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This film of Nikola Tesla's life is an epic story of youth against the establishment & good against evil. HELP CHANGE HISTORY NOW!
This film of Nikola Tesla's life is an epic story of youth against the establishment & good against evil. HELP CHANGE HISTORY NOW!
480 backers pledged $45,364 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason Frisvold

      *cough* 2+ years ..

      Very, VERY disappointed..

    2. Jason Frisvold

      Very disappointed to not have heard anything in over a year.. *sigh*

    3. Missing avatar

      darrin on

      as another year goes by, another year of nothing. to note what it says on the page : 480 backers pledged $45,364 to help bring this project to life. $45k is not a lot of money, it is still money that wil has run off with. i am sorry you took our money. i am more sorry this project is dead and the movie will not come to light.

    4. wil cashen Creator on

      Hi Guys, thought I would give you an end of the year update. It has been a long walk doing what we are trying to do to Launch a major film or Television Series about Nikola Tesla.
      We have met with lots of major producers, directors, artists and writers and things are moving ahead, although slowly. This year has been a big step in the right direction for us getting a major Production House that has been and is carrying an effort forward to find a Network to license the Tesla Series for the United States and other markets.
      They, the Production House have taken an option on a Tesla book that will allow us to have the clearances necessary to produce a motion picture or a series without recourse of content infringement. This effort took 9 months to complete and more money.
      I understand that a few of you are disappointed that the film or series is not completed and being distributed around the world, quite frankly so are we but it is not easy to see a project of this scale through.
      We will continue to pursue our dream of getting the project launched and production started... we will not give up on Dr. Nikola Tesla or all of you that share our passion and dreams.
      Please don't give up on this project it is too important. If you feel that you have been misled by all means talk to me directly email me at or you can call me at 310-467-1193. Thanks again for helping us see this project through....

    5. Missing avatar

      darrin on

      sorry wil, i need to report this. i might feel differently if there were more updates.

    6. Missing avatar

      darrin on

      this is dead then? makes me sad. wil, please dont let us down.

    7. Alex Brem on

      Any news? Haven't received my $20 digital download reward, either.

    8. Olafur Haraldsson on

      I pledget $100, I have not received my pledge, been promised multiple times.

    9. Missing avatar

      Reno Filla on

      Hi, I would like to get my $20 refunded now, please.

    10. Sofia Qureshi on

      I want my refund for funding this project. Did not receive my pledge items nor seen the end result of this biopic. Disappointed.

    11. Anton Nordenfur on

      I only pledged enough to get a button, but it's still sad to see Kickstarter projects not following through. It's been over two years since the estimated date now.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian Houser on

      Hey Wil,

      It's now 2015 and I still see nothing for my pledge. How about at least an explanation. Status would be better and if this isn't getting done, how about a refund? It's this kind of treatment which will keep me and others from backing future kickstarter endeavors. Please just give us the courtesy of a response.

    13. Sofia Qureshi on

      I made a pledge, but have not received any of these:
      (1) I’m Helping to Correct History Sticker
      (1) Film Credit Listing on Tesla’s Electricity website.

      Can the creator of the documentary please respond to my message? Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rasmus Linusson on

      9 months since last update...
      Is the film still alive?

    15. SE Weaver

      I'm going through old, unfulfilled pledges (there are quite a few) this weekend and ran across this one. Has anyone gotten anything from this KS? I'd rather have a t-shirt and a completed film than my money back.

      Or just a film.

      Or just a t-shirt.

      Wil, any chance of either of those happening?

    16. Anirvan Majumdar on

      Thankfully, I did manage to have my backing refunded (which I'd advise everyone else to push for at this point in time). This project has all the symptoms of a project going dead or already dead.
      I couldn't but reflect on this while reading this detailed article:

      At least, all the other projects were related to manufacturing some product. I wonder what possibly went wrong here?

    17. Tim Williams on

      So much for those bi-monthly updates we were promised over six months ago...

    18. Kile on

      Hello Wil,

      I backed at the $50 pledge but have yet to receive anything from it. I was wondering what was happening with it and when it might arrive?

    19. Missing avatar

      Karl Georgi on

      What's the status of the film project? I'm not receiving any updates, which is cool assuming you've been able to proceed with production. I WOULD appreciate learning where I can follow your progress if not on this site.

    20. Leigh Grimes on

      Thanks Wil, I sent a reply on July 8th.

    21. wil cashen Creator on

      Leigh Grimes

      I am so sorry for this. I have sent you an email to your account requesting information.

    22. Leigh Grimes on

      So has anyone actually received anything yet? I had almost given up on this project and accepted i had lost my money, but then we had a update out of the blue.

      I backed at $50 plus the $24 for UK shipping, but i've not receive a single item yet, not even the 2013 calendar.

      From what i understand i should have received,
      Change History Bumper sticker
      Change History Button
      Tesla Free Energy Magnet
      Helping to Correct History Sticker
      Tesla Wallpaper
      Nikola Tesla figure
      Making of video
      2013 Calendar
      Navy Blue Tesla 2012 T-Shirt
      Nikola Tesla Change History T-Shirt
      Film Script
      Digital Download

      I can see from this page that i filled out and sent the survey on 9/17/2012

      …but i have received nothing :/

    23. wil cashen Creator on

      Hi Greg

      Thank you for letting me know that you haven't received your t-shirt and sticker. I tried to find your name in the order list but for some reason your name is missing. I checked kickstarter so I know that you pledged for the following.
      * Electricity Film Script---------Not available yet.
      * Change History T-Shirt
      * “I’m helping to correct history” Sticker
      * film credit----------------------Not available yet.
      I will send your t-shirt and sticker in our next shipment. You should receive it soon.

      I am sorry there was a mistake omitting your name. Please accept my apology.

      Best Regards,
      The Tesla Team

    24. Greg Knackstedt on

      Haven't received anything.

    25. Missing avatar

      james on

      Almost a year with out an update , what is going on?

    26. Missing avatar

      mrquintopolous on

      Hello, can you send out an update regarding the progress of the film? Thanks!

    27. Kile on

      Hey Wil, I haven't received the t-shirt or the sticker yet. I was wondering what might have happened there. Thanks much,

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Houser on

      Waiting for the director's cut early release that had an estimated delivery date of Oct. 2013. Can we get an updated status and delivery date?

    29. Paulo David Gusmao on

      I´ve just received my plaque of Nikola Tesla patent!
      It´s awesome!!! Very beautiful and well made!!!
      Thanks a lot!

    30. wil cashen Creator on

      Anirvan Majumdar
      Thank you for sending your Paypal email address. I have given you a full refund. I am sorry you didn't receive your reward that was sent to you. I am sure that someone in India is wearing your Tesla T-Shirt. I hope you run into them some day. LOL

    31. Anirvan Majumdar on

      I've sent you my PayPal e-mail ID through mail.

    32. wil cashen Creator on

      Thank’s so much for the trust and support you have given us on this great project that I know will catch the world’s attention of who Dr. Tesla was when it is released.

    33. wil cashen Creator on

      Hey Tim, have been very used up in the production of the film. The good news is things have been going Great on the film.. the bad news is we have let you down getting some of the rewards to you.
      I will find out what is going on with the company we hired to complete the rewards first thing in the morning and get back to you. Many of the items can't be filled until after the completion of the film such as a copy, CD, Script, Poster.. but the other items you should have.
      If you would rather we just return your money we will do that tomorrow. Just send your PayPal email and we will do that asap.
      Sorry for all of the trouble but we will get it worked out for you however you would like.
      If you or anyone else has not received their rewards please email me directly at the studio at or you can call me on my personal cell phone 310-467-1193.
      Again that’s so much for the trust and support you have given us on this great project that I know will catch the world’s attention of who Dr. Tesla was when it is released.

    34. wil cashen Creator on

      Anirvan Majumdar

      ****I have not received your Paypal email address so that I can issue a refund.****

      We shipped your reward (t-shirt and sticker) on 1/14/2013 and proved it by sending you the customs receipt from USPS. I have checked with USPS and they said it was delivered to India and after that they don't know what happened to it because it disappeared I was told that many packages mailed to India disappear from theft. We have no control over theft in another country.
      However we are so sorry you didn't receive your reward and you are unhappy. We would like to send you a full refund through Paypal. Please send me your Paypal email address right away so that I can issue a refund. Again, we apologize for the problems.

    35. Missing avatar

      Timothy Kincaid on

      Is it just me, or is everyone else getting reply's from Wil that 'something, whatever' issue has prevented us from getting the rewards that are part of the contribution level we gave? This is starting to smell like Wil Received a $45k+ 'donation' from 480 people, with nothing that was promised in return. For 1 or 2 items (for whatever reason, either real or bogus) to be out of stock, but for EVERYTHING to be out???
      I do look forward to seeing the film, but at this point, it's appearing that Wil has taken most of us for a ride, pocketing the money we donated. This is the first Kickstarter that I've backed and I did it at the $175 level, more that I could really afford, but was excited to see Tesla's story told, I'd also like the items that were promised, but unfortuantely, this is shaping up that Wil Cashen is a fraud. it seems he has an excuse for everything... This is so dissapointing.
      If Wil were to step up and honor his word, that's one thing, but at this point, I have to call 'a spade a spade'...

    36. wil cashen Creator on

      Hi Anirvan, Sorry you did not get your award we actually sent 2 T Shirts to you and we now understand form your mail that you have received nothing. I'm sry for that. We will be glad to refund your money via Pay Pal asap... send us a mail on how we can do that for you.

      As far as the show goes, it is going wonderful. We are currently working on special effects and hope to be in post by Nov, Dec.

      We have had some great things happen along the way with distribution and will let everyone know as soon as we know.

      Don't give up on us yet you all will love the final product as much as we have loved producing it.

      We still have some scenes to shoot and other details but it is moving forward.

      Thanks again for all of your support and I will work to be closer to you all and keep you informed...


    37. Anirvan Majumdar on

      Hello Wil,

      At this point, it feels quite disappointing, but then, I think this will be my last comment on this project. In a way, it doesn't feel good too, since this project was the very first one I chose to back on Kickstarter.

      As you might be aware (from previous correspondence), I'm from India. And with almost a year having elapsed, I've not received a single thing for the backing amount I pledged. Everytime I've brought up the issue, your response has primarily been about — inability to do anything beyond presenting postal receipts. From India, those receipts are totally meaningless beyond getting an online verification that you did post the things. But shouldn't it be your team's responsibility to follow-up such digressions at the country of origin? If international orders were going to be so shrouded in unexpected delays/non-delivery, you should've clearly stated it in your FAQs. You simply mentioned about additional shipping costs.

      Believe me, Tesla's personality is strong enough to convince international backers to pledge amounts without any kind of rewards in return.

      On a different note, as backers, even if I were to totally disregard any of the "rewards", I would certainly above all, appreciate an update on how the movie is progressing. I can completely empathise that you must be totally tied up with your work, but with a community backed approach, I do feel a little proactive inclusivity for the community does help, and isn't an undue expectation on the community's behalf.

      That's all I had to say. All the very best, and I really hope to see the movie on Tesla some day.

    38. tania damha on

      Hi there! I send an email but got no response. Still have not received a reward for this project. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!

    39. Olafur Haraldsson on

      As well it would be interesting to get updates on the movie.

    40. Olafur Haraldsson on

      I will leave another comment here, no word about my pledge yet...

    41. Olafur Haraldsson on

      I have not received anything or heard a word about my pledge....

    42. Katsushi Furuichi on

      I've got a reward just today.
      I'm happy.
      Thank you. Wil

    43. Joe on

      Hi wil,

      Still no sign of the Tesla figure. Do you have a shipping date?


    44. wil cashen Creator on

      Hi Slavonac, we will be in touch with you soon and help you get your Reward!!!!

    45. wil cashen Creator on

      Hi Darrin, thanks for being a part of our project! Please come and join us at it's free and we would like to have you as a member!!

    46. PhuriousGeorge on

      So happy this got funded. Can't wait to see the outcome!

      Also, ran into an art project I liked that also mentioned possibly including Telsa. Wanted to link it here so we could help spread even more Tesla love :)

    47. Cesar Lisarazo on

      Nikola Tesla, desde Argentina te hacemos el aguante, genio!

      [Nikola Tesla, we support you from Argentina!]

    48. Missing avatar

      Slavonac on

      Amazing that this movie will really happen and im happy that i ccan support this project ;)
      But i have a little question about the pledging. I saw that my chosen pledge needs 24 Dollars for shipping added, but i could not find an option to modify this(my first time on kickstarter :P ). So where can i change this, or will it be added automatically?
      Thanks for your help.

      Oh yeah and Tesla Rocks! :)

    49. Missing avatar

      darrin on

      I feel proud to be a part of this.
      i am grateful i was given the chance to watch your wonderful project come to light.

      Thank YOU!!!

    50. Gary Why on

      Congratulations !! So very pleased this has been successful. Not only that the story of Nikola Tesla can be told and that his wonderful achievements that have benefited all our lives can be made known to a far greater audience and that hopefully he can achieve his rightful place in history but also that the commitment, hard work, determination and enthusiasm of Wil and Carol has been rewarded. Thank you Wil and Carol this project would not have succeeded without you. Good Luck from another one of your international backers !

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