is making fair progress.

      I'm writing in to bring to your notice that it's been 2 months since my last comment (on 5th February) when you mentioned that the things would be shipped out next week. Nothing has reached me yet, and I have absolutely no way to track anything. Hence, I'm writing in again.

      Can you let me know about this?

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg Ott on

      Hi Wil,
      Hope all is well and project going as planned.................
      Still looking forward to all the items for the pledge..... :-)

    6. wil cashen Creator on

      Hey Anirvan

      You are scheduled to go out in the next shipment of shirts and they should be here next week. I am really sorry that the t-shirts were delayed but we have had some issues with the silk screen company and we had to have them reprinted.


    7. Anirvan Majumdar on


      I'm from India, and I had requested for the Tesla t-shirt and sticker when this project was launched. As I was an international pledger, I had also added the requisite extra amount required for the shipment.

      The last update I received was back on 22nd December, 2012. I'm really not sure about the status right now, and I'd really appreciate if you can give me some indication for an expected date by which I might receive the goods here in India.

      Thanks and best of luck with the movie!

    8. Paul Morrison on


      Like Joe, I was wondering if there was any news on delivery of the figures.


    9. Joe on

      Hi Wil,

      Hope all is going well. Just wandering when the Tesla figures will be shipped?



    10. wil cashen Creator on

      Hello Olafur

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I am sorry the light bulb shipments were delayed but many were broken and we had to wait for replacements and they just arrived yesterday. We have never had 100 light bulbs....I am confused as to why you think we did. What is your new address? I will send your light bulbs to you.

      WIlhelm Cashen

    11. Olafur Haraldsson on

      And another point was I pledged for the TESLA BULB as I thought it was something special to get to do a larger donation. Well that being said soon after I made the pledge all of a sudden you had 100 of those light-bulbs...

    12. Olafur Haraldsson on

      I have not received anything yet, it has taken so long that I have actually moved and I am not able to change my address.

    13. wil cashen Creator on


      We are sorry you haven't received your shirt but we have had nothing but problems with the screen printer. We will be sending the shirt out next week.

      Thank you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Carolyn Clifton on

      Looking for an update. still have not received any items will i be notified when they ship?

    15. Gustavo Olivares on

      Thanks for the update!

      Really looking forward to more film updates!