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Electricity | The Life Story of NIKOLA TESLA's video poster

This film of Nikola Tesla's life is an epic story of youth against the establishment & good against evil. HELP CHANGE HISTORY NOW! Read more

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This film of Nikola Tesla's life is an epic story of youth against the establishment & good against evil. HELP CHANGE HISTORY NOW!

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Synopsis Electricity: 

The Current War, the Story of Nikola Tesla


Electricity, the depiction of the first actual recorded story of disruptive technology and the public conflict that rose from this epic clash of youth against the establishment, played out on the global stage. This conflict was fought by two men for the dominance of the production and distribution of electricity in the late 19th century coined, the War of the Currents. The War of the Currents was a battled for the supremacy of a system that would deploy electrical energy to millions and millions of homes and industry world-wide. 

 Electricity begins at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Tesla has battled Edison for several months winning the bid to provide electrical lighting and power for the Chicago World’s Fair. The story opens with Tesla demonstrating the principles and safety of alternating current to a large body of people in front of his personal exhibit in the World’s Fair Hall of Electricity. He amazes the gathering crowd as he presents the safety of alternating current. Allowing hundreds of volts of electricity to run from one finger across his body and out his index finger on his opposite works to show a skeptical and religious audience that it is science not magic. The hundreds of onlookers gasp as electricity arcs around the stage from brass post to brass post as though Tesla is God himself with some superior power over lightning and nature. 

 Thomas Edison, America’s de facto Father of science, stands quietly in the back of the crowd curiously watching as Tesla, the showman, dazzles the throngs of people now pushing their way to the front of the exhibit to catch a glimpse of the man of the hour, Nikola Tesla. Edison turns to his assistant speaking above the overtone of the crowd and says.. a side show that’s all Tesla’s alternating current is, a side show. For the previous 20 years leading up to the Chicago World’s Fair, Thomas Edison has become, in the eyes of the American public, a world leading inventor and scientist. Edison will use his station in society to his benefit by leveraging the U.S. government to favor his system of (DC) Direct Current to generate and distribute electrical power. Edison for years has deployed (DC) to several homes of wealthy New Yorker's and has received millions of investment dollars from major investors and bankers such as J.P. Morgan and Julius Vanderbilt. 

 The War of Currents fought by and between these two famous contenders, was for the global adoption of A/C or D/C power. The War of Currents produced neither a visible devastation of property nor a battle field of human casualties. However, the financial Armageddon that would follow the loser of this historical conflict may never recover. 

Electricity Show Run Down; • Tesla creates his “Big Idea” of the rotating magnetic field, the bases for his patents of alternating current. • Tesla begins his relationship with Thomas Edison when he arrives in the U.S. in 1884. • Edison is America’s number one inventor and scientist. • Tesla is given the name; the “electrical genius” when he demonstrates Alternating Current to the scientific community at Columbia University. • Edison becomes concerned of Tesla’s growing public awareness. • J.P. Morgan tries to monopolize the new electrical industry. • Tesla makes an agreement with George Westinghouse that would make him, the wealthy person in the world. • Tesla wines and dines with the finest of the era. • Edison creates a Public Relations smear campaign to discredit Tesla and A/C power as unsafe, dangerous and will kill people and start fires. • Tesla creates the A/C system that will provide efficient “Electricity” to the world. • Greater powers of New York maneuver to control and shape the birth of the electric industry and monopolize its Power! • Tesla and Westinghouse create the biggest display of “Electricity” of all time in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fair. • Tesla lives a life style that is enjoyed only by the super wealthy elite. • Tesla is the World’s first Super Star Celebrity with his inventions and short comings reported globally in the all papers. • Tesla breaks the hearts of some very prominent society women. • JP Morgan is one of the nation’s major financial leaders. • Westinghouse is nearly litigated into bankruptcy by the power brokers for their part of the “Electricity” pie. • Tesla and Westinghouse win the bid to create the world’s first major commercial power plant at Niagara Falls. • Tesla spends millions to support his life style, inventions and to further his work. • Tesla moves from rags to riches to rags as the Twentieth Century's greatest inventor. • The War of the Current ends and Alternating Current is the victor.

Electricity’s show design and creative look.

(1) Vintage Film, Photos and Images will be used mixing with vintage photo play where ever possible with character role play providing the viewer with a feeling of realism.

(2) (Current Technology Interviews) break out scenes of current day and future technology interviews and supportive footage.

(3) Lots of graphic animations of the technology of the time and how it worked. The Team

The film's Executive Producer is Bud Brutsman CEO BCII winner of 60+ Telly Awards many for the for Documentaries and Outstand Cable Television Series. BCII is known by the studios and networks for producing television programming on time and on budget. Wilhelm Cashen was the technical writer on the script and is the Technical Producer of the show interpreting Nikola Tesla’s technology and vision. Motion controls and systems design has been Wil’s past career- now his efforts are focused on taking his knowledge and applying that to the show. Carol Bourgeois strengths as the principle writer and creator of Electricity are based on her understanding of human interaction. Carol spent years exploring in great length; who he was as a man, as person, and as an intellect and visionary. Information Cast: (Narration) – Bill Dorfman (V.O.) Nikola Tesla – TBA (Tentative Actor) (V.O.) Sarah Bernhardt – TBA (V.O.) J.P. Morgan – TBA (Tentative Actor) (V.O.) George Westinghouse – TBA (V.O.) Thomas Edison – TBA (V.O.) President Grover Cleveland – TBA (V.O.) General Story Cast Members – TBA (4 Tentative Actors) Genres: Documentary | Drama | Social Music: Alice Leon Country: USA Language: English Release Date: October-November 2013 est. (USA) Filming Locations: California, USA

Photo's needed and voice over actors.


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Hi Backers!

We have received the T-Shirts, Bobbleheads Change History Button and Bumper Stickers and have started shipping them to you. Some of you will hopefully receive yours by Christmas. I am trying to send emails to let you know when we have shipped your reward to you. The Tesla light bulbs will be shipped after Christmas due to time limitations. Also, we have started shipping the Patent Plaques as well. 

We are working hard on the film and getting so excited to get to the next steps. 

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support! We wish everyone "Happy Holidays" and hope that 2013 will be the most wonderful year of your lives.


Wil Cashen